Some student Israel-hate from France.

Oz-Rita has sent us the following information.

The video below appears to be a group of anti-Israel students who, on top of having public demonstrations where the make their hatred of all things Israeli as public as possible, also demand that no one take their picture or video the demonstration.(I wonder if they go to a restaurant and demand to eat several cakes and not gain any weight after?)

Here is a link to an article in French about this event:

The highlights are:

Friday 14 march, the president of Paris VIII University threw out 10 Israeli students, who had actually been invited to a debate. In Saint-Denis the pressure from radical, ideologically anti-israeli students is so strong that the “president” found nothing better than to publicly humiliate these young Israelis to calm the anger of these students.

One of the 10 israeli students, Nicolle Perle, has written a witness letter to the students of France

Their title: “The France of hatred hits Paris VIII” (la France de la haine sevit a Paris VIII)

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  1. France is becoming as dangerous as Germany was during the early to late 1930s, every Jew that can find funding and sanctuary should flee as fast as they can.

  2. There is a lot of space for the israelis on the west bank, where they are the right people to live. Then the bad land will turn to the land with milk an honey. The palestinians are probably welcome in France.

  3. Incidentally these 10 visiting Israeli students had arranged for and obtained permission to have their little stand there. Despite that, the fully dhimmified “Management” of this University 8 Campus, demounted the Jewish stand and let the arabs do their lullelllalllalllahalllying . POOR FRANCE.


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