News links for March 19 2014 – 1

1. Spain: 492 immigrants jump the fence in North African enclave Melilla

2. A dozen dead attempting to illegally break in to Spain

3. Interesting radio program exposing leftism in the schools and other facts of life today. Islam and its nonsense is touched upon. It is comforting to know that there is some reasonable media in Australia. Especially after the selective enforcement against that great Oz Journalist, Andrew Bolt. This is long so put it on if you want good background for housework. There is nothing especially profound here, it is just decent radio.

4. A mustard rapper has made a video where he threatens Geert Wilders and then shoots an actor effigy of him. There is a translation of it being worked on. I hope to have it tomorrow although this presents certain ethical dilemmas. Mr. Wilders has apparently filed official complaints about it. The video remains on Youtube.

5. ‘There Are Thousands of Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Gaza’

al Qaeda flagal Qaeda flagThe head of a Gaza-based jihadist group warned on Sunday that there are several thousand Al-Qaeda-inspired terrorists in Gaza.

Speaking to The Associated Press (AP), the terror leader, Abu Bakir al-Ansari, said that these terrorists pose a formidable threat to both Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers.

Al-Ansari described a movement that is larger and better organized than is generally believed, with dozens of fighters now in Syria, and claimed his group killed an Italian activist three years ago. He added that Gaza’s Salafis have agreed with Hamas to observe a truce with Israel for the time being, but that they are ready to fight at any time.

6. The Jews who fought for Hitler against communists.

(I post this because of the number of times people accuse Jews of all being communists etc. In Finland, many Jews fought with the Nazis even though they knew the Nazi policies on Jewish people, because they knew that Communism was the greater evil to them at that point)

7. For the first time in the Netherlands, an Iranian — an Arab poet — was kidnapped and tortured by Iranian government agents there.

8. Ukrainian leader of freedom of speech organization beats up head of TV station and forces him to resign for differing opinions on Russia.


Thank you Oz-Rita, M, KitmanTV Fjordman and all. And this is just the beginning.

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8 Replies to “News links for March 19 2014 – 1”

  1. Hello there……it me again…….Don Laird

    Oh Joy!!!

    Look, look, look!!!

    Its our new citizens!!!!!!!

    How lovely, how utterly heart warming, oh just look at them!!!!!

    Look at them all scampering about, look at them running along, so peaceful and law abiding!!!!!……. all those doctors, lawyers, electricians, carpenters, bricklayers, teachers, and every one of them healthy and well adjusted with absolutely not one criminal record among them!!!!…….and with them, in addition to tens of thousands of dollars in savings they bring that they will need to start their new lives, they bring a desire for peace, a desire not to be a burden on the host State, a desire to blend in with the communities and respect the existing culture, customs, and traditions, and of course each and every one of them a skilled craftsmen or professional of one type or another whose contribution to Spain will be nothing but positive.

    Ahhhhh yes, there is no greater benefit to any Western country than to throw the immigration doors wide open to Africa and every one of the 57 member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation!!!!

    Oh, I just love Africa and I just super-duper love multiculturalism!!!!

    Ohhhhhh I am sooooooo jealous!!!!…..I only wish we were so lucky as to receive the very same Uber-Cool-Citizens here in Canada, perhaps we should put a ringy-dingy through to the United Nations and tell them that they must, simply must, right this very multi-culti minute, put us on the Human Garbage/Third World Walking Talking Effluence/Humanity’s Lowest Common Denominator Mailing List……………I feel so left out.






    Ohhhhh Honey!!!!!….Oooooooh Snookums???!!!………..Oh Darling!!??……..I know you’re just uber-busy getting our Welcome Wagon and all those house-warming gifts ready for our new guests, but if you have a minute or two……. can you bring me my rifle!!!! (QUICKLY!!!!)

    Now, where’o’where did I put that case of ammunition?????

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Deep breath Don!

    The whole thing is insane. I do not even get how by illegally climbing over a fence which is there to stop you , you can then be housed, fed , given asylum status and not kicked back out through another exit.

    This is all gonna end in tears. Next it will be one thousand, 5000…..10000.Then the fireworks will start.

  3. @ Ooooooh God……

    Then let the fireworks start…….the sooner the better.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  4. #7 Most of the foreigners who joined the foreign regiments of the SS did so because they thought that fighting communism was more important then fighting fascism. Since the communist murdered well over 100 million (some say well over 150 million) people in the Twentieth Century and the Nazi’s only murdered 20 million you can see why those with first hand experience with communism thought that way.

    We in the west have been taught to hate fascism so much and to a slightly lesser extent to ignore the crimes of communism to the extent most people can’t stop their reflex hatred fast enough to learn why people fought on the side of the Nazi’s. Some day in the distant future the facts of history will be taught in all schools and the kids will marvel at how naive we are.

  5. #6 ‘Jews are Communists’

    Communists are female-pederasts. They destroy the feminine, the true girl-child, by creating a faux-feminine. The Do-Goodness until it makes you sick and kills you. They destroy the family-root by making women dissatisfied. What went before, is no longer valid they say, is not the mother-land of the mother singing to their little ones, but the Mother Land, a grotesque monstrosity, like Mohammad made a Prophet, to stand in the place of the noble person. Or a Jesus made A God and the world a Theme Park.

    In their utopia for their sheeple, males are feminized and women are angry Feminists. Justice for women they parade, and when they have been divided into doms and subs, a strange sexual attraction forms between them. Socially-engineered for the pleasure of the political class. The high clas prostitutes and the homeless waifs. The Morlocks feeding on the Eloi.

    This is the utopia they create for the fems, the femen males and the feminist females. Their religion. The Morlocks creating the masses of Eloi.

    Do people know that Communism is the degradation of women? No, they think socialism is the degradation of men. But socialism is only the method of grievance served up to open women to want to be abused, thinking it is their right to act like the basest men. They have intellectualized it.

    Islam is the opposite religion of male-pederasty. The boy is the target to never grow into manhood. It looks like women are victims, but the male has compared himself to her and found himself wanting, so he will rip her body apart, while it is his mind that is ripped apart. The white widow controls him with the call of the Do-Rightists. The male becomes divided between dom and sub. A strange attraction develops. The sub getting all the backlash and scape goating while the Higher Totalitarian Forces pursue the rent boys and the homeless.

    Children from religious hypocrite homes tend to jump into these awaiting traps of agreement.

    Communism attracts the intellectual right-brained ‘ought-to-be fairness’ as useful-idiots, Islam attracts the left-brained ‘birthright’ idiots. Behind them are the hypnotists.

  6. And it all happened with fatherlessness. For the child without the language of self becomes selfless for God or for People.

    The father present, but the soul has gone into an act-alike phoney of what ‘real men should do;’ or
    absent looking for the next female to receive him.

    If you are not your father’s father, you are a fem.

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