News links for March 19 2014 – 2

1. Russians and Militias Seize Ukrainian Naval Headquarters

(I begin to wonder why Jihadis hate Obama so much. At this stage he appears to be the best friend of every enemy of America)

A Ukrainian naval officer passed by Russian military personnel as he left the Ukrainian naval headquarters in Sevastopol on Wednesday after Russian forces and local militiamen seized control of the facility. Credit Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters

Officers of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, which is also headquartered here, entered the base through its main gates as Ukrainian military personnel streamed out carrying clothes and other personal belongings. The takeover unfolded despite calls in the West for Moscow’s expulsion from key international bodies, such as the G-8 grouping of leading economic powers.

 2. An Excellent Response to the Stupidity of  ‘Feminists’ who Defend the Hijab and Niqab 

3. Israel Attacks Syrian Positions in Golan Heights

(Warning: Its the New York Times. Take with salt)

The Israeli military said in a statement that it had hit a Syrian Army training facility, a military headquarters and artillery batteries that had “aided and abetted” the bomb attack on Tuesday, when an explosive device was detonated against an Israeli Army patrol. Israeli forces immediately responded with artillery fire against Syrian military positions. […]

It was the third bomb attack or attempted attack along Israel’s northern borders in less than two weeks, and it was being viewed in Israel as the most serious because it was the first to cause Israeli casualties, wounding four soldiers, one severely.

4. Report: Chechen rebel leader Doku Umuarov ‘dead’

(We have translated some of his video threats here over the years and he is all about murder death and establishing a totalitarian theocracy anywhere he can. If muslims actually believe any of their own nonsense they must be uber-jubilant over this  truly monstrous man’s entry into ‘allah’s’ sky brothel where even at this moment he must be besieged by 72 pimply faced overweight video-game junkies. May all like him get the martyrdom they desire as quickly as possible and with no collateral damages)

5. Diana West explains what muslims mean when they use the word ‘Freedom’

(This is extremely important. One of the most powerful weapons these people use is the redefining of important words in an entirely proprietary way. It is quite deliberate that they use a word we understand in one way and they mean in the opposite way. They do this with many terms from justice, implementing the sharia, to ‘hypocrite‘ , Someone who isn’t truly committed to islam but pretends to be out of fear of surrounding tards. Also Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol 4, 44 shows that a ‘hypocrite’ is someone who fails to wage jihad against the unbeliever, thereby weakening the ummah.)

6. Who is behind ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ on campuses across the West?

7. Retired US air force general believes missing jet in Pakistan

(Another autostart video removed for sanity’s sake. What is freaking wrong with these people?)


Thank you EDL Buck, GoV,

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  1. #5 Yes, words are hugely important. The Islamic version of ‘freedom’ is a good one. The MB called their electoral vehicle the ‘freedom & justice party’, which had clear meanings for muslims (‘freedom’ to be a slave of allah, ‘justice’ under sharia law’) but totally fooled western gullible idiots, who thought it meant the western version of ‘freedom and justice’. Funny. I did laugh alot watching them with their banners, followed by some dumb western analyst saying “isn’t it wonderful? The MB want the same things we do…”. Similarly, muslim spokesmen “condemn all terrorism” which is a meaningless word in islam. They never condemn ‘jihad’, nor will they. Ever. Obviously.

  2. #7

    So, did the guys who did the Mumbai Massacre also kidnap the Malaysian plane? Who knows…but it’s the first explanation I’ve heard that makes any sense. The Pakistanis have the bomb and they know that they can do pretty much anything they want to anybody they want without fear of repercussions. Ask yourself, “What did India do in response to the Pakistani attack on Mumbai?”. That’s right…they did nothing, ’cause there’s nothing you can do to a crazy guy with an A-bomb.. Won’t it be fun when Obama gets his way and every Muslim country on earth has nuclear weapons?

  3. SOMALIA – Shebab says latest suicide bomber was 60-year-old from Norway

    Mogadishu — Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab rebels on Wednesday identified a suicide car bomber who struck a town recently captured by African Union troops as a 60-year-old Somali man who held Norwegian citizenship.

    The attack in Buulo Burde in the south of the country on Tuesday targeted a hotel crowded with army officers and was followed by an assault by Shebab gunmen, leaving several dead, officials said.

    “The attacker of Buulo Burde was a 60-year-old man who came from Norway to fight the enemies of Allah,” Shebab military spokesman Sheikh Abdul Aziz Abu Musab told AFP, naming the attacker as Abdullahi Ahmed Abdulle, a Norwegian national of Somali origin.

    “He paid the sacrifice in order to be close to Allah by killing his enemies. The event is showing us that there is no age limit for jihad,” the spokesman said.

    Norway’s PST intelligence service said they were investigating the report.

    “In general, we are seeing a growing number of people leave Norway to join militant Islamist groups,” PST spokesman Siv Alsen told AFP.

  4. 3/ “IAF Strikes in Syria Following Border Incident”

    The Israeli Air Force (IAF) attacked several sites on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights overnight Tuesday, in retaliation for a terror attack in which four soldiers were wounded on Tuesday afternoon.

    In a statement, the IDF Spokesperson said that the targets had aided and abetted the attack against IDF soldiers and included artillery batteries and a training camp belonging to the Syrian army.

    “The IDF reserves the right to act in any way and at any time it sees fit to protect the residents of Israel,” said the statement.

  5. #7 General Thomas McInerney is a smart man who is trained in reading between the lines and who has access to a lot more information then we have. I will go with his scenario until massive amounts of evidence is presented to proves him wrong.

  6. Yeah, the elderly in nursing homes, relatives of same.

    The ones with adult children who are stupid and stubborn and won’t leave.

    Young adult, patriotic French Jews who don’t want to run from a country they grew up loving. Those want to fight for it, think others might join them.

    Poor things.

  7. Yucki! Say it ain’t so! This missing plane is a geopolitical movie of the week! Its like a mystery and James Bond style action and adventure weekly series except you get plot turns and twists daily from actual generals in Israel and the US! Its great sport, you have to read all the stuff and comment. If I didn’t suspect it was illegal I would find a way of letting people bet on this site as to a number of variables.

    1. Crash or divert

    2. Terror or pilot with screw loose

    3. Liberal pilot mad at Malaysia’s anti gay laws or Jihadi?

    4. Stage 2 with:
    4a. Ransom for hositages
    4b Fly aircraft into Israel for attack

    And the list could be a multiple of these options easily.

    A relative of mine said to me shortly after 9-11, “It doesn’t matter what they do to the cockpit doors etc. The muslims will just make the terrorist the pilot”

    It seems to have taken 13 years to prove that the case but he is looking pretty prophetic just at the moment.

  8. BL@KBIRD he will resurrect until the Russians produce a corpse, and given the advances of medical science that may not be enough.

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