News links for the ides of March 2014 – 1

Beware the ides of March.

What man is that?

A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare 

1. New Iraqi ‘marriage’ law concerns human rights groups

2. Rabbi in Crimea reports on Nazi actions against the Jewish community

3. Six military conscripts shot dead near Cairo

Army 1
Egyptian army soldiers deployed in Cairo (Photo: Reuters)

Six Egyptian military conscripts were killed by unknown gunmen early Saturday near a military police checkpoint in Qalyoubia’s Shubra El-Kheima district.

Mohamed Yosri, security director of the Qalyoubia governorate, said that explosives experts have managed to diffuse two bombs planted by the attackers after the shooting occurred.

Military spokesman Ahmed Ali accused members of the Muslim Brotherhood group of being behind the attack.

4. Scarf by Scarf. A performance art piece for International Woman’s day in Denmark

My comment on the above video as left at YT:

The comparison between Catholic nuns and a woman in a burka is flagrantly dishonest. It is extremely rare that a burka is worn by choice. Women who become Catholic nuns may or may not wear the habit but most do not and they can leave the chuch or its rules anytime with zero fear of retribution from the Church or fellow Catholics. The same cannot be said for muslim women. There is no apostasy penalty in Christianity.

5. Pakistani teen burns herself to death outside police station when her attacker is released after ‘bribing police officer with £700’

A Pakistani teenager has died from her injuries after she set herself on fire outside a police station when police released her alleged rapist.

Aamna Bibi, 18, set herself alight outside the police station in Muzaffargarh district in Punjab province after her attacker managed to bribe himself free, local media reports.

She was taken to hospital with 80 per cent burns to her body, but died the following day as a result of her injuries.

Tragedy: Pakistani teenager Aamna Bibi, seen here as she is taken to hospital on Thursday, has died from her injuries after setting herself on fire when police set free her alleged rapists


Tragedy: Pakistani teenager Aamna Bibi, seen here as she is taken to hospital on Thursday, has died from her injuries after setting herself on fire when police set free her alleged rapists

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10 Replies to “News links for the ides of March 2014 – 1”

  1. I think the RT vid is propaganda. Hundreds of Ukrainian Jews have signed a document to say that Russia is purposely using disinformation to discredit the new govt. I wasn’t able to find the right link but it’s there somewhere. Below is one that might suffice.
    IMO, Russia should stop this propaganda trying to show that the Jewish community is in danger especially when prominent Jewish leaders have adamantly criticized Russia for doing so.

  2. I remember that when the European UEFA Cup was going to be held in Ukraine, football authorities as well as politicians were deeply worried that Nazi gangs would taunt Black players. Nothing untoward of any significance happened, but the concern was present.

  3. dodo-
    I have a close friend whose son and family are observant Jews living in Kiev. They’re constantly in touch, and their message is “Not to worry.”

    Today is sabbath and a religious holiday, so we don’t expect to hear much for another few hours.

  4. ALGERIA – Ghardaïa – Shops set on fire as sectarian clashes rage in Algeria

    As many as 70 shops and a home were burned on Thursday and Friday during sectarian clashes in Ghardaia province, 600 km south of Algiers.

    The resumption of hostilities reached its climax Thursday with destruction of 50 stores, located mainly in the districts of Theniat el Makhzen and El Hadj Messaoud, spokesman of the merchants of the city Khodhir Babaz told Xinhua.

    Violence erupted again in this desert city between the Chaamba community of Arab origin and Mozabite Berbers of the Muslim Ibadi sect.

    The clashes between the two parties started in December 2013 in different parts of the city and elsewhere in neighboring localities. After long weeks of violent clashes, a shaken truce led by the government and elders of the two disputing parties was reached.

    A security source in Ghardaia previously told Xinhua that as many as 14 police units had been deployed in the city. Over 2,000 anti-riot forces were assigned the mission of restoring law and order.

    So far, more than 10 people have been killed during these clashes, while many stores, farms and homes were set on fire. In recent years, scenes of violence were recurrently reported in different localities in this desert province, long known for being a quiet and tourist destination region.

  5. Lena, Dodo welcome to the fog of war, the propaganda war is an important part of any successful war, both sides will be busy vilifying the other side, one reason the US has trouble winning modern wars is that we ignore the propaganda war and the home front, we don’t make the old WWII type Why We Fight videos that keep our citizens informed of the evil that is the enemies of freedom. This is partially because we have mistakenly decided that to do so would be considered a victory by the enemy, we have changed our society in response to their actions.

    As Santayana predicted we have forgotten the lessons of history and are condemned to repeat them.

  6. During WWI the Brits were led to believe that the Horrible Hun was guilty of such outrageous atrocities, they were slow to believe reports of the really, really Horrible Hun when he popped up barking.

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