A few more links for March 14 2014 – 4

1. Geert Wilders’ message to Q Society for the conference which just ended.

The videos of the conference should start to appear this weekend. They should be very worthwhile. Gavin Boby, Robert Spencer and many more speakers attended the convention.

2. Since his rise to fame, Islamists have threatened to kill 18-year-old Danish poet Yahya Hassan. They are angered by the portrayals in his writing of his immigrant family background, which he describes as backwards, hypocritical and blinded by religion.

3. Man accused of plotting Bonn station bombing

 A statement from the prosecutor’s office said Marco G. was also charged with planning to assassinate Markus Beisicht, the leader of the political group Pro NRW. The statement said he and three accomplices had bought guns and a silencer to prepare for the assassination. They also stand accused of planning further attacks on the Pro NRW, a far-right, anti-Muslim political party.

The other three charged are 43-year-old Albanian Enea B., 25-year-old German-Turkish man Koray D. and 24-year-old German Tayfun S.

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  1. March 14 2014 – Denmark: Hundreds of gender-segregated Muslims demonstrate: “Who gives victory? Allah!” “Who takes lives? Allah!”

    story on “jihad watch” :

  2. China: 6 killed in knife attack in Changsha town

    Six persons were stabbed to death and the fleeing assailant shot dead by the police in a deadly knife attack in the central Chinese town of Changsha on Friday morning.

    State media said that a dispute between two Uyghur vendors led to a slashing spree in a busy market in the central Chinese city of Changsha.

    It led to one of the persons involved in the fight randomly stabbing passers-by, spreading panic and chaos in the area.

    “A knife fight broke out between businessmen Hebir Turdi and Memet Abla at around 10.15am at Shahuqiao Market in northern Changsha City, the provincial capital,” the official news agency Xinhua said in a report on Friday evening.

    Abla was hacked to death by Turdi, who later stabbed 4 passersby as he ran away. Police shot Turdi, killing him, the Xinhua report said.

    Two of the passersby died at the scene. Two others died in hospital.

    While the 2 involved in the fight are evidently Muslim Uyghurs, authorities did not identify the remaining victims.


  3. EGYPT – CAIRO March 15 2014 – Six military conscripts shot dead near Cairo

    After shooting dead six conscripts, unknown armed men planted two bombs on the site of the shooting

    Six Egyptian military conscripts were killed by unknown gunmen early Saturday near a military police checkpoint in Qalyoubia’s Shubra El-Kheima district.

    Mohamed Yosri, security director of the Qalyoubia governorate, said that explosives experts have managed to diffuse two bombs planted by the attackers after the shooting occurred.

    Military spokesman Ahmed Ali accused members of the Muslim Brotherhood group of being behind the attack.

    Ali added that the conscripts were killed soon after they performed dawn prayers.


  4. AP video – Iraqi officials are considering a draft law that could allow girls as young as nine to get married, causing outrage among human rights activists and many Iraqis.

  5. DAILY MAIL – Iraq considers allowing girls as young as EIGHT to marry as part of new laws that also force wives to submit to sex at their husband’s whim

    […]The age of the girls is measured according to the lunar Islamic calender, which is 10 to 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calender each year. If this difference is taken into account, the law talks about men divorcing children as young as eight years and eight months.


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