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1. Here is a good news/bad news item. The good news is that 54% of Canadians are beginning to understand Islam as a dogma well enough to view it negatively. The bad news is that 46% are still deluded enough about it to tolerate bad policy and increased Islamic influence. Hopefully someone who recognizes the bearded man can tell us a little bit about him and his teachings.

2. Perhaps the people in item 1, ‘Canadian negativity towards islam’, might want to read some of the news items about the mass-stabbing attack in China. It may help them to understand why people are beginning to look at practitioners of that religion with some caution.  That was within the last 40 hours or so. Or 911 in New York and DC. Or possible Beslan Russia. Or one of the 22,500 odd other attacks since Sept. 11 2001.

Anyone who is not Islamophobic, isn’t paying attention.

3. Warehouse installs European-style squat toilet because foreign workers ‘kept breaking the loo by standing on it’

4. Afghan prison tricked into freeing Taliban fighters

Prison officials in Afghanistan’s southern city of Kandahar have been tricked into releasing 12 Taliban fighters.

The chief of security for Kandahar, Rahmatullah Atrafi, said a letter had been sent to the prison on Tuesday requesting a prisoner release.

Eighteen inmates on the list were due to be freed, but the other 12 were not.

5. FIFA panel officially allows turbans, hijabs in soccer after Quebec controversy

6. Pussy Riot, the annoying post-modern anti-Christian rock band in Russia does some kind of public demonstration where police attack them with pepper spray and whips or something. Video at link!

Here is another video, a Vice TV vid, of the Pussy Riot aborted attempt to protest something ad getting beaten by the Cossacks.

(Thanks M!)

7. U.S. Army Lieutenant General (Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin, in a World Net Daily radio interview, confirmed that people with high security clearances connected to the Muslim Brotherhood hold important positions in every major federal agency including the Pentagon and the Department of Defense.

8. Inside the Afghan National Army. Vice TV full documentary.

(I have not watched this yet)

9. Far left groups patrol Ukraine. These must be the moderate Nazis we kept hearing about.

Thank you UK Pete, EDL Buck, M, Fjordman and all. Working on Ezra’s excellent speech in Copenhagen. I hope to have it up tonight.

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  1. #1 54% of Canadians

    You know, it wouldn’t be so bad if just once in a while I’d hear a Muslim be honest about it and say,
    “Yes. I understand why you are suspicious of Islam, what with all the terrorism and the threats and
    all”. But no, they always place the blame on somebody else while completely ignoring the horrendous things that Muslims are doing around the world on a daily basis. How dare that bearded so-and-so say that Canadians are nothing but a bunch of bigots looking for a scapegoat to blame their own inadequacies on. Until we understand that the Quran teaches the Muslims to always appear to be being attacked while attacking, they will keep fooling us like the big dumb overly-trusting goofs we are…

  2. At least 11 killed in suicide attack on Pakistani court (CNN, March 3, 2014)
    “At least 11 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a suicide attack Monday on a court building in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, authorities said. Two militants entered the building, threw hand grenades, started firing guns and then blew themselves up, said Sikander Hayat, inspector general of Islamabad police. The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, a complex that includes a hospital, reported the death toll and said 39 people were wounded in the attack. The dead included a judge, authorities said. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack on the building, which is in a central area of Islamabad. Witnesses at the court building told CNN they saw two men firing indiscriminately at people. Police officers, including an anti-terrorism team, are now at the scene.”

  3. Disingenuous and manipulative as always. One can jump in anywhere and find lies of omission, lies of distortion, lies of definition, lies plain and simple. They wear us down with their lies.

    ‘The voice of Islam for peace and harmony is very loud and clear and this is clearly based on the classical exposition of the Islamic faith, is based on the documents that are at the heart of our faith, the Koran and the life example of our prophet Mohammed.’

    ‘Peace and harmony’ from Muslims in the House of War? Provisionally, until strength and numbers are adequate to impose peace and harmony in its true Islamic sense, the peace of universal submission to Islam. As the Koran and Mhd’s example make abundantly clear.

    ‘This can happen with many new Muslims. Somebody is turning away from a life of ignorance and heedlessness and suddenly now embraces the religion of Islam, decides to do everything right, now, for a change. And “everything right” means everything that is somehow associated with Islam. All of this is together put in a package and imposed on the person’s life at once. And this leads to a kind of extremism that is obviously not really what Islam is about.’

    A helpful admission, really. Muslims who actually do what Islam teaches are a danger to non-Islamic, or insufficiently Islamic societies. Muslims need to learn to do it not all ‘at once’, but in stages. That’s what Islam is ‘all about.’ Gee, where has anyone read that before?

    ‘Thus the stage of constructing the faith should be long, and it should be gradual. Every step should be taken with firmness. This stage should not be spent in teaching the theory of beliefs but in translating the belief into a living reality…. Allah Most High…wanted faith to grow with the progress of the community, while the practical life of the community was at the same time a mirror of the faith. Allah Most High knew that men and societies are not founded overnight…. As the faith is completed, simultaneously a strong community also comes into existence…. In the future, whenever a Muslim community is to be created in the world, it can be created only by this method…’

    –Milestones, Chapter 2: The Nature of the Koranic Method

    ‘This is how the Koran addresses us, children of Adam. What we have in common is more important that what is different.’

    Patently false, of course. If the Koran is anything, it is obsessed with the distinction between Muslims and kafirs.


    Shabir Ally has a website and a page in Wikipedia. It says he teachers Arabic at U of T. The ‘Lectures’ tab on his website says, sic, ‘Comming soon.’ ‘He is the president of the Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International in Toronto where he functions as Imam,’ and he has a weekly Cdn TV show called ‘Let the Quran Speak,’ of which this is an episode.

  4. #1

    Odd. I just read about a dutch poll on the illegality of illegal aliens that turned out the exact same percentages: 54% in favor, 46% against. My instinctive reaction was exactly that: that means there’s still a disconcerting 46% who go against the grain. On second thought however, there’s three possibilities: 1) the outcome is guided (large percentage of respondents recruited among profiled people) 2) the polls are rigged altogether, i.e. the results have no bearing on actual responses 3) there’s indeed an alarming amount of imbeciles alive under the Sun.

  5. Yucki I dunno what that is about yet. If it was a copyright violation then it should still be up on youtube on the owner’s channel. I have a back up of it, but I don’t want to repost it if it was taen down for proper reasons. (As opposed to political ones I mean)

  6. #7 The main problem is the way the MSM continues to down play the danger from Islam, just as they down played the dangers from communism and refused to report correctly about the communist infiltrators who held high security clearances during the Cold War. We still haven[‘t identified all of the Soviet (now Russian) agents in place.

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