News links, Saturday March 1 2014

1. Ukraine crisis: ‘Russians’ occupy Crimea airports

Ukraine has accused Russia of carrying out an armed invasion by sending naval forces to occupy Sevastopol airport in the Crimea region.

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet denies its servicemen are blocking the airport.

Another Crimean airport, Simferopol, has also been occupied by armed men, thought to be pro-Russia militia.

1b. Armed men seize two airports in Ukraine’s Crimea, Yanukovich reappears

(Reuters) – Armed men took control of two airports in the Crimea region on Friday in what the new Ukrainian leadership described as an invasion by Moscow’s forces, and ousted President Viktor Yanukovich surfaced in Russia after a week on the run.

Yanukovich said Russia should use all means at its disposal to stop the chaos in Ukraine as tension rose on the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, the only region with an ethnic Russian majority and the last major bastion of resistance to the overthrow of the Moscow-backed leader.

(Is this a Russia, ‘no-flag’  attack, variant of the false flag?)

2. “I always regret not being able to read or write,” says Ali Akbar, a 34-year-old soldier in the Afghan army.

3. Battle over utility of the Cathedral of Cordoba. 

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  1. USA – Detroit Jury Awards Muslim Man A Record $1.1M In ‘Beard-Related’ Discrimination Case

    Aboubaker was passed over for promotions and eventually fired from his job as a maintenance worker with Washtenaw County partially because of his religious mark of manhood.

    Aboubaker decided to file a lawsuit claiming employment and religious discrimination. After six long years, judgment day finally came on Thursday when a jury awarded him $1.1 million, one of the largest discrimination awards for a Muslim.

    “The best of America was evident in court. You had a homeless man sitting side by side with a large county government on the same even playing field and you’re trying to get his rights back. It was chilling and it was surreal and you could just see the founding fathers’ words speaking out loud and clear about everyone is equal under the law,”

    The county denies any bias and says Aboubaker wasn’t qualified. An appeal is planned.

  2. just out of curiosity which break away republic is the next on Putins list to seize and bring back into the Russian Empire?

  3. There is nothing the West can do in any situation where Russia is already involved. The same applies for the US.

    The ruling principle from Cold war days is that both sides must avoid direct confrontation with each other. So we can accept nothing must statements, just as Russia has to be satisfied with statements when the US invaded Iraq.

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