News links for March 1 2014 – 3

1. Pakistan polio team hit by deadly attack

A bomb attack on a polio vaccination team in north-west Pakistan has killed at least 11 people, officials say

A roadside bomb went off as the police-guarded convoy drove through a village in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province near the Afghan border.

The attack is the latest in a series targeting polio teams in the country.

(I’m not sure there is a better example of the difference between the Christian ethic and the islamic one. How do you say, ‘Ostie-d’câlisse-de-tabarnak-de-crisse de sauvage pourris’ in English, anyone know?)

2. One in ten Norwegian women raped: survey

Nearly one in ten women in Norway have been raped, half of them when they were below the age of 18, according to a new survey.
Only eleven percent of those who had been raped reported it or underwent any medical examination, with a third of victims never telling anyone what happened. “One of the reasons why so few choose to report is that victims say that it is no use,” Ole Kristian Hjemdal from NKVTS told VG. “It’s a hidden problem.”

(I remember not that long ago, when the word ‘rape’ was always placed next to the word, ‘murder’ in a sentence. Now it seems that the word rape goes between the words, ‘grapefruit’ and ‘pancakes’ in importance. I guess its OK so long as its muslims or Africans doing the raping?)

3. Syria: ISIS renders Christians subaltern in Raqqa

ANSAmed) – BEIRUT, FEBRUARY 27 – Christians in Raqqa will from now on be forced to pay a ‘protection tax’ (‘jizya’) mentioned in the Koran and brought in by the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), which controls this city in northern Syria. The move is ”simply an act of propaganda,” ANSA was told by some opposition activists in Raqaa, who underscored that of the hundreds of Christians living in the city until 2011, only a few dozen are left.

4. Immigrant sexually assaults 9-year-old girl after breaking into her bedroom

In addition to the prison sentence, the 22-year-old of Sudan, was sentenced to a two year sentence suspended for three years. He was also ordered to pay 140,000 shekels ($40,000) in compensation to the girl.

As we reported earlier, an Israeli father beat a man unconscious after breaking into his home and trying to rape his daughter, who is just 9-years-old, according to police reports in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The man who was identified by police as a Sudanese immigrant, broke into the apartment in the Yad Eliyahu neighborhood on the south side of Tel Aviv. The suspect raped the eight-year-old girl, who was sleeping in her bedroom and stabbed the mother who came to her rescue, lightly wounding her.

5. Swedish court proves that feminism is BS. Men must bear the full responsibility for women’s actions even when dishonest. Much like numerous stories of lesbian couples breaking up and then the sperm donor, often a gay man, is ruled to be the legal and obligatory financier for the child till it graduates university. It seems that modern courts while pretending to be feminist are actually operating under the Jack Nicholson quote from ‘As Good as it Gets’

6. Second amendment continues to be eroded in the USA

7. Baroness charged over racist tirade in posh London hotel bar

(The narrative will be maintained no matter who violates its tenants)

8. FOX article on funeral of man who sung anti-Hizb’allah song in Lebanon

9. Surge in concealed weapon permits follows California court Second Amendment decision

More than 500 applications have poured in to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in just two weeks — roughly the total number of applications filed in 2013,

Thank you UK Pete, CB Sashenka, Fjordman, Richard and all. More to come. Quite a bit more actually. Better to know the horror though, than pretend it isn’t there. The fact is, what you don’t know can enslave you, and often kill you.


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  1. A few tears for raping an innocent helpless child,this is a disgrace. What the inbred mutant is in need of is a decades long sentence in a hard labor setting (‘cool hand Luke style’ )or better yet a ‘lead shower.

  2. 7/ Von Alvensleben told him: “******* should not be allowed here.”

    Wow, a word so foul not even a single letter can appear in print. Worse than N*****s! That baroness has some mouth on her.

  3. Market economics works on the “supply and demand” principle. Women make demands, and men supply the monies and goods.

    Its a fair.

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