News links for Feb 28 2014 – 4

1. Ukraine: Infantry and armour roll into Simferopol

Unidentified military elements moved into the centre of Simferopol on Friday, supported by columns of BTR-80 armoured personnel carriers, used throughout the former USSR. The soldiers did not wear visible insignia or carry national flags.

Earlier, Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea Sergey Kunitsyn said at least 13 Il-76 transport planes, capable of carrying 150 paratroopers each, had landed at a military airfield to the north of Simferopol.

2. Google ordered to remove anti-Islamic film from YouTube

(Video on issue at site. I have a backup of the video but really, its awful. If it gets pulled from YT I suppose I will have to find somewhere to upload it but not because its worth seeing. Because it is anathema to democracy itself to prevent criticism of irrational religious or political authority. This must not stand.)

Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday ordered Google Inc to remove from its YouTube video-sharing website an anti-Islamic film that had sparked protests across the Muslim world.

By a 2-1 vote, a panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Google’s assertion that the removal of the film “Innocence of Muslims” amounted to a prior restraint of speech that violated the U.S. Constitution.

3. Some links on Russia and military activity. To state it again: I do not understand this situation in Ukraine other than it seems too serious not to post things reliable people send me. But I am not an expert on the region, history or motives. So please treat like raw data. If anyone has knowledge on the quality of the information or relevance, please do us all a service and post in the links. This appears to be something we all need to learn about.)

3a: Russia: Priests bless Topol-M ICBMs ahead of Victory Day

3b: Ukraine: Russian Night Wolves biker gang rolls into Simferopol

3c: Cyprus: Russian aircraft carrier docks in Limassol from Syria

3d: Russian helicopters headed into Crimea

3e: Russia scrambles jets

3f: Russian flag replaces Ukraine’s in Simferopol centre   


(More links will appear in comments most certainly)

4. The comments under the President’s jogging video are worth the click over to Youtube if the video isn’t. I guess since the US has no more money, military or freedoms, the only thing left to get rid of is the dignity of the office of the POTUS.

5. Mohamed Cheikh-Mohamad, 19, Ahmad Khaled Safi, 20, and Mohammed El-Mustapha, 19, each pleaded guilty in Provincial Court to one count of creating a hazard to aviation under the federal Aeronautics Act.

6. Radical Islam is on the march in Canada

7. Sun Column: Price of freedom is high: Ezra wages new battle for free speech

8. Britain’s surveillance agency GCHQ, with aid from the US National Security Agency, intercepted and stored the webcam images of millions of internet users not suspected of wrongdoing, secret documents reveal. Story here

(One reader puts a bandaid over their webcam when not in use. Until they perfect infrared cams, I recommend this tactic)

9. The stoning of Daraz Kahn, 24 and Hayat Bibi, 27, is the third case in recent months of a couple being stoned by local mobs in Pakistan.  

Thanks M, Don L, Act for Canada, Richard,  

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  1. Hello there…..its me again…….Don Laird….

    Looking through many of these videos, the Russian soldiers and their gear, these aren’t flunkies, these are either airborne or special forces troops, and they’re definitely not the war weary little boys from the Chechen conflict of a decade or so ago.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. 6/ Farzana Hassan, the author of that Sun News article warning about insidious ‘Islamism,’ thinks it is appropriate to have at the top of her web page a review of her latest book that concludes, ‘One can only hope that her efforts will not be co-opted by Islamophobes in the West…’

    On his Facebook page (another post from today), Tarek Fatah agrees that ‘The Tatars and Senegalese seem to be the only Muslims stiff (sic) safe from the cancer of Saudi-funded Islamism.’

    (Evidently Fatah has given up on Mauritania, Mali, Indonesia and Malaysia, countries he identified in 2008 as giving Islam ‘its greatest hope of a renaissance.’ Chasing a Mirage, xix.)

    In that dishonest but aptly titled ‘Chasing a Mirage,’ Fatah defines an Islamist as one seeks an Islamic state, in contrast to a Muslim, who seeks ‘a state of Islam.’

    The former is good because ‘Equity and social justice run through every fibre and gene of the Muslim psyche.’

    The latter is bad, and also wrong, because Islam was hijacked – not by Hassan al Banna, Maududi, and Said Qutb: that was a re-hijacking, so to speak: but within hours of Muhammad’s death. ‘Muhammad would have wept to see how his message was misused’ (19). ‘Muslims need to consider the possibility that the state and government created by Abu-Bakr after the death of Muhammad was not the first Islamic State, but rather the first Arab State.’ (21).

    A reader dogged enough to make it as far as page 110 finds this:

    ‘Nowhere in the Quran does God suggest that an Islamic government be set up after Muhammad’s death. Nowhere does Muhammad, in all of the hadith, or his collected sayings, speak of an Islamic State.’

    It’s all been a mistake.

    One might think Fatah would want to dispense with, for example, Koran 9:29 in this context. But a search of the pdf for ‘29’ turns up only page numbers, the years 929 and 1429, and January 29 and April 29.

    I’m sure others have dealt with this book here, in the 6 years since its publication. But having inflicted it on myself this evening, I’m less inclined to dismiss Fatah’s burbling on Sun TV as mere incoherence.

    4/ Syrian atrocity videos make less painful viewing.

  3. #7 Someone sent me a kinda funny graphic relating to Ezra Levant’s situation. They said I could do whatever with it but I don’t really blog on that site anymore so I thought I’d send it on to whoever might wants to make use of it. Post it if you like or make t-shirts to help with Ezra Levant’s legal aid.

    They might need some cleanup but I don’t know photoshop. Anyhow I figured the simplest way to get them out was to make a post on my blog and link to it. Feel free to do whatever with them.

  4. #2
    “Innocence of Muslims” may be the worst 14-minute film ever made, but as far as I could see, it was simply telling the truth. Mohammed really did have Um Kirfa torn limb-from-limb by camels for the crime of standing up to him. Mohammed really did marry Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was 9. The US judges are submitting to Sharia, plain and simple. Are they stupid or just gutless?

  5. #6 Wherever a country is silenced and shackled by the Socialist inventors of group-think, radicalism is able to raise its head.
    Because when you teach children to look away, by entering special schools for the blind, the leaders of idiocy can shout without fear of the ridicule they wear no clothes.

    So why wouldn’t the English-speaking world collapse, when being Black, female, homosexual, transgender, ‘hen’, Muslim; those rages that provide their identity of resentment through receiving the victimhood of ‘not like you’ identities, to envy success, talent and personal achievement, and be government-funded and rewarded for their indolence and sloth. The magic the priest creates to receive a tithe from the good sheepled, the Communist receives from the good socialized. With that much hatred and John Lennon advocating ” give peace a chance” in opposing such sexually repressed and fetishized cultists, you prevent parents from protecting the mind, body and souls of their kids.

  6. While I while I was texting the news about the 1994 treaty to a friend I had a thought, WWII was guaranteed when Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler, are we witnessing the events that will guarantee WWIII?

    Internally Obama is acting like Hitler, internationally he is acting like Chamberlain.

    Don good call, I hadn’t caught that, the troops are definitely from elite units, looks like Putin has retrained the Russian Military.

  7. As far as Britain is concerned I cannot for the life of me see a scenario where the male population would be ready to fight a war against Russia….why would they? They are comfortable and soft. We wouldn’t last five minutes….. literally!
    My brother was in armoured recon in the 90’s and his life expectancy facing a Russian invasion of Germany was 5 minutes. The road to Switzerland was the easier option.
    When all is said and done Putin is a shady character but he is right on this. The E I

    U and America should but out.

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