Relevant links for Feb 26 2014 – 4

1. Daily Mail covers Lee Rigby murder trial.

2. Crowd cheers as Lee Rigby killers sentenced.

3. Greenpeace co-founder: No scientific proof humans are dominant cause of warming climate

4. Court orders YouTube to take down anti-Muslim film

(Clever little work around the 1st amendment? Or rational objection?)

SAN FRANCISCO –  A federal appeals court ordered YouTube on Wednesday to take down an anti-Muslim film that sparked violence in many parts of the Middle East.

The decision by a divided three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco reinstated a lawsuit filed against YouTube by an actress who appeared in the video. The 9th Circuit said the YouTube posting infringed actress Cindy Lee Garcia’s copyright to her role, and she, not just the filmmaker, could demand its removal.

The court’s ruling addressed control of the clip, not its contents, which YouTube determined didn’t violate its standards.

5. Video on the Lee Rigby murder sentences.

(The judge claims that the defendants had betrayed Islam. Of course he has exactly zero proof of that and anyone else has a massive amount of irrefutable evidence of the opposite. Makes one wonder who told the judge to say that)


Thank you M, Fjordman, Richard and all who sent in material. Again, more to come.

As an aside, anyone and everyone who has access to SUN TV, PLEASE watch the Michael Coren show tomorrow and ask all your friends to do the same. There is a chance that there may be a segment of great concern to us all and especially in the UK.

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  1. SYRIA -Pro-Assad forces kill 175 rebels in ambush – Syrian state media

    (Reuters) – Forces loyal to Syria’s president killed at least 175 Islamist rebel fighters, most of them foreigners, in an ambush in insurgent-held eastern outskirts of Damascus, state media said on Wednesday.

    The attack was led by the Lebanese Shi’ite militant group Hezbollah, which has joined the government in a increasingly sectarian conflict that is pulling in fighters from across the region and destabilising Syria’s neighbours, said activists.

    Lebanon’s Al Manar television, which Hezbollah operates, broadcast images of dozens of bodies of men strewn along a rural road running through open fields near Otaiba, a town in the Eastern Ghouta area outside Damascus.

    It said the Islamists were ambushed as they tried to leave the area to join fighting in other regions. But there were few other details on the attack and none of the reports said when it happened.

    The ambush would be a significant advance for President Bashar al-Assad’s efforts to cement his hold of the capital and surrounding roads, if the scale of the casualties is confirmed.

  2. #5 The British judge becomes an authority on Islam is? If he calls their behavior ‘bad’ what then in his mind is ‘good’ Islam? The restaurants he eats unadvertized halal slaughtered animals? The veiled women, four wives and 16 children on welfare? The contempt for him as a kufar? The unimaginative, dysfunctional absense of affection lives?

    Of course, he’s an educated idiot. Justice holds a balance of scales. He holds the Relativism Wand.

    What does that look like:

    I asked for Kosher or Halal cigarettes at a kiosk.
    Bewildered the saleswoman said they were not so restricted.
    I asked what this meant.
    She said they were for everyone.
    Whereas I meant everyone is as stupid as everyone else despite their religion.

    I relayed this to a judge, a Social Worker, of benefits.
    She said calling people who smoked as idiots was the same as Muslims calling those who ate pork, idiots.
    I looked at her. No irony crossed her face.
    I said not one of the one billion Chinese eating spare ribs ever died of cancer. Her retort had nothing whatsoever to do with the unconscious act of self-stimulation. All she felt was emotion, the rage of pointing out stupid is is as stupid does, and then she felt her empathy with the Muslim’s pain trying to do battle with a sanity. If it had been a snake creeping to eat her child she’d have compassion for it.
    All I could say to her is that she was stuck in her right-brain. ( And I would point out to her son each time she did this outburst of insight, so that he would not grow up tattooed, earringed and emotion-driven and blind as a socialist).
    In exasperation she said pigs are dirty. I said in the wild they are clean. Industrial farming has all animals standing in their own excrement. In a hot country I would not eat meat. Blood would be out. Anyway, I had seen Babe.
    She laughed.
    And the judge went about her business determing no difference between the deserving and undeserving poor.

  3. It is not surprising that he said they betrayed Islam. The political, social, law enforcement, etc…ramifications of acknowledging this is Islam is huge. You basically have a religious paramilitary in this country working to implement Sharia and attack the national military within the home country.

  4. Huntington’s clash of civilizations is going on right now within Europe as in other continents, within the countries themselves. The bloody borders of Islam that he wrote of are inside infidel nations.

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