News links for Wed. Feb 26 2014 – 1

1. Toronto anesthetist given 10 years for raping patients while unconscious

(As this is an order of magnitude more serious than some serial rapist putting drugs in women’s drinks at bars and raping them, the sentence should reflect that. It is a shame on Canadians that it does not. Interesting that he is the only person in the world to have that name as far as I can tell also)

2. Bulgaria: Heavy security for court case as Chief Mufti claims Kurdjali Historical Museum building

A strong police presence was deployed as Kurdjali District Court prepared to begin hearings in a court application by the office of the Chief Mufti, spiritual leader of Bulgaria’s Muslims, for ownership of the building and land housing the Kurdjali Historical Museum.

3. Preparing for war: Putin ‘orders immediate test of troops’ combat readiness’ as 10,000 Muslim supporters of Ukraine’s new government clash with pro-Russian group in Crimea

President Vladimir Putin has reportedly ordered an immediate test of combat readiness of troops in central and western Russia.

Russia’s defence minister Sergei Shoigu is reported as saying Putin ordered the test at 2pm Moscow time on Wednesday.

Violence has also broken out in Ukraine’s eastern Crimea region as Muslim supporters of the new government clash with pro-Russian demonstrators.

Over 10,000 Muslim Crimean Tatars rallied in support of Ukraine’s interim leaders, waving Ukrainian flags and chanting ‘Ukraine is not Russia’ and ‘Allahu Akbar’.

4. ‘My son will grow up and see images of his father that no son should have to endure’: Lee Rigby’s widow tells judge at sentencing of Muslim converts who murdered him

(Some great pics at that link of friends of Lee Rigby marching for justice. What struck me though, is that no muslim group organized a march for drummer Rigby and against his murderers. This is very meaningful. No islamic group at all thought to organize a supporting march, even disingenuously)

5. Last night Red Fox Blogger had me on her show as a once-a-month featured guest. Its always a treat to do any kind of radio. I wasn’t able to make it till the last half of the show but Tim Burton, the co-cost and Red Fox (not the star of Sanford and Son) are both great to listen to. Tireless and brave workers for the CJ both)

Thank you UK Pete, LinaN, Fjordman, all the people I lost track of, (Sorry about that) more to come.

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10 Replies to “News links for Wed. Feb 26 2014 – 1”

  1. #1 10 years isn’t long enough, it should have been life.

    #3 Putin is going to move into Ukraine when he things the world won’t be too upset with him. He has positioned himself as the protector of Christianity in Eastern Europe and is moving into position to play the protector of peace in Eastern Europe, a role Obama has abdicated from and who is possibly maybe even probably working with Putin to see that Putin and Russia become the dominate power in Europe.

  2. If Putin succeeds in retaking the breakaway states and Eastern Europe will slavery under the Russians be any better then slavery under the Moslems?

  3. #1 To “doo’d naught” is a common Islamic term. It means to molest/assault/murder a Kufar as signifying nothing more than the sound of two rams’ heads colliding. “Crying over spilt infidel-blood”, is another.

  4. DP111-
    They do, don’t they?
    And they’re supposed to be pro-EU and democracy and all the rest of that rot? These pug-uglies are the good guys?

    Putin has to have control of Crimea, that’s a given. But all those vicious Muslims are part of the package. Maybe they’d like one-way tickets to Syria.

  5. 1/ How far we’ve come from ‘The Jewel in the Crown’ and ‘A Passage to India.’ This Hari Kumar is guilty, not falsely accused, but one might be forgiven for imagining the PC-minded counterpart of Ronald Merrick favouring a lighter than appropriate sentence because of his ethnicity. And all discussion of race or religion is primly absent from the reports. What kind of name is Doodnaught anyhow? Scottish now, apparently.

  6. We, the decadent, blundering in cultures so superior and ancient that even the tea-boy is more elegant and the red-faced Brit officer post-Sandhurst.

  7. 5/ The use of comforting words like ‘peace’ and ‘justice’ to hide in plain sight meanings that should deeply discomfort everyone, infiltration of committees, proliferation of inter-faith groups, fake human rights, false freedoms, the stealthy subversion of the legal system, the out and out sedition, and STUPID INFIDELS FALLING IN LOVE. And that’s a problem of the simple presence of Muslims, of merely having them around.

    And look how it wrecks the arts. With Forster it began with a tram conductor in Alexandria, if I’m not wrong. But what was Paul Scott’s excuse? I’ve just read that he was bisexual! For crying out loud. In the way that one has to wonder if Sharia is any worse than what we’re doing to ourselves, the question might be asked whether it’s really worth having artists around, if the ones who are going to give us ‘definitive’ works will be those infatuated with the enemy and hyper-critical of their own. Especially when that enemy has itself exactly zero tradition of self-criticism. It’s enough to get a body reading Plato.

    ‘poetic imitation…waters and fosters these feelings when what we ought to do is to dry them up, and it establishes them as our rulers when they ought to be ruled, to the end that we may be better and happier men instead of worse and more miserable.’

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