News links for Feb 24 2014 – 3

1. Ukraine synagogue hit by firebombs

The firebombs hit the Giymat Rosa Synagogue in Zaporizhia, located 250 miles southeast of Kiev, on the night of February 23, according to a report Monday on the news site

2. Racist Muslim Jailed for Threatening to Cut Off Policeman’s Penis

Officers took off in pursuit of the 31-year-old following the road rage incident in July last year. When they caught up with Rashid he launched into a tirade, saying: “I am going to cut off your dick, you f***ing white infidels,” Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

He also threatened to “blow them up”.

3. This is a video from Ukraine sent in by Don L. Its quite complex and worrying especially in the context of item 1 in this post.

This is, according to the woman kind enough to translate a lot of the Russian videos we do here, a member of the Ukraine’s rapidly growing hard core Nazi party, threatening to shoot a police officer if he doesn’t show ID to this Nazi, who is clearly taking some degree of control. The translation is on the Liveleak page but Ill paste it here below as well.

There also seem to be many credible claims that the US admin is backing these Nazi thugs. That would be of course, totally unbelievable. As unbelievable as the US admin backing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt even after the worlds largest popular revolution in history both in terms of % and raw numbers involved.

Translation of the first part of the conversation:
Nazi vigilant to cop: “Your ID!”
Scared cop quietly: “Good afternoon. Who are you Sir? Why should I give you my ID?”
Nazi vigilant: “I have the authority of the supreme parliament! I’m also armed, so do not let me use it as the last tool!”
Cop quietly: “I’m armed also.”
Nazi vigilant yelling: “I’m armed, and you are armed. Who do you think will be killed?! This is the last warning, give me your ID!”

(I’ll ask Nina if she would care to translate this for us un full)

4. Muslims Capture 9 Year Old Christian Girl, And Brutally Rape Her For 19 Days

By Theodore Shoebat

A nine year old Christian girl in Jordan was captured by Muslims who brutally raped her for 19 days. She was from Iraq and lived in Jordan as a refugee. After 19 days of sexual torture, she was rescued by Sister Hatune Dogan, an Eastern Orthodox nun, who payed 33,000 US dollars to ransom the tormented girl.

We are currently working with Sister Hatune to rescue Christians in Syria and Iraq, and other parts of the Middle East, who are being oppressed just as this little girl was oppressed by the evil jihadists.

Thank you Fjordman, Nina, Don L and all who sent in material. Still trying to sort out Ukraine material or avoid it, but it grows too large for that.

Thank you ML, Don L,

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  1. I’m awfully sorry but the post about Ukraine is based on lies spread by Putin’s propaganda

    1) participation of Ukraininan Nazis in revolution is marginal

    2) video was filmed immediately after SHOOTING (well documented mass murder) of unarmed activists on Maidan by special police units. presently, several criminal cases are opened against shooters

    3) Ukrainian police (especially road police) is notoriously corrupt structure merged with both criminal world and Yanukovich’s all-out corrupt tyrannical regime

    the change of power in Ukraine was bourgeosie revolution in character, and extremely important event for Europe and the world.
    on the other hand, this is a continuation of velvet revolutions in countries like Chechoslovakia and Poland.

    this is an example how the people canget rid off dictatorial regime.
    certainly Russia and Belarus will follow.

  2. Islam, Islam, Islam. Socialism, Socialism, Socialism. When will these masses of infantilized, sexually-disturbed ever grow up and face their minority of Religious and Communist ‘feeders’?
    Maybe when the education system is overhauled and academia can once again think the unthinkable.

  3. The dysfunction of getting an erection over penetrating a child from the Muslims is the same as The socialist’s turn-on for an anus-poke: living the dream, and making it a Hate Crime for pointing their deeds out in stark contrast to normality, when their laws decree throughout the kingdoms it is halal or legal. Sharia or Dehuman Rights.

  4. Hello there….its me again……..Don Laird…….

    My mother used to say…….when you’re running ahead of a pack of wolves don’t trip……..mother had a flair for the obvious……and the sarcastic……..

    In the United States and many countries around the world, law enforcement (not all as many are decent and principled men and women) are little more then thugs and drooling apes committing acts of injurious, lawless jaw dropping idiocy.

    Sometimes, as in the video above they wind up on the receiving end of what they have been so eagerly dishing out.

    Consider the actions of the Homeland Security and other arms of Obama’s fascist leftist government as they enforce the edict passed down from the White House.

    Sooner or later, many federal agents in the United States and other so called “democratic” countries, may face angry, short tempered, well armed citizens who demand identification, and who, are not willing to tolerate sullen refusal……

    Sooner I hope…….

    As for the police in the video above, I wonder how they feel, minding their own business, and suddenly they are not sure if they will make it home in one piece or if they will make it home at all.

    As for the political stripe of the “vigilante’s” in the video above, the comments of “AY” above are spot on. To say different is to ignore the long, bloody and murderously corrupt history of the KGB and the FSB not to mention a few other luminaries that still hold sway, a hold-over for the glory days of the USSR……..just ask a few people like Litvinenko and Anna Politkovskaya what they think about the corruption that runs deep within Eastern European countries and Russia.

    As for the Ukraine and the madness of the last months……….find there the very best argument against gun control. Period. Full Stop.

    As for the Jews, they had better start to wake up. There are forces across the world including the United States and Canada that seek to fire the ovens once again……and for the most part all I am hearing from the Jewish community is crickets……….let that not be the requiem mass of the Jew in decades hence…….crickets.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  5. Pakistan bomb kills two outside Iran’s Peshawar consulate (BBC, Feb 24, 2014)
    “Two Pakistani security guards have been killed in a suspected suicide bombing outside the Iranian consulate in the city of Peshawar, police say. The blast in the University Town area left about 10 others injured. Reports said the bomber blew himself up after being stopped at a security post. A group allied to the Pakistani Taliban claimed the attack, saying it would attack Shias everywhere. Sectarian violence is on the rise in Pakistan but attacks on Iranian targets are rare…”

  6. Syria rebel leader Abu Khaled al-Suri killed in Aleppo (BBC, Feb 24, 2014)
    “A rebel leader linked to al-Qaeda has been killed in a suicide bomb attack in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. Abu Khaled al-Suri was among several people who died when a base of Ahrar al-Sham, part of the Islamic Front, was targeted on Sunday, activists said. The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), a jihadist rebel group, is thought to have been responsible. Suri was reportedly sent to Syria by al-Qaeda to end the infighting between ISIS and other rebel groups. It is said to have left more than 2,000 people dead since early January…”

  7. Pakistan carries out airstrikes on terror hideouts; 30 reportedly killed (CNN, Feb 25, 2014)
    “Pakistan’s army continued airstrikes Tuesday against alleged terrorist hideouts in the country’s north, a week after the government announced peace talks with the Pakistani Taliban had broken down. In a prepared statement, the military said the strikes may have killed dozens. “Reportedly 30 terrorists were killed in early morning air strikes on militants’ hideouts …,” it read. The strikes were carried out in the Shawal Valley, which lies between North and South Waziristan, loosely governed tribal regions that border on Afghanistan. They also targeted Ghariom village in North Waziristan, the military said. The strikes demolished some hideouts, officials said….”

  8. Nigeria school raid ‘leaves dozens dead’ (BBC, Feb 25, 2014)
    “Suspected Islamist militants from the Boko Haram group in north-eastern Nigeria have attacked a school and shot some students, the military has said. Dozens of pupils are reported to have been killed. Police told Reuters that all the dead were boys and that some of the bodies “were burned to ashes”. The attack took place in troubled Yobe state, the military said. Residents of the town of Buni Yadi said the attackers struck at night, slitting the throats of some students. They said that others were shot. Teachers at the remote Federal Government College boarding school in Buni Yadi told the AP news agency that as many as 40 students had been killed in the assault which began early on Tuesday morning. Hospital sources in Yobe told the BBC 29 corpses had been brought in following the attack…”

  9. US presses Iraq on reports of Iran arms deal (BBC, Feb 25, 2014)
    “The US has said it is “seeking clarification” over a report that Iraq has signed a deal with Iran to buy arms in violation of a UN embargo. State department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that if the $195m (£117m) deal for weapons and ammunition was confirmed, it “would raise serious concerns”. The Reuters news agency said on Monday that it had seen contracts signed by the neighbouring states in November. A spokesman for Iraq’s prime minister neither confirmed nor denied the deal…”

  10. AY.
    I’m sorry, but the recent events in Ukraine have much more in common with infamous “Arab spring”, than with democratic “velvet revolutions”. While I’m sympathetic to west-oriented democratic political movements in the Ukraine, it is very clear that the (initially peaceful) demonstartors on Maidan have made an unforgivable mistake allowing the antisocial militant putschist scum from various “Praviy sector” groups like “Svoboda” and “Udar” to attack law-enforcement officers (and counterprotesters). Then it all went downhill. And if you think that ransacking the Kyiv city museum, robbing shops and businesses, storming courts and police stations, hijacking military storage facilities, stealing weapons, burning public transport and private vehicles, lawless murderous rioting of “wolfsengel” armband-wearing thugs, hysterical xenophobic and neonazi incitement are in any way excusable, then think again !

  11. It may have been a mistake to post anything about the Ukrainian situation at all. I simply cannot be enough of an expert to have an opinion that is worth anything on all global conflicts.

    I am getting confident on Islam and its raw nature and history to the extent that the models I use have predictive value. So fair enough. The Ukrainian situation has grown to the point where ignoring it was an opinion on its own. So I have been posting based on the best information available to me which I will list:

    1. The Sun. Which typically does a decent job of reporting news that is or is not part of it’s own narrative. A narrative which reflects mine in general, so I look there first.

    2. The Russian woman who lives in Canada and translates some of the Russian videos I have posted here for us all, who is brilliant, worldly and her opinions and observations match mine where they cross my area of expertise. This is a test of sorts because it is somewhat safe to assume that where they do not cross my area of knowledge they may also be correct in that where they do, they are.

    I spoke with her at length last night after realizing I would have to understand this situation somewhat as accusations are crossing into US foreign policy etc. Now I recognize that because she is Russian, there will be accusations of bias. And there may indeed be a bias although her contacts in the Ukraine, as far as I can remember, seem to be from both sides of the country, a country which is pretty much split between ethnic Ukrainians and Russians.

    On to the video Don L sent:

    She told me this was in fact a member of the Nazi party which is rapidly growing in influence in Ukraine. That this is no laughing matter or one to celebrate but is a sign of a shift in power which is very negative. She also points out that a senior member of government which was recently sent to prison of life, has been released and is resuming her duties although she was sent up for treason.

    This may mean that the government to which she was beholden, that she had committed treason for, now has the influence to cause her release and resumption of duties. It would not be difficult to determine which nation that was.If memory serves, it begins with a ‘U’.

    In any case I confess from the start I cannot possibly have an expert or defensible position on this conflict. I can only report on what comes in that seems reasonable and verifiable. So I accept the criticism and contradictions of those more invested in this than I and am ready to read pretty much anything about it from any decent sources. The conflict however appears to be one of the very few that do not concern islam at this time. So it won’t take up a lot of my time. As they say, one must choose one’s battles. So little time, so much horror.

  12. The current situation in Ukraine is unbelievably complicated and is becoming more so with race being thrown into the mix, the simplest description is that Putin is using the FSB/SVR to destabilize the revolution that is trying to remain free of Russia. The fact that they are using Ukrainian Nazi’s to help them shows the close ties the communists and the Nazi’s have, both are willing to switch parties and work with the others.

    This video coupled with the firebombing of the synagogue show just how nasty things are going to get.

    Don, you know I have been predicting a civil war in the US and it is looking like that is coming sooner rather then later.

  13. Hello Richard and Eeyore,

    The situation in the Ukraine is complex to say the least.

    The three major players there are Yulia Tymoshenko, Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovych.

    Viktor Yushchenko has yet to emerge from the wings, having been sidelined of his own volition, his election loss and due to the corruption of Ukrainian politics and the ravaging his body took when his enemies poisoned him with dioxin. We will see what he has in mind in the coming months.

    Viktor Yanukovych is now on the run as a result of what is being determined to be an uprising in popular support of the people resulting in his ousting. Now there has been arrest warrants issued relating to his alleged subornation of “mass murder” and various allegations of corruption. All this has varying depths of truth and credibility.

    Now free and vying for power in the upcoming elections is Yulia Tymoshenko. She is a conniving bitch and well suited to politics having refined the art of treachery as reflected in the pages of the classic “how-to”, “The Prince” written by by the Italian diplomat and political theorist Niccolò Machiavelli.

    But she is not to be trusted, at all.

    Read here:

    This entire matter, is, as said, extremely complex and has, according to some, the ear marks of a US led coup d’etat all over it.

    As for the Nazi’s they are simply another player in a work of madness being played out in many countries across Europe.

    It seems that the USA clearly is a force for massive upheaval and destabilization wherever it employs the directives of the White House.

    Richard is right in the call he makes regarding civil war in the USA, but when and how that will unfold is still a mystery.

    As for Vlad posting material on the Ukraine, it needs to be posted as its pointedly relevant to the rise of Islam and National Socialism across Europe and it begs to be seen how the power struggle will play out between the three powers of political Islam, Leftism and National Socialism as they all fight for dominance.

    Interesting times we live in.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  14. Don all I can say is that it is coming, in fact I am surprised it hasn’t started already.

    Politics in the Balkans or the former Russian Empire/USSR is a very nasty game and it is a contact sport with weapons allowed.

    When Obama decides to do something you can count on it not helping the US or freedom, I had been thinking that it was Putin pulling the strings but Obama may be doing it for him,

    Here is the video of him telling the Russian Ambasador that he needs space until after the election when he will be able to act without worry.

    I know the comment was about missile defense but it also applies on other subjects.

  15. Leo:
    I have no time for debunlking tons of lies by Putin’s imperial propaganda.
    what is filtered to the West is mostly RT and similar controlled sources.
    This is classical Goebbelsian machine at work.
    Always look at who is funding articles, clips etc.

    Conflict in Ukraine is between state mafia and population, irrespect ethnicity.
    Russians are barely distinguishable from Ukrainians and certainly were not distinguished when both treated as slaves by Yanukovich’s organized criminals.

    After some time passes, things will become clear.

  16. AY. I really wish I could agree with you. Unfortunately I can’t. People who understand both Russian and Ukrainian simply don’t have to rely on propaganda that conflicting sides try to feed to the western media. And I’m not even remotely a fan of Putin, Yanukovich or any cleptocrats and tyrants that rule most of what once was USSR.

  17. Hello there…..its me again…….Don Laird….

    Call this unabashed ass-kissing or boot-licking…..but the reality is that this blog, regardless of the nature of the material posted here, is absolutely crucial to the illumination of the Global-Theo-Politico events and its players and pawns around the world and as such provokes and encourages discourse, participation, counter-jihad and counter-action where the same is badly lacking…….so keep up the good work.

    Broadly speaking there is no such thing as bad information… bad information reveals either stupidity or agenda……conversely, good information is a formidable weapon as reflected in the crushing of the Global- Islamic-Theo-Politico movement as nothing kills Islam deader that truth, education and the light of day…….so lets keep dragging these murdering, conniving bastards and their poisonous ideology kicking and screaming into the light of day and watch them writhe, convulse and then die the death, metaphorically speaking of course, they so well deserve.

    Everything we do, from blog posts, to blog creation and hosting, to emails, to faxes, to letters, to conversations works…….and the Muslims know it, they know it, we know it and its scares them to death.


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  18. Don L –
    You’ve made me laugh for years at GoV (and blush at [redacted]). Here too, when you make a rare cameo appearance.

    Maybe you can wade into this seething Ukraine filth and encapsulate the essentials. That might diminish the emetic potency of the wretched whole. Especially if flushed liberally with your inimitable humor.

  19. Hello there Yucki,

    (pour a coffee or brandy, its a long one with a video…..)

    Here is an answer….(portions of the answer taken from an email to a friend, friends)

    Yucki, now its my turn to blush………

    I greatly appreciate your compliment, worth more than you know………

    Perhaps one day I will start a blog……..or not……I have been thinking these past weeks and months as to how best wade into, again, the fight against Muslims and Islam…….but…….for all of that……I have been……quiet.

    Up north and quiet.

    I have been working and thinking.

    Strangely, or perhaps, gratefully, I really don’t have anything to say, now.

    I spend a great deal of time thinking, as the miles and days drift by, yet, for all of my introspective rigors, clarity, focus and coherence elude me. To be expected I suppose.

    I am trying, with varying degrees of success, to, as the Buddhists say, “completely subdue my mind”. Again, a goal vexing in acquisition owing to its elusive nature, the fruition of that goal fades, forever and forever as I move………..(perhaps Tennyson will allow me the theft of his poetic musings……….”Ulysses” I think.)

    My days are long and I have much to think about, work helps the days pass.

    All in all, I am well and in a state of almost intellectual and spiritual suspended animation. How odd.

    I apologize for the long time between blog comments/posts, been ignoring the internet lately, perhaps watching one too many children butchered, one too many women murdered, one too many pious, self-righteous psychopaths offering up his religion to mitigate the monstrosities of his dogma. There is a darkness that descends on those who expose themselves to the totality of Islam, to the unobscured face of Islam, to the murderous hypocrisy of Muslims.

    I was listening to a Christian radio station the other night, in the wee hours of the morning, happened upon it by chance. I listened to the commentator as he detailed the life and trial and tribulations of Moses. Of how solitude allowed for the building of strength and depth of character.

    No Yucki, I am not comparing myself to Moses, in the least, rather pondering the depth of character and my long periods of solitude in relation to the same.

    Winding down……here is a great clip from a favorite movie of mine, with the music of Jon and Vangelis and the brilliance of Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer.

    No Yucki, don’t be troubled by the reference to death, its just one of my very favorite quotes……..

    “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, I watched C-Beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain…………….time to die.”

    By the way…….this scene and the quote was completely improved by Hauer

    As a way of thanking you for your compliment here is a copy and paste of a comment I left on BCF……..and thanks again for the compliment.

    As for starting a blog…….

    I procrastinate…..therefore I am……..

    I pontificate………therefore I am……..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada


    Hello there….its me again…….Don Laird…….

    I find the inability of some to accept straight forward talk about contentious issues relating to race, immigration and the cancerous effects of multiculturalism far more injurious and debilitating than the excesses and defects of the three aforementioned subjects themselves….its seems that even in the camp of the conservative realist there are those who hold their noses, bite their tongues and step around truth like it was a streaming pile of dogshit.

    So, lets touch on the Islamification issue briefly, you know……the issue that polite conservatives hold their noses and and step around, the issue the solutions to which are not fodder for conversation in polite company.

    Let me quote from another post I made…….

    “Regardless of positions of influence, regardless of place of birth, regardless of the family’s history of previous generations of citizens…….ALL MUSLIMS MUST GO!!!

    There are coffee shops and wine and cheese parties filled with the tediously enlightened, the grotesquely “academic”, the sneering intelligentsia, little more than a revolting collection of the dull-witted and criminally liberal who know what we are facing but still they dither, still they haughtily dismiss calls for deportation as “radical”, and yet still Islam advances, still Islam moves forward and slowly, bit by bit, Islam chews its way into their lives, destroying their culture, destroying their heritage and destroying the very democracy they claim to hold so dear and, vacuous and dithering, all they can do is burden themselves with a decision no more troublesome than choosing between cheddar or Gouda.

    As a nation, Islam is the elephant in the room that we ignore to our considerable detriment and this elephant is not shy about making its presence known it has trampled the furniture and we ignore it, it has vacated its bowels painting every wall with a fecal soup and still we ignore it, it has murdered and maimed us and still, ever the cowards, all we can do is, apologetically and politely, hold aside the pachyderm’s pendulous testicular sack and, peeking through its legs whilst sipping English Breakfast with pinkies extended, make polite inquiries of our fellows as to their opinion on the latest floral pattern rolled out by the boys at Royal Doulton.

    We are a nation of Neroesque fools, fiddlesome idiots quarrelling over hors d’oeuvres and, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury,…..the strains of our lunacy reminds me of a line from the poem “Locksley Hall” by Alfred Lord Tennyson…… wit:

    “Slowly comes a hungry people, as a lion, creeping nigher, Glares at one that nods and winks behind a slowly-dying fire.”

    Ladies and Gentlemen we are the sleepy one, drifting off as the fires of Western civilization burn down to little more than embers of sullen indifference, and I hope, in my heart of hearts, that the poets and singers of song, that the writers of tomes historical a thousand years hence, when they rise against the unbearable boot heel of islamic fascism draw us for who we really are: a nation of ungrateful treasonous cowards who let slip from our hands the toil of patriots and true citizens of what was once, the greatest country and republic in the history of Mankind.

    Oh how richly we deserve ourselves, and tragically, how our children do not, oh how worthy of the contempt of God himself.

    So, my friends, you and I know it, the vast majority of Canadians and Americans know it, that sooner or later this will come to blood and so it should, so it should.

    And if it does not and the bootheel of Islamic masters slowly crushes our miserable spineless necks into the dust of obscurity and servitude, then my friends, we will deserve it, every agonizing, miserable, humiliating and injurious minute of it.

    But, as said, above, our generations that will follow, our daughters made whores in Muslim brothels, our sons made sodomized, groveling lapdogs to Muslims, all, each and every one born into Muslim slavery and abject misery will not deserve it and they will hate us more than their Muslim tormentors and masters for our cowardice and treachery.

    So listen closely Western Civilization; for in our abdication of our responsibilities as the children of the founding fathers of our nations, those men of vision, those men of courage of conviction, men with incredible depth of character and resolve, men far greater than we, in our willingness to smear the steaming excrement of Muslims on those gifts given us by those great men, can be heard the ringing hammer blows that are forging the shackles to be worn by countless generations hence.

    In closing my friends, I end as I began.

    We, each and every one of us, deserve everything we get……everything.

    Now, where did I put the brandy?

    Regards, Don “Passionate about Pachyderms and Porcelain” Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  20. Hello there……once again……….Don Laird………

    As an “also ran”…….as a footnote………

    Listen to your ancestors……..listen to the legions who died to give you what you hold in such cheap regard……..listen to men and women whose bones rattle in indignant discontent…….

    Listen to these words and be ashamed, listen to the words of those who seek your shame and enslavement……listen to the words of those who call you to defend your birthright……


    as I said…….and forgive the darkness of my diatribe…….

    Oh how richly we deserve ourselves, and tragically, how our children do not, oh how worthy of the contempt of God himself.

    So, my friends, you and I know it, the vast majority of Canadians and Americans know it, that sooner or later this will come to blood and so it should, so it should.

    And if it does not and the boot-heel of Islamic masters slowly crushes our miserable spineless necks into the dust of obscurity and servitude, then my friends, we will deserve it, every agonizing, miserable, humiliating and injurious minute of it.

    But, as said, above, our generations that will follow, our daughters, their lives an agony of humiliation and degradation, our daughters made whores in Muslim brothels, our sons, emasculated whelps, our sons made sodomized, grovelling lapdogs to Muslims, all, each and every one born into Muslim slavery and abject misery will not deserve it and they will hate us more than their Muslim tormentors and masters for our cowardice and treachery.

    So listen closely Western Civilization; for in our abdication of our responsibilities as the children of the founding fathers of our nations, those men of vision, those men of courage of conviction, men with incredible depth of character and resolve, men far greater than we, in our willingness to smear the steaming excrement of Muslims on those gifts given us by those great men, can be heard the ringing hammer blows that are forging the shackles to be worn by countless generations hence.

    “Over my dead body”…….and you can quote me on that.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  21. Don I wish I was as eloquent as you are, you put my poor efforts to shame.

    No there isn’t such a thing as bad information, all good propaganda starts with a core of truth, a fact the Moslems and most leftist don’t understand. Watching or reading Russian propaganda can give you a lot of information about how Putin and his people are thinking, something we in the west don’t know enough about.

    As I have stated previously Putin wants to rebuild the Russian Empire with himself as Czar, and possibly make it a hereditary position. What most people don’t realize/understand is that the Marxists of the world don’t want an egalitarianism society where all are equal. They want a neo-feudal society with themselves as the Royals and Nobles, this is why they work so hard to deify their leaders (build cults of personality) and to demonize their political enemies (the politics of personal destruction. Putin’s actions are the actions of the Czars that built the Russian Empire and the actions of Stalin when he recaptured the breakaway nations after WWII. If you want to understand what he is doing and how he is working read the history of Ivan the Terrible, Putin is following his play book, modifying it to the modern times but following his playbook, just as Obama is following Hitlers playbook.

    We who believe in freedom have a long hard fight ahead if we are to keep our nations free and Western Civ alive, I have no doubt that we will succeed in the former but the latter is in doubt. We all need to keep up the fight and not give up on any nation, we can win but we have to understand all of our enemies and their goals and resist to the best that we can. Our efforts on this blog are doing more good them most of us realize.

  22. DonL-
    I’m grateful for your help in putting this in perspective. The forest is on the map, I don’t have to scope out each tree. This article says it all for me:

    “Ukraine Is Burning? Crimea River!”

    Both you and Richard already feel your toes damp with “rivers of blood.” Then you’re drying them and looking for your shoes. Whoa!

    Give me as much practical information as you can. Civil war, ok. What’s that going to look like? Will we get uniforms or friend-foe codes? Guerrilla warfare, probably, but what about the Great Apes?

    I’m right behind you, treading on your heels because I’ll never make it without you, but I’ve got to deal with the family. The baby needs a flotation device so she won’t drown in the blood. Grandma is being difficult, refusing to leave, I’ve got to figure that out. Uncle Ted is on dialysis, oh G-d, I’m overwhelmed.

    Don’t worry, though, when the time comes I won’t be looking back.
    What’s a pillar of salt worth if she’s lost her pepper?

  23. Hello Yucki,

    Civil war?…..simply madness on an unimaginable scale.

    As far as the conflict is concerned, it has taken on a complexity never before seen in Mankind’s history.

    The battle with the Muslims is well over 1400 years old but has now, owing to some very canny people, made gains towards their goal of a global caliphate heretofore unimagined. The Grand Jihad was and is a masterful, brilliant master-plan and they and now, we, know it.

    This said, here in North America we are facing the duality of the Left which has allied itself with Islam. Combined, they are a formidable enemy.

    In Europe this conflict has been made a three front battle with the rise of National Socialism. All three want power, all three will butcher every single Jew on the planet without blinking and all three are now, in some cases making an alliance, and in all cases reaching for the controls.

    Jews had better, out of a healthy respect for live and an aversion to death…….get with the program. Yet, from the Jews all I hear are crickets. Have we not learned lessons from 1935? Have we not learned what the fetid and foul breath of monsters smells like?

    Brick by brick the ovens are being built. Can by can the Zyklon-B is being stockpiled, The showers are yawning and stretching eager to consume their next scheduled guests and the cattle trains creak and groan, restless and awaiting their second wind. Madness has come to call, and only a scant 7 decades after its last memorable visit.

    Yet, in spite of this, in spite of all of this and all we went through 70 years ago, those persons who don’t identify as Muslim, Nazi’s or Leftists, just ordinary persons of other faiths or no faith at all, when they see the storm clouds on the horizon, when they hear the creak and groan of cattle trains…..they turn up their collars and walk away……… Weimar.

    If this gets rolling, if this bursts its banks, if this slips its leash…….Yucki, even Lucifer himself will turn away in horror at the madness. And in its totality it will make Ceausescu, Pol-Pot, Stalin, Mao, Che and Hitler look like rank amateur punks.

    And what to do?……that’s the 64,000 dollar question.

    As I am writing this Putin has just moved 150,000 troops into position as a “training exercise”

    Oh well… much for doom and gloom, that’s me, ever the party-pooper, mea culpa, mea culpa……………perhaps I should just resort to making you blush and giggle.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  24. No, Don, lots of European Jewish families are making tracks. The Jewish Agency helped evacuate Jews from Brother Ishmael’s lands and it’s on high alert now. Volunteers help from the comfort of their computers nowadays. There are links here & there on Vlad that give more specific information about the who & the how many.

    It’s easier in some ways for educated young families to emigrate from western Europe than it was for those Jews who fled Ethiopia and Russia. Still, leaving Europe for Israel is much, much more painful than it might seem.

    At least this time there’s a place to go. [May He who makes peace in the heavens, may He make peace for us, and for all Israel. Amen.]

    Very few Jews need to be reminded about … uh … the unpleasantness just 70 years ago in Europe. True Christians in Europe are even more burdened than Jews, assuming personal responsibility what grandpa did in his war.

    Even amongst those lefty Jews who spew rubbish, you may find a packed suitcase under the bed and an investment portfolio dominated by precious metals. Some think they’ve assimilated sufficiently to “pass” this time around. Others might say “good luck” and wash their hands.

    You’ve missed so many wonderful threads about these matters and others I know interest you. Browse the site, why don’t you? (Teasing is legit if it brings you around more.)

  25. Eeyore, love the clip!

    And Don, Richard says we’re in for civil war here. I’m convinced we’re in for a serious dust-up at a minimum.

    They’re taking our weapons [only out of my cold, dead hands they will]. They’re infiltrating our personal cyberspace. They’ll give the franchise to illegal aliens and convicted felons. Mad-dog converts run amok.

  26. Yucki…..

    “Very few Jews need to be reminded about … uh … the unpleasantness just 70 years ago in Europe”

    Classic!….I laughed, I cried, I peed my pants.


    Excellent video…..reminiscent of one of my father’s quotations in regards to his “indebtedness”……..he said……”He who charges and runs away….lives to charge another day”….

    As for the dogs of war….simply allow for a basic list of preparatory items and wait until the shit hits the fan…..

    And as for me….the only time I want to smell the pungent tang of burning flesh is when I back into the stove in the midst of a morning after a brandy fueled night before…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  27. I wish I had been able to get in on the discussion last night.

    Yucki the civil war will include some full scale fighting like the first civil war but it will be mainly fought by small groups attacking the supporters and bases of their enemies. Read about the border war in the first Civil War, it was raid and counter raid until the main fighting started, we will see people like Quantrill and Bloody Bill Anderson (they are the most famous of the guerrilla leaders but were far from the only ones) Jim and his Kansas groups committed the same type if crimes as the southerners but his side won.

    Back to the main topic, look at the revolutions in South America during the last half of the Twentieth Century, any and all actions that happened down there will happen here, only in this case the media won’t be totally controlled by the left so the crimes of the left will be reported oncan expect all sorts of new types of weapons to be developed and used by both sides, this will probably be where the printed metal and plastic guns will become popular and common. The left will probably use terror attacks like the Boston Marathon attack and try to shift the blame to the people fighting for freedom.

    Initially the war will be determined by which side the Military including the Guard sides with, this is where the big fighting will occur, after the dust is settled on this phase the nasty war of shadows will start.

    I know this is disjointed by I am typing as I am allowing my mind free reign to stream thoughts about the war.

  28. Yucki check out the knock out champion game, polar bear hunting, in many ways this and the other massive black flash mob attacks are the opening phases of a race war that will be part of the civil war. While the blow back on this hasn’t started yet and probably won’t until the civil war starts is is part of that war. The war will in all probability turn into a religions war also as the Moslems try to take advantage of the turmoil.

  29. Yes, I see the potential in those black flash mobs. They scare me to death. A pack of little girls, 8 to 14 years old, took out a convenience store in about 10 minutes. Like a plague of locusts.

    Put that together with all those mad-dog prison converts, and that’s the war you’re describing.

    [BTW, I type very, very slowly.]

  30. There is a popular square in KCMO that is taken over on a regular bases, it is kept out of the news because this is a popular tourist spot, I am having a senior moment and can’t remember the name of the square but it is the one where the hotel had the walkway collapse.

    Yes they are scary and what is scarier is that the MSM is covering up the attack, and even more scarier is the way so many people are hiding their heads in the sand and saying that everything would be peaceful if the people who oppose turning the US into a dictatorship would just shut up and go away. Let Obama become a dictator but they are too busy to listen to both sides so the opposing side needs to shut up.

  31. He’s met more than his match with Putin. That could put enough doubt into the real multinational players – central banks, corporate global, powers behind the powers – that he’s become slightly less grand than his handlers expected.

    But if he’s actually sabotaging America’s interests, facilitating Putin as a sideline in his drive to destroy this country, it won’t really matter if Czar Vlad is the SuperPower. That will make it Czar Vlad vs the Umma.


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