News links for Feb. 21 2014 – 1

1. Teenage girl victim of grooming gang ‘raped by 30 men in just six hours including father and schoolboy son’

A teenage girl was groomed and raped by up to 30 Asian men – including a father and his schoolboy son – during an horrific sex attack lasting six hours, an inquiry heard.

Campaigner Shaista Gohir MBE detailed abuse of the young vulnerable Asian girl in a shocking report highlighting how rife grooming was within ethnic communities.

2. A huge car bomb has blown a hole in the wall of Somalia’s presidential palace, followed by a fierce gun battle inside

3. Trifkovic on the situation in Ukraine

(I have avoided posting on this issue because I know nothing about it and it appears to be one of the very rare conflicts that does not involve Islam as a prime mover. However I do like the person being interviewed and trust his take on most things)

4. Steyn has decided that attack is the best form of defence and has decided to countersue Michael Mann for $10 million

(May he be awarded every cent. And I would wager he would do extremely kind things with his winnings if he does.)

5. Chemists call for boycott over all-male speaker line up

(I think everyone should boycott this event because there is not one dolphin anywhere on the panel or board of advisors. As long as we are ignoring merit in favor of identity politics, we should include our aquatic-mamalian friends as well)

6. On Feb. 19 the Guardian published this: Lee Rigby trial: police interview with Michael Adebolajo released

(…And desperately tried to ventriloquize the killer to undermine his own stated beliefs and motives as is the current Marxist directive on Earth today. Watch the video first and decide for yourselves.)

Thank you Gaia, Wrath of Khan, ML, Fjordman and others. Much more to come. So little time, so much Islamic and leftist atrocity

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  1. Vlad

    I know that you don’t usually post stuff other than on Islam, but this is about Ukraine and an EU Mep, it is revealing indeed. Disturbing too since it gives an insight, worrying as there those in Europe who try to stop the zombie left into oblivion. Already in France,Catholics are regarded as fair game for the state, who have allowed rent a mobs to shut up right / conservative forums. What’s the trend ..

  2. 1. That article, if you read it carefully and think about it is more about the ethno political positioning of the of the British labor party.

    They have to find some way to start being percieved as against grooming gangs. Instead of supporting them – which is what they have been doing – by positioning themselves against those who have demonstrated against the police inaction on the issue – by labling them intolerant so they could comparatively position themselves as tolerant.

    They have to finally position themselves as against rape gangs without being hypocrites and still be able to smear non labor people against the rape gangs as being fundamentally “intollerant”. So the nature of the rape gangs themselves has to change.

    We have always been at war with Oceania.

    It’s stressing that it’s “asian” men and “asian” girls. And trying to make it seem like it’s not cross cultural aggression by putting them together in the same “ethnicity” – and ignore the differences of culture, religion and background. The men who do it see themselves as fundamentally different from the victims – doesn’t matter if they have slightly more similar genes than average. They are still brought up to think of anyone not of their identity as subhuman.

    For the Cultural Marxist, Crime isn’t crime if it’s done by the right identity against the wrong identity. So to make the crime a crime, they have to change who is commiting the crime and change who is the victim.

    The horror of the crime itself is irrelevant to the Cultural Marxist – merely something to use iterchangably as a weapon against others or as a cloak for oneself.

    We have always been at war with oceania.

  3. Lena N, Please feel free to post anything you want on the Ukraine if you have looked into it and feel its a decent representation of the facts on the ground. I simply cannot take the time to understand this conflict. At some point one has to choose ones battles. I did post the Trifkovik (sp) interview as he is normally very good on fields with which I am somewhat familiar.

    Do you know if the video in the link you gave is good? Is it worth translating?

  4. I’m looking into it since it will have repercussions on those trying to readdress left wing / EU folly policies. It is starting to make sense, particularly in france, why there is so much demonization of protests movements. The connection with the neo nazis was made in article in GoV a while when this all kicked off, first round.

    On another tangent
    About Lebanon, Christians and Palestinians, terrorism and the sections on the Palestinians in the ” camps” speak for itself. Contrast this with let’s say Gaza or the West Bank. Deja vu, except this is Arab on Arab.

  5. With regards to the video, the relevant and eye opening part is said from 15:25 to just about 16:00. The video was posted on the 12th and the interview made on the 7th of February. 2 weeks hey, how did he know????!!!!!!!

  6. Yes, Truthi, they’re both fun.

    Wild-eyed Minnesotan backwoods cretin meets global warming. The second had me lol: when the song-&-dance tree hears, “You should’ve chopped more trees, instead of hugging them.”

    Hope it brightens Steyn’s day.

  7. ‘I’ll be fighting Jews and Russians till I die’: Ukrainian right-wing militants aiming for power

    Its a strange world when the US, GB and EU are supporting al Qaeda “freedom” fighters in Syria, as well as Jew hating Ukrainian “freedom” fighters.

    This would not make sense at all, and one would be right in assuming that our political leaders are idiots, or insane.

    However Western long term strategic planning is not done by politicians but by strategic planners, who think long term. They advise, and politicians follow suit. That is how it should be.

    Western policy since 9/11 and the fall of the USSR, is geared not to take democracy to the ME or any such Polyanna wishful thinking, but to form a completely new security structure around the world.

    The Muslim ME to be destabilized and reduced to chaos ( Egypt and Syria have cottoned on to this policy, and are not playing). Ditto in Africa.

    Russia to be encircled along its Western and southern borders, as close to the Russian border as possible.

    Containment of China.

    In all this, suffering Christians in the Muslim world are collateral damage, to be brushed under the carpet.

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