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7 Replies to “The role of islam in the German government.”

  1. Record number of foreign criminals cannot be deported (telegraph, Feb 15, 2014)
    “A record number of foreign criminals won appeals against deportation on human rights grounds last year in a major blow to the Government’s tough stance on immigration, The Telegraph can disclose. Home Office data, disclosed for the first time, shows that 602 appeals were allowed by the immigration courts in 2012-13. They included 324 criminals who won the right to stay in Britain under the controversial “right to private and family life” set out in Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Article 8 was the focus of a vote in the House of Commons last month that undermined the authority of David Cameron. Dozens of Conservative backbenchers supported an amendment, tabled by Dominic Raab, to the Immigration Bill that would have stripped the judges of their discretion to allow appeals on Article 8 grounds….”

  2. Infiltration will be the ruination of the nation. The followers of the teachings of the prophet are working their way into government offices in the West, accompanied by and explosive birthrate. What may I ask will happen when the reach the ‘tipping point’ in elected offices and population which is about 35%?

  3. – Frank

    The day a country reaches 35% Muslim is the day the civil war begins. And Frank, have you ever wondered why there just happens to be such a high Muslim population in the city of Ottawa, Canada’s capitol and seat of government and home to a zillion civil servant jobs? How will you ever testify against a Muslim when everyone working in the witness protection office is either a Mohammed or an Aisha? How will they ever catch suicide bombers when everyone at CSEC believes that there is no God but Allah and that Mohammed is his prophet?

  4. Dead-serious, rag-head chick signs off, saying: “… what Islamic values and beliefs could do to this end.”

    Well, they could bring a great nation to its hands and knees, waggling its arse in fealty to the biggest cosmic prankster of all time.

  5. Chris

    Muslims build their communities (fortified areas around a mosque), at strategic and pivotal areas of the Infidel.

    1. Airports

    2. Capitols – London, Paris etc

    3. Near and around cathedrals in the West, or around sacred temples in India.

    The plan does not have to be on paper, as each and every Muslim knows what he/she has to do.

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