News links for Feb. 16 2014 – 3

1. PA and Hamas ring alarm bells over Israeli plans to ‘impose sovereignty’ on Temple Mount

(While at one level it is annoying that what takes place in an area smaller than an average city block may determine the nature of the next major war, if the question is what is right and what is wrong, then the answer is very easy. The Islamic rules that no other prayers or utterances may be allowed in the temple mount is anathema. Under Jewish rule, there is freedom for all. Like most freedoms, this will have to be fought for)

2. Large increase in Arab Christians joining and supporting the IDF.

(This is a heart warming story)

3. Ministry: Jihadists kill 4 in Tunisia

4. Morsi faces fresh trial in Egypt on spying charges

 Morsi and 35 others, including former aides and members of his Muslim Brotherhood organization, are accused of spying and working with international groups, including the Palestinian Hamas movement, to carry out terror attacks in Egypt.

The defendants could face the death penalty if found guilty during the trial, which opened on Sunday.


Thanks Golem Bar, Fjordman, Wrath of Khan and many others.

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  1. “….While at one level it is annoying that what takes place in an area smaller than an average city block may determine the nature of the next major war…

    It’s actually frightening when you think that the Obama administration who is ruled by the nasties and Hilary Clinton who sleeps with them, have the means to tilt the power….

  2. 1/
    If the UN and other busybodies in the international community kept their noses out, and if Israel grew some balls, they could kick all the Muzz off the Temple Mount and the Jews could start praying there again.
    It really annoys me when people say that Jews run the World when they can’t even run their own country without interference from the rest of the World. The Muzz have no right to the Temple Mount – period!
    The Dome of the Rock should be demolished. I realise that might trigger off World War 3, but in a sane world the Palestinians should have no rights at all in Israel and they should all be expelled.

  3. @ softly bob: The UN has long since transmuted from “busybody” to deadly islamist, jew & Israel-hating militant as to the testicular fortitude of Israel – have a look at their enemies within (there is a very quotable saying somewhere, can’t find it atm) ….why do they allow any kind of vermin into their Knesset (neither a rhetorical nor a provocatively meant question)

    and then: I fully agree with the rest of your post plus everything yucki said.

  4. @yucki – nuke Iran and Medina but don’t nuke Mecca because the Muzz will just pray towards an irradiated kaaba.
    Instead invade Mecca, seize the kaaba and remove the black stone of Allah (all war is televised these days, so the Muslim world will see this live).
    Take the black stone which is already in pieces anyway, carve some of it up (maybe sculpture some little models out of it such as pigs or crucifixes) and separate the pieces. Put some pieces on one plane and fly off in a certain direction. Put the other pieces on two more planes and fly both off in different directions. Tell the Muzz that Allah’s pieces are now scattered all over the Globe, so they won’t know which direction to face when praying, plus it is an offence for a Muslim to pray with his arse pointing towards the black stone.
    The entire Muzz world will see their god destroyed before their very eyes.
    Finish off by destroying the kaaba and building a synagogue on the very spot where it once stood. Plant an Israeli flag on top. Hand Mecca over to Israeli rule.
    Islam will be effectively finished as a religion.

  5. #1
    Wouldn’t it be nice if the mainstream media would cut short some vital story about a dog getting it’s head stuck in a bleach bottle, and actually take five minutes to point out that Islam and Jerusalem have nothing whatsoever to do with each other? Ironically, if you look in the Quran for the word Jerusalem, it is mentioned as the God-given home of the Jews – but that’s another story.

    Jerusalem has nothing to do with the actual story of Islam, which takes place in-and-around the Mecca/Medina area of Arabia, not “Palestine”. “Journalists” have to start learning to question some of the information that well-known liars give to them.

    And yes, Jerusalem was the original Muslim-prayer-direction until Mohammed grew to hate the Jews, after which he told the Muslims to pray in the direction of Mecca. Not once have I heard the mainstream media mention this little fact. What a bunch of evil liars. I would love to see a great many “journalists” put behind bars for crimes against humanity. Seriously!

  6. None of your suggestions is going to happen without billions of people dying. However I woilf send the blavk stone on a one way ticket to the outer reaches of the universe.Back to whence it came?

  7. The word Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Koran. You meant Land of Israel which this unholy books affirms belongs to the Jews.

  8. Softly,
    I love the idea of little piggies carved out of that. And chopping it up so Muslims can’t figure where to hoist arse first. 5 prayers/day one in each direction??

    But that thing has bad mojo. Rabbi’s don’t do fatwa, so it can never be made kosher. They’d argue over what to do with it for 1000yrs., minimum. Talk about democracy, sometimes there’s too much of a good thing.

    Maybe it could go to India. Islam owes all the religions there. Big time. And they’re really open-minded about idols. They’d carve elephants with 8 trunks, huge penises with wings, etc.

    Probably be easier to kill billions of people than to shoot it “to the outer reaches.” But maybe all the unemployed nuclear physicists could work it out.

  9. Rita: “Israel – have a look at their enemies within ….why do they allow any kind of vermin into their Knesset…”
    Any kind & every kind. And the verminous 5th column has an equal vote. Their newspapers are a good argument against freedom of the press.

    That’s why Israel can’t be left to dispose of that hideous black idol. They’d talk it to death!

    Look, when Moses was up there transcribing the 10 Commandments, the people started arguing, confusing themselves with the stupidities. What do they come up with? Holy cow!!

    [Which, by the way, was adorable. Tutankhamun must have had the prototype.]

  10. IDF training has many similarities with Marines’ bootcamp. Gotta be tough, gotta hang together. You bond, it takes. Forever.

    Druze are top-notch soldiers, top-notch Israelis. When the Druze got your back, you’re covered. They train and fight as a unit, but they’ll climb all over anybody anywhere to protect their fellow Israelis.

    This is how they finish their 63-K March [Fondly called “63-killed Death March. If you don’t have a sense of humor, you don’t get it there.]

  11. #1 It is looking like this will be a long hot summer all over the world.

    #2 Good they need all the help they can get.

    Rita you have that right, and you have to add the fact that both hate the west to the mix.(Obama and Hillary)

    Yucki add a few more capitals to your list of targets.

    yucki the druze sense of humor sounds like the humor of any soldier.

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