News links for Feb 14 2014 – 2

1. PJ Media on mosques in your town and Gavin Boby

What Boby is attempting to accomplish — to educate and empower beleaguered residents of generally poorer working districts to maintain the preferred character of their neighborhoods — is both legal and ethical, as well as humane and empathetic. There is nothing “racist” or “bigoted” or “fascist” about his endeavors — epithets that dubious Islamic organizations, clueless do-gooders and liberal charlatans readily lob in his direction.

2. Converts to Islam jailed for terrorising streets as ‘Muslim Patrol’ are banned from promoting Sharia law for FIVE YEARS

Three religious vigilantes who terrorised innocent members of the public as the self-styled ‘Muslim Patrol’ have been banned from promoting Sharia Law in Britain.

Jordan Horner, 20, Royal Barnes, 23, and Ricardo MacFarlane, 26, were jailed for a total of two years and ten months for touring East London harassing people they deemed to be ‘non-believers’.

3. Iran warns ready for ‘decisive’ battle with US, Israel

(The language of this article as quoted from Iranian sources, very much strike me as a pre-false-flag position)

4. French authorities arrested an Egyptian national on suspicion of carrying explosives on board a Paris-Venice train but said tests Thursday showed the bottle actually contained a date rape drug.

(Oh! That’s OK! It was just a massive amount of a drug used to knock out women so they can be raped. Nothing to see here)

5. SYRIA – Yadodeh mosque – Feb 14 2014

Car bomb outside mosque in Syria kills dozens

BEIRUT (AP) — A car bomb blew up outside a mosque in a rebel-held village in southern Syria as worshippers were leaving after Friday prayers, killing dozens of people and filling clinics and hospitals with the wounded, anti-government activists said.

The explosion in Yadouda charred vehicles parked nearby and damaged the mosque, which has a white dome, according to video images posted by activists who are fighting to oust President Bashar Assad.

(More videos in comments)

6. Texas teen facing up to 8 years in prison for Facebook comment 
Thank you GoV, M, EDL Buck, UK Pete, ML, Dan F, LenaN and all.

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  1. Tunisia police steps up checks for veiled terror suspects

    Tunisian authorities said Friday they will tighten checks on people wearing the Muslim full-face veil, as part of efforts to combat Islamist violence, claiming the cover was being used by fugitives.

    “The interior ministry announces that it will strengthen checks on everyone wearing the niqab,” or the veil, the ministry said on its official Facebook page.

    “The measure is being taken because of the threat the country faces and because of terrorist suspects using the niqab .. to disguise themselves and escape justice,” it added.

    The ministry called on Tunisians to be “understanding” and help the security forces in their work.

    Women were banned from wearing the full-face veil under the regime of ex-president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

    But the practice has become increasingly common since the 2011 revolution that toppled him, sparking a heated debate in Tunisia between Islamists and secularists.

    Universities in particular, some of which does not allow the niqab to be worn in class, have witnessed violent confrontations between the rival factions.

    Tunisia has been rocked by sporadic violence linked to militant Islamists suppressed under the former dictator, who are blamed for the separate assassinations last year of two secular politicians.

    Their deaths plunged the country into a crisis from which it is only starting to emerge, with the resignation last month of the Islamist-led government and the adoption of a consensus constitution.

  2. Gunmen launch deadly attack on Yemeni prison (BBC, Feb 14, 2014)
    “Gunmen have carried out a deadly attack on the main prison in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa. Seven policemen and three militants were killed in the fighting, the state news agency reported. It said a number of inmates had managed to escape. No group has said it carried out Thursday’s attack, but Yemen is in the midst of an insurgency led by al-Qaeda-affiliated militants. The Yemeni branch of al-Qaeda is one of the most active globally. Witnesses reported loud explosions near the site of the prison, and the militants are believed to have used a car bomb during the attack…”


    I think that describes accurately his feeling of what “I’m fucked in the head” means. It paints a vivid picture of what he felt must be in the head of such a person to do that in destroying everything in sight. It is a simile, of a person on the edge of reason . A topical reference. A sign of high intelligence, to look from the outside in at total chaos and it’s absurdity in utterance in front of a computer game; yet the very people the State wants to destroy. |Because they have imagination. See, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot for their methods in doing eradicating citizens. They are real and serious in their intent. Just as Islam is, just as the sexually perverted communities are in destroying the family. To create a new animal-drugged human species Those playing the computer game who got offended on behalf of those dead school children… the Stockholm Effect. They turned their government that allowed the school to ban law abiding citizens to carry guns, into the heroes. A gun-less zone in a gun carrying country. A perfect set-up. Now they want no guns.

    If he had said to seven year olds: “now today, I’m going to teach you about rimming between five loving homosexual men,” in a school, I would know he was brain-dead; or “Allah must be prayed to, facing the sandpit called Mecca,” to know likewise; and arrested them on the spot for child abuse.

    But a joke of a teenager that expressed his utter disgust at losing it? You’re offended because someone was so erudite at expressing his feeling so vulgarly? What race of unmanity were listening in? This was funnee, and I’d laugh at his total anguish. And maybe retort in kind, “and you’ll be turned into dogfood and become scoop-poop in Hell!” (Laughter heard from coolsquid4831) Gawd bless ’em. But God doesn’t. The State is God. We have Communism and every evil Preferential Identity they can muster to set upon us.

    An innocent 18 year old, at the hands of The System. Every mediocre employee along that path of ‘justice’, replacing all the good ones frustrated and diversified, having resigned to maintain their integrity from mind-manipulation in Government Agencies. The Common Purpose method of breaking down the organisation from the top-down, resulting in bad religion and bad governance. They know each other, and their weak-character people they put in place. Prepared, they await the war to end all wars. And watch that country fall like a pack of cards.

  4. A Valentine’s Day collection follows… (Props to Spencer and Ibrahim.)

    Valentine’s Day Comes Under Attack In Uzbekistan (RFERL, Feb 13, 2014)
    “Valentine’s Day is under attack in Uzbekistan. Several universities have asked students to sign contracts affirming they will not celebrate the holiday on February 14. Islamic clerics in Tashkent told RFE/RL that sermons against Valentine’s Day will be included in Friday Prayers. Officials say Valentine’s Day contradicts the national traditions and mentality of the Uzbek people, as well as the religion of Islam…”

  5. Muslim organizations warn of ‘dark world’ of Valentine’s Day (thejakartapost, Feb 13, 2014)
    “There is not much love for Valentine’s Day this year as the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in Dumai, Riau, and the Education, Youth and Sport Agency in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara, have warned against celebrating the day of affection. “An MUI judgment states that celebrating Valentine’s Day is against Islam,” head of the Dumai MUI Lukman Syarif told to Antara on Thursday. According to an MUI judgment released in 2011, Valentine’s Day is suspected to imbue the youth with the dark world, wild festivities and lust driven celebrations. The organization’s biggest concern is that Feb. 14 brings with it careless drinking, free sex and drug usage, which violate Islamic norms and rules. Meanwhile, the Mataram Education, Youth and Sport Agency released an appeal prohibiting students from any sort of Valentine’s Day celebrations in school.
    “We issued schools with a restraining order approaching this year’s Valentine’s Day,” head of Mataram Education, Youth and Sport Agency H Ruslan Effendy, said on Sunday. Ruslan explained that the ban aimed to ensure students in Mataram city did not lose touch of their Indonesian traditions and culture and that activities complied with Mataram’s vision: “Thrive forward, be religious and cultural” In related news, dozens of Muslim activists from Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI), Kediri, East Java, protested against Valentine’s Day on Sunday…”

  6. 2/ Eeyore,
    Perhaps Jordan Horner, aka ‘IED-on-the-Hoof’, belongs in Choudary’s file.
    {Unless Choudary no longer breathes????}

    The Syrian prison was bombed by another mad-dog convert alumnus of Al-Muhajiroun, co-founded by Bakri and Choudary. The latter is quoted in linked articles for both the Pop-Tard and this weaponized beard.

    Maybe the file can be called “Choudary & Pups”.

  7. Valentine’s Day is ‘immoral,’ says Saudi cleric (alarabiya, Feb 14, 2014)
    “Are you defying your faith by celebrating Valentines’ Day? According to controversial Saudi cleric Sheikh Mohammad al-Arifi, embracing the romantic occasion makes Muslims “resemble those who are immoral.” The cleric, who last year called on Muslim youth to join the jihad (holy war) in Syria, while spending his holidays in European countries, added that “TV channels and other media outlets shouldn’t be promoting Valentine’s Day in any way,” Arifi wrote on his Twitter account on Wednesday …. Internet search giant Google, which displayed a pumping heart for international viewers for its “Google doodle,” kept its Saudi-based homepage without any decoration, signaling the kingdom’s desire to shun the occasion … “The Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice [religious police] wages a fierce war against all that is red in the color of Valentine’s Day: red. Red flowers, red shirt, red hat, even red cars,” an article published in London-based al-Arab newspaper Friday said. The newspaper continued: “despite all of that, Valentine’s Day didn’t die in Saudi Arabia, and will stay unscathed despite the war against it.” However, clerics denouncing Valentine’s Day have their support base…”

  8. Big No to Valentine’s Day in Kashmir (onislam, Feb 14, 2014)
    “Terming the celebrations of valentine day as a part of western culture, young boys and girls in Indian administered Kashmir say that the move is not only antisocial but anti-Islamic also, though a separatist organization Dukthran-e-Milat (Daughters of Kashmir) has banned the valentine day celebrations in the valley since long. “Valentine day for Kashmiri Muslims means yet another attack on the already hit social life which has suffered a lot during the last twenty four years of conflict and this is completely anti-Islamic so we must avoid such moves which are western in nature” Mohd Abass Bhat told, adding there is no place for such type of the events in Kashmiri culture. He said, Kashmir is home of Sufis and saints who have protected the culture and have imparted education which speaks volumes of cultural ethos, so adopting western culture will harm the society which otherwise has already eroded from the basic guidelines of a Muslim society…”

  9. Valentine’s Day ‘a threat to Muslim values’ (al-jazeera, Feb 14, 2014)
    “Malaysian authorities have said Valentine’s Day is a threat to Muslim values in their annual swipe at the February 14 occasion, which was marked with a mass wedding involving 138 couples. In its official Friday sermon text distributed to mosques in the Muslim-majority country, the Malaysian Islamic Development Department blamed Valentine’s Day for everything from alcoholism to abortion. “Social ceremonies such as this are a stepping-stone towards greater social ills such as fraud, mental disorder caused by alcohol, abortion and baby-dumping, and other negative ills that can invite disaster and moral decay among youths,” it said. Known by its Malay-language acronym JAKIM, the department is an official watchdog of Muslim values. It regularly denounces Valentine’s Day as encouraging vice and promiscuity…”

  10. BULGARIA – Bulgarian police detain 120 after mosque attack

    SOFIA (Reuters) – Bulgarian police detained more than 120 people on Friday after hundreds of nationalists and soccer fans attacked a mosque in the country’s second city Plovdiv, smashing its windows with stones.

    Over 2,000 people had gathered outside a Plovdiv court as it heard an appeal case dealing with the return of an ancient mosque in the central city of Karlovo, taken over by the state more than 100 years ago, to Bulgaria’s Chief Mufti, the Muslim religious authority.

    The rally then marched through the city and some protesters, chanting racist slogans, approached a Plovdiv mosque cordoned off by police, police said in a statement.

    “Firecrackers, torches and stones were thrown at the mosque. One policeman was injured. Some 120 people were detained,” it said.

    Sofia prosecutors said they had charged eight people with hooliganism, crimes against religion and xenophobia.

    TV footage of national BNT television showed several protesters who appeared to have suffered head injuries in clashes with police.

    The Chief Mufti condemned the attack on the mosque and said the attempt to pressure the court put democracy at risk in the European Union country.

    Muslims make up about 13 percent of Bulgaria’s 7.3 million people.

    The Chief Mufti has launched some 26 court cases to try to restore Muslim ownership of 29 mosques and other property across the Balkan state, prompting some public opposition in the predominantly Orthodox Christian population.

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