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1. I would guess the payload of this device would be in the area of 25 lbs.

2. More bloodshed in Nigeria: ‘I do not know what to call those barbarians’

Jos, Nigeria (CNN) — In yet another gruesome attack in Nigeria, suspected Boko Haram militants torched houses in a Nigerian village and killed at least 23 people, a local governor said Wednesday.

Gov. Kashim Shettima, the leader of Nigeria’s Borno state, told reporters that he personally saw more than 23 bodies buried in the village of Konduga after an attack Tuesday night.

3. British jihadist who died driving truck full of explosives into Syrian prison is revealed to be former driver for hate cleric Omar Bakri as footage of his suicide assault emerges

The British father-of-three who blew himself up at a Syrian jail drove hate preacher Omar Bakri to his local mosque in Sussex twice a week, it has been revealed.

Bakri – a co-founder of the Al-Muhajiroun hate group who was banned from Britain in 2005 – said 41-year-old Abdul Waheed Majeed was a ‘very dear brother’.

4. Dutch counter terrorism body warns fledgling Islamic radio station 

The Dutch counter terrorism organisation NCTV is trying to have a fledgling Dutch Islamic radio station closed down for transmitting ‘jihadist ideas’.

Internet based Radio Ghurabaa has been broadcasting Dutch and English language sermons for just three weeks but the NCTV fears it could lead Dutch youngsters to travel to Syria and take part in a ‘holy war’.

(Does the CBC have branches in the Netherlands?)

5. Solidarity campaign launched for woman who received death threats for opening wine bar

A Facebook campaign has been set up in support of a woman who was inundated with hate mail and death threats from her own community for opening a wine bar.

6. Ottawa Canada: Ottawa Police renew appeal for tips in unsolved sex assaults

Still no arrests in the case of a serial sexual offender who police say is responsible for at least three sexual assaults over a 17 month period.

Police are now renewing a plea for the public’s help in the case.

Last month police said the man, who is described as being of Middle Eastern descent, with a slim to medium build, and a prominent nose, may be linked to an additional seven unsolved sexual assault cases.

Thank you UK Pete, Fjordman and all who sent in material. Also, the thread that has garnered over 100 comments now is still active although it is slowing down. This comment thread is a truly excellent education in Islamic tactics and rhetorical devices when faced with polite and accurate historical information and Islamic scripture. If you have the time, have a look. There are three pages with links to newer pages of comments at the bottom.

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  1. #1. I fully expect muslim terrorists to use these small drones to deliver bombs at some point in Europe. You watch. Launch it from a nearby building, into a crowd, cameras on board, allahu ackbar. Done.

  2. Russia, Egypt nearing $3bn arms deal

    Russia and Egypt are nearing a $3-billion arms purchase agreement that will be financed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, a Moscow newspaper reported on Friday.

    The two sides have already either “initialled or signed” contracts for Egypt’s purchase of Mig-29 fighters, air and coastal defence systems, Mi-35 attack helicopters and smaller arms, the Vedomosti daily quoted two Russian government sources as saying.

    The report came out one day after talks in Moscow between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the North African country’s likely new head of state.

    Cairo has turned to Moscow, which was its main arms supplier in the 1960s and early 1970s, after Washington cut back part of its assistance to its regional ally over a crackdwon by interim authorities on supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi.,-Egypt-nearing-bn-arms-deal-Report.aspx

  3. PAKISTAN – Even 8-month-old girl not spared

    LAHORE – Doctors at the Children’s Hospital in Lahore are struggling hard to save the life of an eight-month-old baby girl who was raped by an 18-year-old youth in the Nankana Sahib district of the Punjab, on Thursday.

    According to doctors, who also performed a surgery on the poor soul, the infant’s condition is too critical and grim to be explained.

    The resident of Jhugian Garnalian was yet to gain consciousness and she was battling for life in the ICU?till late Thursday night. “A special medical board will explain her condition to hospital MD on Friday (today),” an official said. But chances of her survival were slim, hospital sources said.
    Police sources said the girl was sleeping when merciless youth, Hashim, forced his entry into her cottage. He fled the spot leaving the infant in a pool of blood. The poor parents were at work in the nearby fields when the brute assaulted the child.
    First, the girl was rushed to a nearby clinic where the doctors advised the parents to rush her to the Lahore Children’s Hospital. The gruesome incident took place in limits of Sadar Shah Kot Police.
    “We have arrested the rapist after registering a criminal case against him on the complaint of victim’s father,” Nankana Sahib DPO?Abdul Ghaffar Qaisrani told The Nation by phone.
    However, police sources said the local police are handling this criminal case, worst of its kind, in their typical manner and giving protocol to the resourceful accused in the lock-up. An investigator said the youth has confessed to the crime.

    The poor family has appealed to Punjab CM to ensuring exemplary punishment to the rapist.

  4. IPT Video Report: NYC Pro-Morsi Rally Blasts Saudis as “Dirtier Than Jews”

    Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights (EADHR) has organized rallies throughout the country since last summer, demanding Muslim Brotherhood politician Mohamed Morsi be reinstated as Egypt’s president. Those rallies normally showed a degree of discipline, with chants calling for democracy and expressing love of Morsi himself, with the Muslim Brotherhood going unmentioned.

    A Feb. 8 rally outside the Saudi Arabian consulate in New York City didn’t focus on the Islamist group, either. But chants and speeches in Arabic blamed the Saudis for Egypt’s political situation, with some calling on God to destroy the Saudi regime, and allegations they are trying to “sell Egypt to the Jews.”

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