Unesco stops unauthorised reconstruction of Bamiyan Buddhas

If anyone has any lingering doubts about the UN being in the pocket of the OIC and Islamic concerns, this article should put them to rest.

From The Art Newspaper.com

                 Organisation says actions of German archaeologists who have partially rebuilt one of the statues “border on the criminal”

By Alessandro Martini and Ermanno Rivetti. News, Issue 254, February 2014
Published online: 06 February 2014

German archaeologists have rebuilt the lower appendages of the smaller statue

The international community has reacted furiously to news that a German-led team of archaeologists has been reconstructing the feet and legs of the smaller of the two Bamiyan Buddhas, the monumental Afghan sculptures blown up by the Taliban in 2001. News of this reconstruction, which has taken place without Unesco’s knowledge or permission, was revealed during the 12th meeting of Unesco’s Bamiyan working group, in Orvieto, Italy, in December.

A team of archaeologists from the German branch of Icomos (the International Council on Monuments and Sites), led by Michael Petzet, who himself served as the head of Icomos from 1999 to 2008, spent most of last year rebuilding the smaller Buddha’s lower appendages with iron rods, reinforced concrete and bricks, an operation that Francesco Bandarin, Unesco’s assistant director-general for culture, describes as “wrong on every level”. He says: “Unesco has nothing to do with this project. It was undertaken without the consent of the Afghan government and has now been stopped.”

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I can’t imagine a more persuasive news item than this. That UNESCO believes that the Taliban ‘right’ to destroy ancient massive public world statues only because they represent an organizing principle and spiritual system other than Islam actually trumps people who wish to try and reconstruct these ancient and priceless artifacts at no public expense.

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9 Replies to “Unesco stops unauthorised reconstruction of Bamiyan Buddhas”

  1. Craven comments, sick-making. An Israeli speaks up:

    I find the idea of the cultural centre and the museum no less appropriate than the reconstruction. “Rebuilding them could also cause offence to the country’s Muslims, because Islam forbids religious images” – how hypocritical! Let us accept the fact that the sculptures were destroyed by fanatics and leave this site as it is. I wonder how many tourists will visit the place like Bamian in order to see the empty niches and to contemplate. [Alexander Shechtman, Jerusalem]

  2. Organisation says actions of German archaeologists who have partially rebuilt one of the statues “border on the criminal”

    border on the criminal = NOT ILLEGAL.

    Therefore the people who stopped them know they don’t have the legal right to stop them.

    “The international community has reacted furiously to…” Bullshit. Who would dare?

    And what gives UNESCO the right?

    And “without the consent of the Afghan government”??? BULL!!! How the hell did Michael Petzet and the Icomos team of german archiologists get into and allowed to remain in Afganistan?

  3. Ooh now this really grinds my gears. From a comment under the article:

    “”ICOMOS Germany wishes to emphasise that the measures carried out in safeguarding and stabilising the fragments of the Eastern Buddha niche have been done in agreement with the Afghan authorities and representatives of UNESCO.”

    UNESCO knew exactly what they were doing and signed off on it as did the Afgan government.

  4. There is no point in restoring the Bamiyan Buddhas, as all it would do is to provide Muslims the opportunity and target to destroy them again.

    We have to wait till Islam itself is de-constructed. Till then be patient. Islam is doing a wonderful job destroying itself.

  5. I had a bitter argument with an American convert to Islam when the Taliban destroyed the Buddhas. It was fitting, and moral, that the statues be destroyed, he argued, because the West, which bore sole responsibility for the destitution of Afghanistan, only really cared about these old stones. Meantime Muslim children starved. Of course, as the article says, the Buddhas were actually providing a livelihood for destitute Muslims who never made anything of interest themselves.

    ‘“the void is the true sculpture” and … the Buddhas would be best remembered through their absence’. What crap.

  6. IMHO the UN is a total waste, most countries fail to pay their dues, and it has become nothing more than a propaganda pulpit for despots, dictators, and dirtbags.

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