New Blasphemy laws for the UK?

Yesterday on Feb. 9 2014, BBC1 aired the program, The Big Questions with its usual three segments. The first segment was a scathing unequivocal condemnation of the Catholic Church due to some well publicized pedophelia cases. According to the segment it was the only aspect of the Catholic church that exists at all. It was in fact, a slaughter of sorts. The one or two Catholics in the audience showed great grace and dignity in the face of it.

The second segment was on hunting in Africa and the one person they got to defend it of course represented everything a good Marxist is trained to loath and many cries of “rich American” could be heard.

The third segment was a little different. The question was, are some things too sacred for comedy? This time it was handled much more carefully.

In my opinion, this was part of the process of anesthetizing the British public to new blasphemy laws for Islam that are most likely going to be implemented. If I were to bet, I would say before 2020. Perhaps it shall be called the year of great irony where 2020 will come to mean the year you may no longer look instead of having perfect vision.

I put that segment below with 1 comment of my own at the start and at the end.

Lest we forget…

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3 Replies to “New Blasphemy laws for the UK?”

  1. I thought the video was heartening. Almost all of the speakers were on the opposite side of the muslim apparachik and the audience responded to them far more than to her.

    The one comment that did gall me was when the guy commented that saying “you wouldn’t say that about the koran” really meant they want you to be just as afraid of confronting their belief system. That’s not true. It is said to point out that people who mock christianity are only pretending to be iconoclastic and rebellious because it’s socially acceptable. And if they really have the guts they are pretending to they would say what they think about the beliefs and activities inspired by Islam.

    The sikh was not even needed. Who bothers to mock sikh beliefs?

  2. Notice the pseudo-naughty, crafty Tard signaling to his fellows with Scarf-of-Terrorist? I wanted to stuff it down his throat and watch him choke on it. Better than listening to an insinuating snake hiss and call that “humor”.

    The last speaker said all that need be said: Nobody has a right not to be offended.

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