News links for Jan 31 2014 – 4

1. Here is a good video of the March in Paris made controversial by misleading reportage.

This was a rather haphazard march of mostly like minded people who ranged from the mildly conservative (some abortion controls desired) to the classically liberal/pro-secular. Yes, some ‘Nazi’s’ and French muslim ‘comedian’ fans attached themselves to the march to try and hijack it but that was no excuse for Israel National News to post this picture which was actually from Russia in 2013. How very disappointing.

2. Meanwhile in Ontario, calling for Jews to be shot is now legal.

3. Top Islamic Leader Calls on U.S. to Wage ‘Jihad for Allah’

In the recorded speech, Qaradawi—one of the most influential Islamic clerics in the world, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, author of over 100 books on Muslim doctrine, and head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars—sarcastically thanks the U.S. for supporting the “freedom fighters” in Syria, adding that “Allah willing, your [U.S.] aid will increase.”

Then, while working himself up because the U.S is only providing weapons to the jihadis in Syria, as opposed to directly intervening, Qaradawi declares in frustration: “We want America to take a manly stand—a stand for Allah!

4. Several rumors have been circulated about the women who was killed when her islamic head garment got caught in an escalator yesterday, claiming she wasn’t wearing a hijab.

Several pictures of her have been published since with more information.

5. Dershowitz, legal experts say vindictive D’Souza indictment came from higher up (This is concerning)

6. French admiral: Libyan insecurity needs attention

Admiral Edouard Guillaud suggested that a lack of firm central authority in Tripoli has fostered lawlessness in the southern area and France doesn’t want it to become “the new center of gravity of terrorism.”

7. Public outrage over Al Amanah College Islamic school expansion at Liverpool

Congested... The ilegal bus bay at the Al Amanah College Liverpool.

Congested… The illegal bus bay at the Al Amanah College Liverpool. Source: News Limited

  • Residents to report school to ICAC
  • Complaints about unauthorised building works
  • Illegal works include toilets and sports areas
  • Traffic noise unbearable claim residents

A CROWDED western Sydney Islamic school is using public parks for play activities after building a hall and toilet block on playgrounds without council approval.

The Al Amanah College at Liverpool has also constructed a playground not much bigger than a basketball court over an area intended to be an off-street turning bay for the safe pick-up and drop-off of students.


(Zoning?! I Don’t need no stinkin zoning!)

8. Choudary uploaded a video today of his mob making demands, whining about stuff and uttering threats. News article here.

9. Remembering Pete Seeger for the Anti freedom commie mofo he really was.

10. Seven hundred British nationals fighting with terrorist groups in Syria.

(Seems like a good start. Now if only Anjem and his gang would pony up and lead by example and get martyred there themselves, well that would be a fine example to the rest of British muslims how to achieve paradise, not just for them but for the infidels in the UK as well!)

Thank you M, Nilk, Fjordman, Richard and all who sent in material. I suspect there will be more tonight.


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  1. 2014 must be the year of being able to tell the public the “true” figures about Syrian fighters.
    The DW newspapers mentioned recently 100- 150 fighters from Bosnia, new figures, considering the last no was 60, quoted late 2013.

    Now we see 600 for the UK, possibly, instead of the low 300s.

    I don’t understand why someone can’t really advertise the fact that Anjem is all mouth, if he was real hard core muslim, he would be out in Syria. Would be great to see an info picture on this.

  2. #4: just a quick synopsis of what you can see on the video: The woman has been “apparently” strangled by her own hijab, but enquiries are continuing – no theory is discarded at this stage. The woman apparently arrived in the country only a few months ago with 2 children and husband. She spoke french but was going to learn more. The man you see interviewed is her brother – he says that “the media speak a lot, but no-one knows for sure the reality yet”. She will be interred in Morocco which, I assume, is her country of origine.

  3. #1 : I dont know how you do it, Eeyore, but you always seem to get the best news!!! I am in Paris, but I get better news at Vladtepes than here, where the main media concentrated mainly on the (as they say) “extreeeeeme rrrrrright wing” attacks on the police at the end of the march – with 250 arrests, and blablabla. Otherwise the main medias have been very quiet about this march. One of the organisers, a woman, has started a hunger-strike to support her request that Hollande resigns (which he will not do, of course). There is justified anger among the French with this extreeeeeeeme LEFT socialist government, one of their main concerns is the immigration policy – but, of course, this got hardly any exposure in the largely dhimmified local media. So: good on you Vlad Tepes, I look forward to watching the video.

  4. 1) Since it is obvious that Americans are unwilling to have another war put on their shoulders – Syria – there seems to be a campaign to paint every western nation as antisemitic as possible. Most appaling for me, as I used to like her articles was Caroline Glick in Front Page. mag. Hysterical and hateful.I dont think I will read her stories with the same trust I used to have.

    I stand on Israels side as they are in the crosshairs of jihad as we are .But I am not willing to submit to the narrative telling me, that the west is pure evil since Jesus came to save the whole mankind or that Hitler was the consequence of christian faith.

    This is an odd way to make friends.

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