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16 Replies to “Montreal Stairway to Heaven”

  1. Health & Safety issue, there’s a simple answer…..shall I say it, or leave it to another Freedom Fighter……….

  2. Curious how a “hijab” could get caught in an escalator. Are you sure it wasn’t her abaya? Hijabs are not floor length. Either way, it’s one down, 3/4 billion to go.

  3. If her hair had properly concealed, the escalator wouldn’t have been tempted to strangle her. Her death by moving staircase was the will of Allah in any event, it was written.

  4. @Rita, the timing couldn’t be harsher, but I see it didn’t stop irony-deficient university students in Montreal from celebrating Hazardous Headbag Day.

  5. The idiology she submitted to that crushes the souls of children has made you not mourn her death. She was someone’s child and maybe someone’s mother. Her death to be celebrated as a success, is no more than an army dancing around a terrorist’s burning corpse. The fear is palpable, it has transfered from one to the other. So, rather than going to the House of Islam to heal the sick, with a love of humanity, a person throws stones to kill rather than gather the lost sheep and reveal through riddicule the ideas that enslave them, the truth that sets you free, that the Socialists are at pains to prevent their new citizens from doing at any cost. The death of a dhimmi is no happiness, for no slave enters heaven. Peace be with her family.

  6. When the Communists gave the most devient and defiled human beings “Protected Characteristics“ they unleashed hell on the West with a Bible of Human Entitlements and now watch it burn. Therefore, do not resist evil, do not try to win, just don’t lose. Don’t lose your values and gain theirs. Be noble, for they make children upset and fail in frustration, to feel a pride of superiority over these broken souls, a righteousness of comparing themselves for they have no conscience, having submitted to their compulsion of hypnosis, a religion based on nothing more than faith of look alikes and emotion alikes, and fear that kingdom should be razed by just one look of a child. Hate Crimes are not for adults, like say the legal age of stealing, they are taught and fed by teachers into tiny tots while momma goes to work.

  7. Perfectchild, With the dial on our immigration policies turned so far toward cultural suicide by Muslim immigration, the dark humour I believe you’re cautioning against, as part of the response to a grim accident like this, I would suggest is a sign of civilizational health. We’re going to hear anyhow from the proponents of these policies how all men are brothers and all women are sisters, like we’ve heard it already till we want to gag – even those of us who actually believe something like this – and the same people will look to rub our faces in it by replacing this Muslim immigrant with a dozen more.

    At the same time it should be self-evident that a fairly typical Canadian response, a typical old school Canadian response, to an individual in distress is unhesitatingly to risk and life and limb in their rescue. No one I know would have stopped to check which religion this woman was, including people fiercely opposed to Muslim immigration.

    But isn’t this situation that our moral betters have foisted on us only set to get uglier? This woman was on her way to collect her suicide vest, not on her way back with it, fortunately. Let’s say. So she didn’t have a chance to blow up a trainful of other mother’s daughters. And even if she wasn’t engaged in kinetic jihad, not on that particular day, she is still part of the stealth jihad that in the long run is more fatal to the nation than merely blowing herself up on a train.

    So while as you say, we don’t want to lose sight of our values and ideals as this strange slow-motion war gains momentum, there is obviously worse to come, and it’s got to be better, as so many have argued, that the West is harsh with the issue of Muslim settlers now than violent later.

  8. Rita, LOL. World FGM Day (for the PC MC crowd of course) is the best suggestion I’ve seen for Feb 1 next year.

    Had to google up the lyrics to the French song but now I can sing along!

  9. “…a sign of civilizational health…”

    Clearly the woman was not wanted living in the UK. She represented foreignness, an alien ethnicity taking up the resources of the indigenous population, and a follower of the religion of hate. A nation’s genetic suicide, and a culture replaced by slavery. Extinct and forgotten, inshalla.

    The murder of a human tribe, as happened to the Neandertals. Immigration warfare as perfected by the Soviets and Chinese by moving peoples around to bring identity around an idea, and not a lineage, the image-identity Man.

    So this imported image-identity stranger dies, and the subliminal wish all would die is expressed here, for her killing off the gene-pool and thus the character and human intelligence of the Isle, and the disease of the infection of the weak-minded into death-wish Zombies.

    I have no allusions to the huge danger to the Western populations and for mankind itself. Islam and Communism have destroyed the shoots of enlightenment whenever a child is born, and down-bred from the lowest beasts so that the socialist-experiment sink estates have now met with the garbage of the world, to be ruled by the Mediocre who in turn are ruled by the most twisted.

    Diversity is not about fairness, it is about eliminating The West and it’s pursuit of excellence. Normality has been marginalized as extremism. First by degrading into sexual pigs and infantalizing its population, and then by replacing it with the breeds that are docile. You could not make American Indians into slaves, so you gave them Welfare reservations instead to create a dependency culture. Martin Luther King gave black Americas a mental dependency kingdom. Nelson Mandela did not. Tony Blair did it to the British people, their very own Obama. Margaret Thatcher did not.

    What to do with the millions of foreign interlopers who live in subsidized housing and government jobs raising children in single parent or Islamic households? Is the country morally bankrupt and in debt to the Communists? Tell me Blacks don’t riot.

    Is there an answer? You let the Left rule you with their submission to the female form, that was what all that pornography was doing to you, and now you worship the male form and Islam, having arrived coincidently together. So vote your politicians from only those with decency, and keep away from perverted prophets and men, and don’t watch TV. And await the phoney war between Left and Right to take you in and force you to join.

  10. Submission to the female pornographic form is where males release their seed in surrender rather than plant their seed. Masachist-machos, drawn to the female body and afraid of their minds. Muslims.

  11. Perfectchild graveyard humor has long been used to fight the horror of nasty things, it is a defensive action take to avoid PTSD and other mental illnesses, stopping people from using it causes many problems for many people.

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