Jan 25 news links 2014 – 1

1. Nigel Farage on UKIP  policies on gun control in the UK

2. Mentally ill Briton accused of claiming to be Prophet Mohammad is sentenced to death by Pakistani court

3. JAN 24 2014 – Tunisia: Islamist protests against new constitution

4. Six siblings admit attempted kidnap of sister’s girlfriend

Unhappy that Nazma was in a same-sex relationship with a white, non-Muslim woman, six of her siblings plotted to break up the relationship. They wanted her to enter into an arranged marriage with a cousin or another man, and discussed putting her on a plane to Pakistan, the judge, Mr Justice Knowles QC, noted.

(photos and video of the attempt at the Daily Mail)

5. Cairo Blast Rips Into Islamic Art Museum, Damaging Key Global Collection

(After you read this article, ask yourself what an article about a bomb at the Louvre or the Smithsonian would read like. Of course it would be pages long of lists and photos of the artifacts that had been damaged. But as Islam forbids pretty much all art this article is downright risible. They talk about the building and damage to a few ‘mosque lights’. and some ‘ceramics’ as decorative pots is pretty much all that is allowed. Representational art and music are strictly forbidden in Islam. This museum must have been some kind of odd political/propaganda chimera to have been built in the first place)



The woes of the former imam of the mosque in Pau, dismissed for vandalizing the mosque late October continues: Moroccan national, Khalil, who turns 47 next month (1), is now the subject an obligation to leave French territory.

Thank you UK Pete, M, Fjordman and Tundra T and all!

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  1. Some guy going by the name of Ahmed R say the real target was a security building.

    “Because the bombing that happened was in the Cairo Security Directorate

    And which is in front off the museum…” – Ahmed R

    Maybe or maybe not. It is really hard to credit Islam with much except destruction of the past. The Taliban did so in Afghanistan. Our current knowledge of the past form the start of the agricultural revolution to the modern era is crippled because archaeologists are unable to dig.
    From that standpoint alone Assad is to be preferred to Al Qaeda.

    Our views have been severely distorted by lack of knowledge. We think of agricultural and the spread of cities as being some rare spark of genius because we found cities in certain areas going back so far in some places but others. But as we find more cities we find that more and more cities were built by different peoples at roughly the same time. That fact alone combats racism that the LEFT says they are so concerned about.

    They are finding cities in Northen Mesopotamia where we thought they start in the south and spread north. They found a city in Varna, Romania years before they thought they would find one (before Egyptian dynasties).

  2. I admire many of Mr. Farage’s statements and ideas , however I think he needs more time to study our Constitutional 2nd amendment rights.

  3. Our second amendment rights grew from the old Saxon law, let all free men be armed. When Britain followed this law they remained free, after they started infringing on the custom/law they started losing their freedom.

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