News links for Jan. 22 2014 – 1

1. Please help Tim Burton if you can at all. I am sure that even $5.00 is better than nothing. The person Tim perfectly described as exactly what he is, seems to have the government on his side while Tim has to raise private funds to defend himself. Classic law -fare. But that is how it is.

2. Pineault-Caron secular charter testimony goes viral on YouTube

(CBC story at link above. Original translation of the video in question below)

3. BREAKING NEWS: Gaza Terrorist Eliminated By IAF Airstrike

More to come. Thank you all.


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  1. ‘I am embarrassed to share my Canadian citizenship with these ignorant and intolerant people.’

    Canadian sanctimony in full self-admiring voice in the CBC comments, of course. These moral fops would sell their mothers if they thought it would make them look more superior to themselves. If it fed their delusions of global-consciousness. Most of them HAVE sold their mothers, they’re working on selling their children out now. Any that have kids. The old get it, the young don’t, and unfortunately ‘young’ in Canada seems to include just about everyone under 60.

  2. 1. Done

    2. Love that woman 😀 – indeed, how unseemly it is to “be on all fours” outside of the bedroom. Which brings me to a question I have asked but never gotten an answer to: These blotches, the muslims (in France they call them “les barbus”, the bearded ones) carry on their forehead, like the mark of Cain, is it make-up or is it a result to be head banging “on all fours” as the lady said?

    3. Good one, Israel! That will teach them to forget to hide behind their children and women.

  3. @ don c

    I am sure those SNEERING parasites wear these “Arafat” scarves which would identify them clearly as supporting the rapes of little boys. ( I sooooo had it with the sneering!)

  4. TUNISIA – Jan 21 2014 – Article 6 in the new Tunisian constitution would implicitly permits apostasy … concerned Muslim MP Ibrahim Kassas overpassionately voices his opposition :

    ( the fun begins at 1min34 )

  5. JAN 22 2014 Algerian Forces Flood Desert City to Calm Violence

    Algeria has sent thousands of police officers to calm weeks of ethnic clashes in a southern desert city, and seven people have been arrested.

    Ghardaia, a picturesque city perched on the edge of the Sahara desert 370 miles (600 kilometers) south of Algiers, was reported calm Wednesday following a weekend of rioting that left one person dead, 10 wounded and dozens of shops and homes burned. The arrests came late Tuesday.

    The city is divided between of Algeria’s Mozabites, members of North Africa’s original Berber inhabitants and followers of the rare Ibadi sect of Islam on one hand, and Sunni Muslim Arab migrants.

    For the past month, there have been intermittent clashes between young men from the two groups and over the weekend, a Mozabite man was stabbed to death. At least 30 shops were also set on fire, the state news agency said.

    Around 3,000 policemen were sent Monday to stabilize the situation and the next day, the state news agency announced seven men had been arrested and were being investigated with another 16 in custody.

  6. “These blotches, the muslims (in France they call them “les barbus”, the bearded ones) carry on their forehead, like the mark of Cain, is it make-up or is it a result to be head banging “on all fours” as the lady said?”

    It is a Zabibah
    A zebibah (Arabic ????? zab?ba, “raisin”), also known as a zabiba or zebiba, is a mark on the forehead of some Muslims, apparently due to the friction generated by repeated contact of the forehead with the prayer mat during daily prayers.
    Islam requires its adherents to pray five times a day (known as salat), which involves kneeling on a prayer mat and touching the ground with one’s forehead. When done vigorously for extended periods of time, a prayer bump may develop. Some Muslims may consider the presence of a prayer bump to be a sign of religious dedication and piety.[1] Some Muslims also believe that on the day of judgement, this bump will particularly fluoresce an immense white light.[2] The bump also serves as a public demonstration of one’s piety.
    In extreme cases, the callus can be thick enough to create a real bump that protrudes from the forehead. They may also develop due to frequent prayer on hard surfaces such as stone floors.

  7. @ Vangrungy @DP111 @Martin, re those Bumps on their heads. Thank you. But, because these “marks of Cain” are so ostentatious, I still am not sure if they employ make-up or if the cause is head-banging. (I will classify it up there with my doubts about the lack of underwear under the Scottish kilt ;))

    Real French (not the allah-u-akbaristic impostors who call themselves French) would think that these guys are cuckolded, because it is said of a man whose wife has been unfaithful, that he is wearing a horn on his forehead.

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