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9 Replies to “‘United Against Fascism’ shows solidarity with, and defends Muslim Brotherhood office HQ”

  1. As Richard identified, the Far Left are in a powerful relationship with their brethren in the Far Right and I suggested it was their mutual revolving around their fascination of adoration or recoil of their female-form life-force attachment to the Whore of Babylon. Not a noble fatherly trait among them, only fems and macho-pretenders, which makes the term ‘far right’ an insidious joke to fool those who leap from the scalding pan into the fire of serving Hell. http://vladtepesblog.com/2014/01/14/hull-mum-raped-in-front-of-son-and-told-by-attacking-boyfriend-im-muslim-and-you-must-obey-me/#comments

  2. There’s far worse than this featured picture knocking around….Here is the UAF/Hope Not Hate official photographer “Guy Smallman”, happily showing us a UAF/HNH rally in Walthamstow, where the radical Islamists are marching hand in hand with the UAF/HNH…


    And here is the respected anti Fascist Maryam Namazie telling us how the UAF react when Anjem Choudary and his goons are in town..

  3. This is a VERY intersting article, an attempted hatchet job on Putin and the winter olympics venue.

    Whats really interesting is the reader comments, at the time of reading almost all of the comments recognise it for what it is and denounce it as propaganda, and again the widespread popularity of Putin amongst conservatives in what used to be called the free world.
    Disappointing, because only a few years ago we had implicit trust in our media, and the British media, with the bbc at the forefront was trusted by the whole world.
    Heartening because so many people are recognising propaganda for what it is, and increasingly are refusing to be sucked in by it.

  4. Pakistan Taliban: Deadly blast rips through convoy (BBC, Jan 19, 2014)
    “At least 20 soldiers have been killed in north-western Pakistan in a bomb blast that struck an army convoy, sources in the security forces say. At least 24 others were injured in the explosion near the town of Bannu, with fears the death toll will rise. The source of the explosion is still being investigated. Pakistan’s Taliban said they had carried out the attack as part of a “fight against a secular system” and promised “many more such attacks”. Soldiers and paramilitary Frontier Corps were preparing to leave Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, for Razmak in North Waziristan when their convoy was rocked by the blast. “The explosion took place in one of the vehicles of the convoy,” an unnamed senior security official told AFP…”

  5. They see white people and they don’t like it.

    They watched Simon Peg’s Hot Fuzz and thought it was a documentary. The actual criminal conspiracy is that white folk live in peace in Cotswold villages and need swarthy Muslims to beat the racism out of them. Repeatly and for all time.

  6. Sadly many fools and dupes have a perverted fascination with Islam. However in the long run these useful idiots will get burned, brushed aside, or discarded, when they are no longer any use to the Islamofascist movement. They are in for a rude awakening.

  7. Softly Bob you nailed it, fascists using fascist tactics against the anti-fascists are calling themselves anti-fascists and the semi educated of the world believe them.

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