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1. Hamas front group objects to presence of rabbi on Canadian PM trip to Israel.

2. Coptic Christian Children Kidnapped and Killed for Cash

Yet another Coptic Christian child was recently kidnapped in Egypt.  Thirteen-year-old Cyril Rif‘at Fayiz was abducted in the Minya district by “unknown persons” who later called the child’s parents demanding one million Egyptian pounds, nearly the equivalent of $150,000 USD.

This phenomenon—kidnapping and holding Coptic children captive for large ransoms—has become a regular feature of the Egyptian landscape, particularly in Minya, Upper Egypt.  A few examples follow:

3. Clashes rage at Egyptian college

Clashes near Cairo University in Giza, Egypt, on January 16, 2014.
Clashes near Cairo University in Giza, Egypt, on January 16, 2014.

(CNN) — Clashes erupted on the campus of Egypt’s Cairo University on Thursday, resulting in the shooting death of one student and injuries to four others, the country’s Interior Ministry said

The ministry said police entered the campus to “restore security” and to “protect lives and property.” The state-run MENA news agency said after two hours of fighting, “a state of cautious calm prevailed.”

4. 2 held in London on terror charges

(CNN) — Police in London arrested two women Thursday on suspicion of being involved in preparations for acts of terrorism, they announced.

One was arrested at Heathrow airport as she prepared to fly to Istanbul, Turkey. The second was arrested in northwestern London, the Metropolitan Police said.

5. NATO assures Turkey that new missile defense system not designed to protect Israel

That Erdogan make these objections in the first place is yet another indication of how he has destroyed the formerly good relationship that rapidly de-secularizing Turkey once had with Israel. Turkey as a Sharia state, which is what Erdogan wants and is working toward, would naturally be an inveterate enemy of Israel.

“Turkey reassured that NATO shield not designed for Israel,” by Dan Williams for Reuters, January 15:

Thank you Richard, M, Wrath of Khan, Fjordman and all. Still more to come.

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  1. Suspect In Koran Burning In Russia Sent To Pre-Trial Detention

    A court in Moscow has sent a man suspected of burning the Koran to pre-trial detention until at least March 9.

    Aleksandr Sokolov, 23, from the Russian city of Tver, confessed in the courtroom on January 16 that he was one of the men appearing in a video on the Internet that shows individuals burning a Russian translation of the Koran while cursing the Muslim holy book.

    The video also carried the same men’s voices demanding that a frightened young man on a Moscow subway train “denounce Allah.”

    The man appeared to have just been beaten.

    Moscow police said last week that a special investigative unit has been established to identify those behind the video.

    Sokolov has a criminal record.

    He was detained on January 15 and charged with hooliganism.

  2. Japan court allows police to spy on Muslims

    The Tokyo District Court ruled on Wednesday that police could spy on individuals just for being Muslims.

    Police in Japan are able to collect data and information on individuals just because they are Muslim, despite a court ruling in favor of 17 individuals who sought compensation for having their personal details leaked.

    The lawyer who successfully won the case at the Tokyo District Court on Wednesday, Toshiro Ueyanagi, said “there was a total lack of consideration for human rights,” regarding the prying into the personal lives of his plaintiffs just because they were Muslims.

    The nationalities, portraits, place of employment, family composition and places frequently visited by the plaintiffs were leaked into a 114 page document about terrorism, which was posted on the internet in 2010.

    Despite granting a 90 million Yen payout to the Muslim plaintiffs over the leaks, the court also ruled that Japanese police had the right to collect information on individuals just for being Muslim, drawing further condemnation from the plaintiffs.

    Although the Third Foreign Affairs Division of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Public Security Bureau is believed to have collected the information, no suspect has been identified for over the leaks.

  3. I wish more people would donate money to help the Christians immigrate from the Middle East, of course we would face massive protests from Obama and the left.

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