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1. Shiia muslims do some kind of celebratory ‘religious event at Parliament hill on Christmas day and at the White House in DC on or about the 25th. (Still can’t nail down the date on that but between the 23rd Dec 013 and Jan 1 014) This does beg one question though, if not two…

2. Iran’s ‘secret’ al Qaeda prisoners

[…] Some are more radical than others. The radical prisoners would not even pray with other Salafi prisoners and used to pray separately. They’re treated differently to other prisoners in Iran. Because they do not consider meat prepared by Shia Muslims to be Halal, prison officers would bring them live sheep and let them kill the sheep in their own way and even cook it themselves.

3. Interesting old NYT article:. 1924:

1924 NYT on Hitler

4. Jihad Leader Arrested Disguised as Woman in Syria

(I can imagine the new Al-Qaeda slogan now! ‘You can be your own virgin in paradise!

He went from this:

To this:


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  1. Iran to get first $550 million of blocked $4.2 billion on February 1

    The U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, described the payment schedule as follows:

    Feb 1 – $550 million

    March 1 – $450 million

    March 7 – $550 million;

    April 10 – $550 million;

    April 15 – $450 million

    May 14 – $550 million;

    June 17 – $550 million;

    July 20 – $550 million

  2. # 1: possible answers to the question: “why if it’s religious and not political at the white house?”

    a) because islam is not a religion
    b) the inmate of the “White” house might not only be a closet muslim, but also a closet god?

    another question: why is there a Canadian flag?

    #3: O dearie me! Plus ca change plus ca reste la meme chose !! (distribute that article widely please)

    #4: What is under that veil ??? You never know your luck in a big city:

    @ Martin: Why do “they” always look and sound sooooooooooo ugly…

  3. @ Rita – I have no idea – maybe they didn’t develop any aesthetic sensibility …..

    and speaking of ugly soundsjust try to listen to this video till the end ….

    ( Mo’s birthday preaching in brooklyn ny earlier today :

    and for the American taxpayers maybe most of them don’t even know or don’t even care

  4. 1/ I see no explanation on the Ottawa Shia Islamic Association’s website or Facebook page why it was necessary do to this on Parliament Hill at Christmas.

    In August they held a demonstration on the Hill to ‘protest against takfiri extremists funded by U.S. and its puppet regimes.’

    ‘OSHIA subsists to ascertain the unity of all Capital Shi’a organizations by neglecting the fact of cast and culture and assuring the one strong base for Shi’a community.’

    4/ Would have fooled me behind his string niqab. Centuries of inbreeding in the Petri dish of Arabia have produced some nasty mutations, I doubt I’d have given this one a second thought.

  5. @Martin: I did listen to the end, THANK YOU, I do need to lose a few kilos – and no better appetite suppressant. PLEASE SOMEONE – They are overbreeding as we speak. Could someone (channelling China) introduce them to the one-child per couple idea? Although with polygamy the maths would probably be complicated.

    But truly – my aesthetic senses are tortured wherever they appear – they seem to uglyfy just about every thing they touch and every place they invade just oooooozes repulsiveness. I will not protest if you now call me islamophobic.
    //end of rant mode.

  6. ‘Love Muhammad’ Event Held in London

    TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Wembley Stadium in England’s capital of London witnessed an unprecedented event on Sunday, held to mark the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad

    The Sunday event came as Muslims all over the globe are getting ready to mark the Unity Week.

    The program commenced with Quran recitation, and also featured guest speakers, including Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, British academic Tariq Ramadan, Labor Party politician Ken Livingstone, Lord Ahmed Nazir, member of the British House of Lords, along with Farooq Murad, the secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain.

    The event also included several inspirational live music performances, together with Hijab Exhibition, Islamic Art gallery, Award ceremony and a lot more.

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