Muslim leader explains how it is better to steal than to receive.

The best way to fund the rape, murder, manifest destiny and totalitarian ideology that islam brings everywhere it goes, is by stealing from those that do not want it forced upon them. Of course those that do want it, give their resources to the cause anyway, right? So you are boned either way. But its nice to see it spelled out so clearly and relatively honestly even if it is behind a thick layer of proprietary islamic rhetoric.

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  1. The editor should have left that intact at the end, instead of chopping bits out – their detractors say Memri edits manipulatively and I think it’s best not to give the other side anything. It sounds a bit here as though Abu Baba here is qualifying his instructions about stealing from kuffar, no doubt only saying there is a bigger reward from Allah for some kinds of theft than for others, but we might as well hear the whole deal, even if it entails sitting through more of his dreck.

  2. Yeah, the muslims are taught to take things by violence, force, at least if the next one is a non-muslim.

    Anyways, nice website, how I can contact you? Kindly email me, you got my email.

  3. from his own mouth ‘… and the Christian kings took control back again of Andalusia…’ (i.e. their own non-islamic country) – as though that was a bad thing.

    It must be very hard for these people , trying to live simultaneously in the 7th and 21st centuries. It must breed some truly disturbed (and disturbing) psyches.

  4. Shahid aldab or he put it the Martyr of the animal.

    I was look it up to find the meaning of Aldab found this odd video:
    Some kind of tractor turned into WWI tanks. Also note how many US made .50 cal sniper rifles they got.

  5. Why do these fuckwits think that it is so clever of them to spout Arabic words, even though Arabic is not their first language or they don’t speak Arabic at all? I
    t’s not big and it’s not clever.
    Arabic is the dumbest, ugliest sounding language on the planet. Only a religion like Islam could have been devised in such a moronic tongue. It sounds like somebody is shitting out of their mouth.

  6. Softly Bob,

    One of my all-time favourite muslim claims is that the Koran is the only book in the history of the arabic language that cannot be translated into English, and therefore, we misunderstand it. An excellent, and very convenient, dodge. Interestingly, nobody has ever said the Hadiths and Sira cannot be translated into English, only the Koran.

  7. joeb,

    I never hear Bible critics ever being told that nobody can understand the Bible unless they can speak Hebrew. The Koran is somehow exempt from the laws of translation which must mean that it is nothing but utter nonsense, because let’s face it, you can’t translate nonsense.

  8. Abu Baraa (TheIslaminNews) is one of Anjem Choudary’s Islamist Muppet’s…..

    He also runs this website below……(Top post is in Polish, which isn’t exactly hard to decipher with google translate)

    If you’ve got a YouTube channel, P.M. Baraa, as he’ll give you some great quotes to publish………@”The West should get out of all Islamic Countries, but Islamists are determined to enforce Sharia law where-ever they may reside”..

    As for videos on “theIslamicnews” channel, it’s hard to suggest one over another because it’s essentially down to personal interpretation of the content..

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