News links for Jan 10 2014 – 2

1. Some interesting documents, photos etc. found on Al _qaeda ISIL etc. personnel.

2. more on the child sex offender in Australia who blazingly assaulted children within 100 yards of their parents.

CCTV here: Apparently he was a known offender as well.

3. Nick Griffin of England’s BNP goes to Greece to openly support Golden Dawn.

(Back to his roots I see)

4. Major bust of Somali-Khat drug in Norway.

5. The Four Great Waves of Defense Neglect

If an additional $50 billion a year seems like a lot, how much would be the cost to the United States if adversarial nations continue to chip away at the free world until America finds itself either isolated or impotent to effect a reversal as it faces rogue terrorist states armed with the most deadly of weapons?

America’s fourth wave of neglect of its military since the end of World War II may have disastrous geostrategic consequences.

While Congress has passed a temporary slowdown in the decline in American defense spending with a two-year budget framework, the Ryan-Murray budget agreement, which restores $32 billion to the Department of Defense, the projected defense resources available for the next eight years will not allow the United States to protect its own security, let alone that of its allies.

H/T M, Richard, Fjordman and all. More to follow.

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5 Replies to “News links for Jan 10 2014 – 2”

  1. 3 You don’t have to agree with the policies or ideology of GD to have reason to show support towards a party that the government is trying to ban through abuse of state power. If democracy collapses in Greece through abuse of power it will be be a signal to all other Eurocrats to do the same to all Anti-immigration parties in the EU like the PVV, Vlaams Belang,FN,SVP etc. I don’t particularly like GD but if its a choice between the traitorous lame stream parties and GD I would choose the lesser of the evils which in my opinion would be GD.

  2. #5 Slow down 1 got us Korea and Nam, 2 gave us a radical Iran, 3 gave us 9/11, I think the war after slow down 4 will be much bigger and nastier then anything in the 20th Century.

  3. 2. Have you seen how “self?” censorship has already kicked in? No more mention of the “Middle Eastern Appearance ” of the child-rapist !!

    Shame on Chanel 9 (a soi-disant ‘conservative commercial TV station) – nearly all Australian media are now into protecting the obvious culture at play here – and so, in my eyes, have become accomplices to systematic child rape and more.

  4. When the shit hits the fan with England’s burgeoning Muslim/black brown immivasion are you going to side with white nationalists or the Muslims? Or do you have a bolt hole in the US or Middle East to retreat to?

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