Update on the Toronto Prof. who took a hit for us and for reason itself.

In the earlier post I linked to a National post article about a professor in Toronto who is in trouble for sticking to his guns and refusing to rejig an entire class or make special arrangements for one person who refuses to be in a room with women for religious reasons.

The National Post article is not accepting comments but the Globe and Mail article is as is the Toronto Star. This is an important issue and a chance for us to support reason and our own culture. Please go comment there. The story does beg the question, what would happen if women were to say, “We refuse to be in a room with muslim men because it is a clear and demonstrable threat to our safety”. I think we know. But it would be far more reason based a demand than a muslim’s to have a special accommodation because of ancient and irrational demands not to be near women, and which got a professor in trouble at his school.

The professor also asks a reasonable question. Would he be an accessory to sexism if he did accommodate the request? The answer of course is yes, if the request was made by a white Christian male even if the man had a denomination of Christianity which might expect this such as the Pennsylvania ‘Dutch’ perhaps or something similar.

Once again we see people using the notion that their personal beliefs, something we cannot even prove they have in any case, should limit other people’s choices as opposed to their own, the traditional case for people who wish to operate outside the cultural norm, and the consequent inversion of the notions of freedom and democracy that result.

This is an item that requires some action on our parts.

Eeyore for Vlad.

**I just left the following comment at the Globe and Mail site. As they are moderating comments I am quite confident it will not be published, so here it is for them anyway**


I have a couple of questions. What if a woman were to say that she refused to be in a room with muslim males because she felt it was a threat to her safety, which she could easily demonstrate to be true with rape statistics world wide and especially in the West. Would she be branded a racist and a bigot? Yet somehow if a person refuses to be in a room with women for irrational and superstitious reasons we all have to reduce our own freedoms to accommodate that and call it a progressive move.

My advice to women pregnant with a male muslim child is get a sex-selective abortion. That way the male muslim won’t have to endure being in a room with a woman for 9 months, you as a woman can assert your right to an abortion at any time for any reason and you can show you are a progressive and strong female with genuine tolerance for muslim beliefs.


Thank you Grace for finding the links and the story.


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  1. Only one student
    If there were dozens what would happen?
    What did happen in Britain?
    This is the slippery slope
    Already these insects have made gains in the public school system
    And now in Ontario with this new bullying policy pairing bullying with any criticism of any school system or institution. Expelling kids for so doing. Soon we will be so compliant to these Islamic insects that women will just accept their lot
    Recreation centres all sorts of places have already fallen.
    Islamics reserve large halls at all university campuses and comit gender apartheid as a matter of fact and all who attend these huge functions open to the public just comply
    Women segregated unable to sit with men not at the back yet but that will happen soon enough as it does in the public schools that allow mosque services in their cafeterias on fridays

  2. It’s very encouraging to see comments to the G&M article so solidly on the side of reason, and articulate about why, too.

    Eeyore my money is on the Glob letting you have one of those paragraphs.

  3. Wants and Greeds.

    A population taught if they visualize something hard enough, and invest all their feeling into having got to have it, it will be theirs. Deserves to be theirs. The Human Rights Culture and their enablers.

    Socialists do not believe being clothed, fed and sheltered is enough. They see the rich as causing the suffering by having an affluent lifestyle and so making the poor feel less completed. The poor will become richer, they reason, if squalor became shared and everyone’s norm. The intellectual believes that she has the right to be better-off however, because she does all the planning and does something more useful in taking the wealth over to the less wealthy.

    So along comes a jackass who believes he is superior to women. He really, really does, until he has to stand next to one, and her richness points him out as the poorer-man. He has no artistic or musical talent because it was verboten in his Madrasa, he has no critical-thinking because gibberish had to be memorized and made holy, and no self-esteem from negotiation-skills because he knew only of a pecking order of brothers to submit to or be submitted to. He is a retard. And therefore a victim. He and they will both agree he was born that way.

    So the wealth of the normal has to be passed over to the victim, in this case the women to the Muslim, as his rights are by Law in Europe and policy in America, preferential to hers if she is not identified with things in heaven or on earth.

    One day he will produce posters of ‘women privilege’ scrawling the offenses she has committed on her burka’d face to violently demean her. And 40% of men will be a minimum presence at all activities women chose to engage in. Men will no longer have to be humiliated when women click their car-door locks when they pass by, or witness women cross the road when they are walking towards them. Men History Month will annually decry their oppression of women manipulating men into becoming beasts and flaunting themselves to others.

    The envious poor-in-wealth creators and the envious poor-in-spirit creators. One throws acid at your business the other acid in your face.

    And their two worlds collide.

    So this University’s infiltration of changelings really felt his pain… and would see women deceived, if that is what it took to accommodate him. Lies are never a Socialist’s dilemma. If caught out, they were only ‘minded’, a form of think-funk that they were honest and true when they said it, even though it they knew at the time it had no bearing on reality, a world within a world, a kingdom within a kingdom, their service to a calling, that they know others serve too. The Muslim is of the same faith: the man who pretends to be a man while they pretend to be women. Neither has the timing to be natural, compared to the spontaneity of a child, but ugly imprints of look a likes.

    These prickly rigid egos, seek out to be offended, terrorizing The Western democracies with their rapid advancement to power through Government-sponsored Diversity programs, and preying upon the children for their unformed, suggestible minds. Communism and Islam tearing the globe between them and the Socialists and Islamicized-dhimmis just wanting approval so not to be taken away to be humiliated, imprisoned and shot.

  4. As no one is actually forcing the boy to be in the same room as females, I really don’t see the problem. He can just sit outside.

  5. perfectchild,

    You’re in great form once more with this one, imho.

    You know who I think is a natural audience for your writing? Graduate students in the humanities. You’re thinking, Could anyone possibly say anything more insulting? But isn’t that only because we’re living through such unnatural times? I’ve just been flipping through a pirated copy of ‘A Reader’s Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory’ I picked up at a university book fair in Nepal a few years ago – as though the Nepalese need this bs on top of their Maoists and everything else, but I mention it as an example of places these evil ideas infect – and which I’ve never been able to make myself actually read more than a paragraph or two of at a time. ‘The Frankfurt School and After: Adorno and Benjamin.’ ‘Elaine Showalter: gynofeminism.’ ‘Postmodernism and Marxism’ – you can see why.

    This collection of highly literate nonsense is from 2006, but nothing I read about the universities suggests they’ve got themselves free of its clutches. When what they should be offering is A Comparative Study of the Psychopathologies of Islam and Socialism, for instance, with your essays on the course list. And then your angle of approach and depth-analysis filters into the popular culture, and we get The Daily Show doing relevant satire for a change. Just thinking.

  6. don c-
    Couple months ago I wrote a comment about how perfectchild always manages to teach me something. In a highly entertaining way. Rare, delightful sense of humor.

  7. Hi don,

    These ‘seekers of offense’ are simply distracting themselves with self-inflicted pain, with the dependence on the production of analgesics which the brain produces, to numb and reduce anxiety in themselves.

    My referral to left and right brain hemispheres is to the permissible and non-permissible thinking enforced by their hemispheric culture. Their distress is to be exposed to anything that is balanced and normal; seeking peace within a conformity and validity, being centrally directed.

    As babies are continually being brutalized by their parent’s robotic blind culture, I simply draw to our attention as to why the appeasers and emotionally-feminized will embrace Islam as their own, (even if they know they plan to destroy them as the Pink Swastika Nazis homosexual pederasts sought to annihilate all the Gay pedophiles), rather than be stood next to a ‘Straight-Privileged’. Physical suicide is preferable to the pain of light. Blame and destruction for faultlessness, better than accountability.

  8. Lets give you a Russian psychological experiment. It goes something like this:

    All cows eat grass.
    A lion is a cow.
    Therefore lions eat grass.

    They presented these statements to the same subject; once when temporarily inactivating their right-brain hemisphere and then again, when normalized, by inactivating their left-brain hemisphere. (I do need to explore this chemical method used to ‘freeze’ the brain hemispheres, apart from alluding to the Path of Resentment from intimidation which takes for a person to blind themselves into a new brittle world of peace and harmony and total agreement).

    This solely left-brained subject, concurred with the conclusion of the statements. Scripture was perfectly logical and they would argue it until they, or the dissenter came to blows. Hence the Laws of Non-Offense came into being to manage such a population of half-brains. Communists and Islamists hate popular music. It turns people back to normal and tolerant and appreciators of diversity being personally individual, and not collectivized.

    The solely right-brained subject, pointed out immediately the statement ‘cows are lions’ was false. That homosexuals are not straights, that Muslims are not normal. Unfettered by received dogma, the right brained spotted the predator immediately with pin-point accuracy within their midst. The emperor had no clothes. Thus Russians learned the salient way to hypnosis. Destroy the ‘feminine’ brain by any means, from seduction to resentment. Describe the Communist as the Socialist bringing peace to the world that you must pay a share in, from preventing Global Warming to Tax for Fairness.

    The war then, was with the right-brained. Women became their target, for they, evolved and conditioned to be distracted by all the beautiful objects to remain docile and compliant, would see the dull and tawdry offering of Islam and Communism for what they are. So they became their target, to revile or praise. To have less of around and locked away or more of around. to play them so their egos blinded them to become whores of Macho-men or whore of submissive wimps. Either Feminettes or Feminists. Subs or doms. Their bodies became temples to be lusted or used by themselves to get what they want. A suppressed rage turned into obedience or unquenchable demand.

    The male, in the meantime, is drug induced. Through his abandonment of his seed in his job done, his life finished, to depart for the new life to come. A surrender, for which he receives the completest dopermined sense of fulfillment. So he is catered for, in either kingdom. Among the Muslims he has what his hand can plough, and the Communists whatever she wants. And even his new peculiar appetites pandered to, as a woman will advocate anal sex as good, even though she has no prostate of convenience to find deep with her, she retains the knowledge of power and control to make him believe any choices he makes are natural.

    This fatherless society came into being because the women did not alert men to what was coming, and a Big Brother took the place of the left-brained, with the threat of humiliation, imprisonment and death.

    All normal people have a conscience
    Mulsims/Gays/Communists are normal
    Therefore, Mulsims/Gays/Communists have a conscience.

    When you see History Months and Pride Marches you see the false consciousness sent out to destroy the children to make them into disturbed adults to be controlled like sheep and again do the will of the hate-filled; the virus-filled. More achieved than ever an Eve putting down that damned apple.


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