News links for Jan 8 2014 – 3

1. Shot Egypt Christian Dies After Hospitals Refuse Treatment

(Gunshot to head not emergency)

2. Brian Lilley warns Americans about gun registration leading to gun confiscation.

3. Tunisian arrested after threatening to cut off ex’s head

(ANSA) – Cagliari, January 3 – Italian police on Friday arrested a Tunisian man after he was heard shouting at his ex-partner that he would cut off her head.

4. Watch the news for another round of ‘youth’ riots in England starting anytime now.

Mark Duggan inquest: Police on alert after jury finds father-of-six was LAWFULLY killed by police marksman

The jury in the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan, whose case sparked widespread riots, has reached a verdict of LAWFUL killing.

The jury said the father-of-six was lawfully shot by a police marksman, who stopped the taxi in which he was travelling in north London, in August 2011, by an 8-2 majority.


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  1. SYRIA – Aleppo massacre =Al-Qaeda-linked group ‘kills’ Aleppo captives

    Activists say the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has killed people in their custody in northern Syria.

    The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has executed media activists, relief workers and other civilians that were held captive by the al-Qaeda-linked group in Syria’s Aleppo, according to activists and a rebel fighter.

    The prisoners, who were held in the ISIL detention centre in Qadi al-Askar district, were killed on Monday evening as clashes raged across Syria’s opposition-held areas between the ISIL and several other rebel groups.

    According to activist group the Local Coordination Committees, at least 50 were killed.

  2. #4. Remember how they photoshopped the thug into an angelic youg black victim in the disgraceful Zimmermann affair? Same seems to happen here, have a look at the photos – such a kind innocent martyr, brutalised by police – they will have a bit more work to do if they want to make the mother look like the holy Mary.

    @Martin: send those videos to Obama/Hilary/ and assorted Muslim Brotherhood/Alqueda friends/members and ask them: “ARE YOU HAPPY NOW ? !”

    hmmmmm, on reflection: Obama might answer in the affirmative and Hilary might say “what does it matter anyway” or words to that effect,

  3. ….and 72,Virgins each, wow!!!….where the Hell do they get all these Virgins from,?? certainly not Leith Docks Edinburgh, or Glasgow Barralands.

  4. Scotland -Glasgow – Beheaders Fazli Rahim and Saima Gul have jail terms cut

    Fazli Rahim, 42, and 31-year-old Saima Gul were jailed for life and told to serve at least 23 years for murdering Mohammed Noor in Glasgow in May 2012. At the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh, Lord Drummond Young ruled that the sentences were too severe.

    Rahim can now apply for parole after 19 years and Gul after 17 years.

    […] the 12-year-old girl . […] described Mr Noor screaming with Gul and Rahim on top of him. She told how the two attackers sent her to the kitchen for a knife – then ordered her to get a bigger blade. […] The girl was also made to bring a hammer which was used to strike Mr Noor on the head.

    The appeal judges said Rahim and Gul came from a society which was very different from Glasgow. “We think some weight should be given to cultural factors,” said Lord Drummond Young.

  5. 3/ What woman wouldn’t want to date a man who would cut off her head if she left? All that passion, all that intensity. And the devotion! Still whetting his machete two years on. It’s such a bright idea to pick up Arab guys.

  6. RE # 2 To defend oneself is a basic human right, no government on this earth should be able to take that right from you. BTW in the 20th century almost every country that had gun registration, had gun confiscation. In the USA few are aware that there is no Constitutional right to police protection, the peoples, protection is at the whim, funding, and staffing of various police agencies. The police are not obligated to protect any particular person.

  7. Dugganist hoodlums and/or grievance sluts can be seen performing their threat displays on our television screens on cue. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a spate of solidarity-with-the-martyr broken window shopping sprees yet. After all, nothing like looting some shiny consumer baubles and over-engineered plimsolls to vent your rage at ‘injustice’.

  8. Big Frank shortly after the gun confiscation you have increased crime and lose of civil rights.

    #4 I am hearing rumors that the flash mob in the New York City mall was organized by social media and people are starting to worry about gangs organizing knock out game attacks the same way. They are talking about mobs attacking all whites in a given area. I don’t have any URLs but this is what some cops I know say the big city police are worrying about.

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