News links for Jan 4 2013 – 1

1. The rubbish-strewn caravan sites that have become the blight of Sweden as temporary Romanian camps sprang up after migration restrictions were eased

(EU rules for easy migration are enriching nations that have a work ethic faster than one could have hoped!)

2. Is national media coverage of Cedar Riverside fire connected to scrutiny of Somali Americans?

3. Untangling The Facts On The Explosion At The Minneapolis Apartment Building

4. Three Australian police are fighting for their lives after a massive blast in a building in Melbourne. (DHS is expected to come destroy the evidence and invent a cause any moment now)

5. Islamic historian explains Jihad

6. Al Qaeda-linked militants capture Fallujah during violent outbreak

H/T KitmanTV, CB, Fjordman, ML, and all.

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  1. #1 that looks exactly like the camp in NW london in the abandoned hendon football club the police closed down last year. Allegedly, a number of the people there were deported, but returned within a couple of weeks.

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