Merry Christmas to all our readers and contributors. Thank you…

for helping to form such a wonderful community of caring and thoughtful people.

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I would like to take this opportunity to say a few things about this site now that the end of 2013 is a stone throw away.

There are a number of people who dedicate their time and at their own expense to bring us critical information that our own media would deny us, either by design or ignorance. These people work very hard to translate, write, observe and share observations and otherwise enhance our understanding of the issue so that we may be better equipped to preserve what we rapidly recognize as profoundly worth defending.

Just to name a few but by no means all, Baron Bodessey at Gates of Vienna, who edits a staggering amount of material, both articles and translations and subtitle files to make sure everything is as it should be. He nearly never is credited but without his ceaseless and lucid efforts we wouldn’t be delivering as much or as clear information. Oz-Rita who translated so many videos from German and French to English. Michael Laudahn, who translated a vast number of videos and articles for us here at VTB and we shall always be in his debt for the work he did. SIMONXML who does many videos from several European languages to English. Carpe Diem who has recently been delivering German to English and English to German videos of the situation in Germany. Fjordman who not only writes brilliantly about the situation globally and locally, but has endured hardship few of us can understand for his opinions. Opinions i might add, that only a few short decades ago would have constituted the most basic and obvious orthodoxy and barely worthy of notice before the quiet takeover of Neo-Marxist thought that has branded him an outcast and untermenschen. He also sends vast amounts of news from Scandinavia about the situation there, much of which comes to you via this site as well as GoV and of course, Tundra Tabloids, who also provides us with image creation and news from Finland.

M, Richard, Yucki, WTD, Seneca III, Shabnam, Taffy in Canada, Perfect Child, Don C, ML, Snaphanen, Blue (who I suspect may also be) Red, C.B. Sashenka, and many many others who are regular contributors to this site and send in links and thoughts that are invaluable to us all, but also help create a sense of community, which is perhaps equally important when one holds ideas that may be demonstrably true, but are very out of fashion.

I know I have forgotten many of you in this haze of rum & eggnog, but also my general lack of ability to retain names. Please know it has nothing to do with my level of gratitude, only my lack of mental prowess. One must work with what one has.

Lastly it should be known that many people cannot say who they really are and wish not to be acknowledged for obvious safety reasons as well as fear of total loss of livelihood as many people live in nations which are tantamount to Marxist due to laws which are essentially forcing you to hold certain opinions and thoughts. Thank you to all of you as well.

And then there are those who felt it was worth throwing everything in. People like Lars Vilks or Geert Wilders who’s lives are unimaginably difficult for most of us who take for granted going for a walk or enjoying a public restaurant. These people and many many more where willing to give up all that modern civilization offers to us all in order to preserve it for us and our children.

And even to those who read this site and do not contribute but are willing to at least consider the idea that the narrative they have grown up with may not be in their interests.


Thank you all.



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Canadian artist and counter-jihad and freedom of speech activist as well as devout Schrödinger's catholic

20 Replies to “Merry Christmas to all our readers and contributors. Thank you…”

  1. Yours, dear people at Vlad Tepes is actually the interpretation of my favorite Christmas carol that comes closest to its original version. You might have heard the story a 1001 times before, but just for the 1 or 2 who have not: “Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht” was composed and performed for the first time in a little Austrian mountain village near Salzburg on what German speaking peoples call “Heiliger Abend”, 24. December 1818. The story goes that something had gotten at the organ (a mouse?) and had it made unplayable. The village was cut off from the rest of the world because of snow, so the school teacher and the organist improvised one writing the lyrics, the other one putting it to guitar music for the midnight mass. (Twitter to the rescue for my swiss cheese memory: )

    The little church still exists, get there before it becomes a mosque, when you are visiting Austria;)

    Thank you Eeyore and everyone of the Vlad Tepes Team, and for those who comment for opening my eyes which were wide shut before I came across this great site. I now actually visit here for news even for news from Australia from where I post – Vlad Tepes is on the ball!

    Happy Christmass to all non-muslims and other people of good will.

  2. PS: pls forgive my spell checker (let me be islamic and shift the blame) for the spelling and other mistakes above. In a hurry to get to the presents 😉

  3. Merry Xmas Eeyore.My independent mind along with your work and the work of others is helping me become ostracised from family and friends.I can live with that.Keep it up and best wishes mate.

  4. Echoes of OG, above. A bloody civil war just because we speak the truth…

    …at home, we spend a lot of time talking between ourselves about what strong man will come out of the shadows when things start to swirl down the drain.

    Despite our uncertain future, and the lies we were fed in the past, here’s to the present – the only place we can ever live once we realize that nothing ever remains the same.

  5. Happy Festive Solstice and a Communist/Fascist/God-free Year,

    where rationale’s winter wine wishes these three wise-heads cheer.

    For they did not sing of health, goodwill, or heed a traveler’s call

    but kept abreast of their allot to plot the Seed’s downfall,

    (of that source of every human-life, flowing out from such a bud

    while they kept their promises inside oaths to those that they call blood).

    A baby girl, a baby boy, a Baby God, each raised on Neverland

    upon a life of free miracles by those who do not understand

    that equality is for those who are equal, and light for those with light,

    that ‘faith-alone’ makes darkened hearts a blindness in plain sight.

    Praises, Peoples and Prayer these will be their charms,

    to leave this world for the Next, they’ll beg and steal your alms.

    So if you have a tale to tell of Santa and frivolity

    don’t let Socialist/Islamist/Christian twits killjoy with their poverty.

    Happy Christmas. It’s for the children, Dufuss.

    Perfect Child x

  6. Hello there…..its me again……..Don Laird

    Strange then, we are living in times that a thousand years hence will fill ten thousand tomes historical in attempts to explain and analyze these days that pass us now, and within those pages will be made mention of those who, plain and ordinary and without invitation save that of a nagging conscience and a burdensome sense of righteousness and justice, without complaint nor thought given to the overwhelming cost, shouldered the crushing, wearisome and frequently lethal burden of saving the greatest civilization and democracy Mankind has ever wrought.

    And for that, for all of that, the rewards for such diligence and sacrifice shall be relative obscurity and the ingratitude and ignorance of the multitudes. But then again, they who busy themselves putting out the fires set by the Muhammadan pyromaniacs have never been known to seek the comfort of personal gain or public adulation for their efforts, leaving that for the vainglorious politicians and legions of collaborators who eagerly litter the paths trod by Muslims with rose petals.

    To all of those names mentioned by Eeyore and Vlad, to all of those and those yet to join the fight, a thank you and wishes of a very merry Christmas.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  7. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and many thanks to Eeyore and all the elves. To the trying Ottawa winter of our times, Vlad Tepes Blog brings clearheadedness, farsightedness and a daily rebuke to defeatism. ‘Great principles don’t get lost once they come to light,’ as the man said, they just have to be seen again.

  8. Go easy on the eggnog, bro!

    And for dymphna: no, its not a civil war, its civilisation vs Islamic savages.

    Either way, be merry and remember: there is no alternative, we cannot lose this fight!

  9. Well, how their railed and gnashed their teeth being told their truths are but gain
    to paths for power and pride, with citizenry made credulous in piety and pain.

    For they intimidate Believers, policed in hope and change and praise, so that out of the sewers of hate and violence, can a savior raise.

    And each half-wish is aggrandized made noble as the other, but wished and wished for themselves and nothing for their brother.

    Those who hold collectivism need only respect the individual, and those who want to see the best succeed only need to help the less able.

    And to you whom claim God as your own need merely see your neighbour’s self;
    And this gladness of a Christmas Child who’d seen, had turned poverty to wealth.

  10. Merry Christmas, Eeyore and the many readers, commentators and contributors to this blog.

    I’m a relative newcomer to both this blog and the counter-jihad cause in general, but in the short time I’ve been here, I’m amazed everyday at the people I’m among. The intelligence, the determination, and the sharp wit are all present in spades from people all around the world. Though we may be disparate and many of us will never have the fortune to meet in person, I think Eeyore was right: we’re a community and what a community it is. Sometimes it may seem we’re shouting in the wilderness, but I take comfort to know that I’m rubbing digital shoulders with some of the best and brightest the world has to offer. We are far from alone, though it may seem like it sometimes.

    So again, Merry Christmas to everyone here. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and thank you Eeyore, for all that you do here at Vlad Tepes.

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