News links for Dec 11 2013 – 3

1. School charges 6 year old boy with sexual harassment for kissing a girl’s hand and registered as a sex offender. (And they wonder why men don’t want to get married anymore)

2. UK Universities separating men and women for muslim sensitivities. (Leftists must be getting so confused. Sticking it to the ‘Far right’ by supporting muslim demands? Or sticking up for actual human right like the ‘far right’ does. It is interesting how the muslim fascist manages to spin sharia law as liberal and progressive. Identical to how if universities forced Jews to leave lectures because Nazis didn’t want them there and the Nazis claimed that it was a very advanced view because they were accommodating a political minority)

3. Nigel Farage MEP on the plan to bring millions of Romanians into Europe.

4. Swiss Member of Parliament Oskar Freysinger has had Enough of Islam: “It Gnaws at the Pillars of our System of Laws”

(That is putting it as nicely as is humanly possible. More accurately, Islam at its core is to destroy our system of laws)

5. She Documented Syria’s Chemical Atrocities. And Now She’s Been Kidnapped.

6.  Morbidly obese rapist who crushed his victims as he had sex with them is jailed for eight years

(Did I post this already? I am starting to find news stories of muslim rapists of unbelievers to be so common they are becoming a blur. My apologies if I already posted this one)

7. BBC does stunning whitewash of Islamic atrocities in the CAR and makes the muslims out to be compassionate saviours of the horror of Christian ‘reprisal’ violence. The BBC like most British politicians at this point, should probably be on trial for crimes against the British people.

Thank you TL, UK Pete, EDL Buck, Taffy in Canada,

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  1. 6/ And 8 years (=4?) mentally reliving the fun in a bright clean room at state expense achieves what? It’s like an advertisement. Come rape in Australia, the penalty if you’re caught is way lighter than back home.

    7/ That was sickening even by the sick-making standards of the BBC. Another ‘cycle of religious violence’, and ‘no one really understands how and why this has all started.’ And figuring stuff like that out is quite beyond Tomas Fessy, le BBC’s man on ze ground in West Africa.

    A Dec 10 tweet:

    ‘Is it too late to make sense of what’s happening? Urgency real.’

  2. Re: School charges 6 year old boy with sexual harassment for kissing a girl’s hand and registered as a sex offender

    Meanwhile the continued rapes of thousands of young Infidel girls is just fine.

  3. RE: # 2 If these ‘pious’ practitioners of ‘The Religion Of Peace’ want segregated facilities and audiences, may I suggest they finance their own institutions, or better yet migrate to the Islamic ‘paradise’ of their choice, thus avoiding any contact wwith the Infidel.

  4. RE; # 3 This is just one more example of damage done to a nation by ‘the enemy within’. The leftists , and bleeding heart liberals are destroying Western civilization, culture, and economies with their absurd ‘free movement’ schemes. Just as in the USA in which our largest import is now poverty, and our largest export is good paying manufacturing jobs. Immigration properly controlled is a good thing , however the immigrants must be screened as to their ability to support themselves, and be able to contribute to the host nation, not destroy it and it’s economy with an underclass of millions of permanent dependants.

  5. Lawyer for Pakistani doctor who helped CIA track bin Laden flees country after threats (NBC, Dec 11, 2013)
    “A lawyer representing the doctor who helped the CIA track down and kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan fled the country Wednesday after receiving threats from militants, relatives and colleagues said.

    Samiullah Afridi was representing Dr. Shakil Afridi, who set up a fake vaccination program near the site of bin Laden’s compound in a bid to help U.S. forces find the al-Qaeda leader in May 2011. (There is no familial relationship between the two Afridis).

    The lawyer left Pakistan after he was told he would be murdered if he did not stop defending the doctor’s innocence in a number of charges, which the U.S. believes to be trumped-up, a close relative told NBC News on condition of anonymity…”

  6. 2/ Yasmin Alibaba at 3:55 calls something ‘Islamicism’. Is that an original coinage? I don’t watch enough BBC to know.

    Islamicismist Ali is simply gloating here. That Muslim invaders are appropriating primetime with their sophistry, occupying column inches, depleting the public purse, the public’s energy, undermining university boards and the rest of it, it’s already a victory.

  7. Big Frank you are right western civ is falling to internal enemies not external, if we only had external enemies to fight we would be very safe.

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