News links for Dec 9 2013 – 2

1. Objective textual analysis shows that islam does indeed distinguish itself from other religions in a way that needs to be admitted to.

2. Man who ran over, then beheaded Lee Rigby explains to the court he was ‘obeying the will of allah’. 

3. You know that annoying and intrusive guy you suspect of cheating somehow in WoW? Well he probably is an agent of the NSA.

(with that story I think the NSA has hit some kind of ‘evil event horizon’)

4. Al Jazeera fires reporter for questioning the objectivity of its investigation into the death of Arafat

5. Singapore, the land where nobody can chew gum and walk at the same time, experiences rare massive riots. Something to do with “South Asians”.

6. At least one Danish and one Canadian politician have the guts to speak the truth about Nelson Mandela.

Thank you Wrath of Khan,f Fjordman, M and all who sent in material.

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  1. Still trying to put on a spin over the BBC, arent they.

    French soldiers killed in Central African Republic (BBC, Dec 10, 2013)
    “Two French soldiers have been killed in combat in the Central African Republic, the French presidency says.

    A statement said President Francois Hollande “learned with deep sadness” that the two had been killed overnight in the capital Bangui.

    They are the first French deaths since France deployed 1,600 soldiers to the CAR last week in a UN-backed operation.

    The CAR has been in chaos since rebel leader Michel Djotodia ousted President Francois Bozize in March.

    He installed himself as the first Muslim leader in the Christian-majority country sparking months of bloody clashes between rival Muslim and Christian fighters…”

  2. A not so little Mississauga mosque divides a community

    Controversy is brewing in Ward 9 where a proposed 20,000 square foot mosque complete with a soaring 88 foot minaret is set to go up by the middle of next year.

    Last week Mississauga’s Ward 9 Councillor Pat Saito held a preliminary consultation with area residents who expressed outrage, fear and apprehension over how this development would impact the area’s demographics, property value, traffic congestion and even light pollution.

  3. Mandela was never a hero only a leftist could have thought that, unless the truth was hidden, and the media around the world worked hard to hide who he really was.

  4. Ukrainian police storm protest camp in Kiev square

    UKRAINIAN security forces have stormed Kiev’s Independence Square, occupying the area protesters had held for over a week and ripping down their tents.

    Thousands of anti-riot police surrounded the square and then entered the area, using their sheer numbers to force the demonstrators away, an AFP correspondent said.

    The police also smashed down the barricades that the protesters had put up around the Independence Square, which they have occupied without the presence of security forces until now.

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