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10 Replies to “Muslim asylum seeker detained for assaulting SEVEN teenaged girls at a public facility in Australia”

  1. performing wudu a muslim wash their hands, mouth, throat, nose, ears, arms up to the elbow and feet before they pray

    in other words by Western standards of health codes they are not allowed to take a bath in a swimming pool

  2. Result- He will be fast tracked not for immediate deportation but citizenship. Such is the complete and utter lunacy of the political elite.

    • Chris. talk to an average person about Islam and what they think. they will tell you it is like all other religions and some are interpreting it incorrectly.

      Don’t take my word for it just ask someone about Islam and let them talk you say nothing.

      I wouldn’t try to correct them if you don’t want to cause an argument. because they are happy not knowing.

      If they want an answer why murdering us is their duty tell them that we are harbi’s. Let the person look it up. you give them to much they think you are BS’ing them.

  3. Seriously – men from Muslim countries are not used to women in quite revealing swimwear. They are not used to all sorts of Western female behaviour. It must put huge stress on them when they try to restrain themselves in the face of female “provocation”.

    Allowing Muslim men to the West is not just bad for us, particularly women, but it is bad for Muslim men as well. Muslim men commit acts, which to them must appear normal, and then find themselves in trouble with the police. Its not fair to Muslim men.

    If our ruling elite insist in allowing Muslim men into the West, then they must not prosecute them for criminal acts such as the above. However, if they prosecute Muslim males, knowing full well that these men have been put in a impossible situation, then they must now allow Muslim males into the West.

  4. OX aO:

    Just to add to that. Ask them if they have ever actually read the koran to which they will always answer: “Parts of it” and then when you ask them what parts they get pissy. I have had many chats with people and they go exactly as you describe. Although to be fair, more and more people have about had it with islam and islamic behaviour in Western nations.

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