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5 Replies to “One man dead, three injured in Melbourne mosque stabbing”

  1. UK Moves to Criminalize Islam(ism)

    The British government said Wednesday it needs new powers to help combat the spread of violent extremist Islam, including administrative authority to ban groups and restrict the movement and behavior of alleged recruiters.

    A special task force of senior ministers set up by Prime Minister David Cameron reported Wednesday, recommending new quasi-judicial authorities and defining Islamic extremism as “a distinct ideology that should not be confused with traditional [Muslim] religious practice,” according to a statement from Mr. Cameron’s office.

    The report also recommends the government work with Internet providers in Britain to get them to block access to sites based abroad that carry material “illegal under U.K. law.”




    As I have been posting for a while now – once our troops are out of Afghanistan, the focus of the war on Terror, is going to move home. We see indications of this in France, Netherlands, Italy, and the UK.
    Since 9/11, under one guise or another, destabilised virtually the entire Muslim world. The only exceptions are Saudi Arabia and its satellites. The ME is now a ungovernable, with multiple militias, each certain that they are the true Islam, wreaking havoc in their countries. This must shake the confidence of 80% of Muslims, who just want to earn a living, and feed their families. The minds of Muslims in the West, who just work here, must also be in turmoil. They know they are at the mercy of the authorities, and they must question what Islam is about.

    As I’ve said before, the West, particularly the US and the UK, and the Anglo part of the West, has never been satisfied in simply defeating the enemy. They will not rest till the ideology itself is destroyed. Thus Muslim violence in the West, beating up Christian demonstrators in Cologne, rapes etc etc, have been allowed to happen, to show the public that they have reason to do what they must, when the time comes.

    Also note that commentators are being given far more leeway when criticising Islam, even in major newspapers.

    Its my hope that Muslims will abandon Islam, as they must by now that Islam is a destroyer of nations, cultures and people. Pray that they will find Jesus Christ, and thus peace in their minds and peace in their nations.

  2. Don look into the writings about Iran, I remember reading where the Moslems there are leaving Islam and going to Christianity and Zoroastrianism.

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