Cologne Germany: Aggressive Muslims disturb Protest against Persecution of Christians – Police watch idly

An original translation by Carpe Diem

From PI News:

If one has spent a day like we did yesterday – in the shadow of the beautiful cathedral of Cologne, but under very unpleasant circumstances- it gives you something to brood about. One can surely speak of a success, when remembering that many people heard our words and have read our signs, but it is a success with a weird bitter taste. The police have knowingly exposed us to violence and aggression by angry Muslims and have only towards the end, when very many attacks had already happened, somehow done their job – but by their inaction, they have consciously put health and life of our demonstrators to a severe risk.

(By Sebastian Nobile)

About 50 people came to support us on this difficult matter (see announcement), which was organized in Cologne by our non-party, independent alliance against persecution of Christians. As distinguished speaker we could welcome Michael Mannheimer. In addition, councillor of the City of Cologne, Jörg Uckermann from Pro Köln, joined us for the good cause as he had already done at our last rally. So for the moment, we were able to provide people with information in a quiet atmosphere.

The police stayed discreetly in the background and there were no cordons, which was quite useful for our purpose because you can get in touch with the people.

However, even in the most risky situations police still remained in the background, so we were completely left on our own and had more contact that afternoon than some of us were looking for. I witnessed some physical attacks by angry Muslims for example against my girlfriend, but also against Jörg Uckermann and others. I even partially had to ward off some attacks myself, and one of our stewards had to push an aggressive guy to the ground who wanted to damage our speakers. When things became more and more tumultuous and threatening, for some hysterical Muslim men and women started hitting, screaming and attacking our protesters, I asked the police a several times, via our speakers, to finally protect us. Though I told them about the attacks, there happened… nothing.

For another 15-20 minutes nothing happened except that the assaults went on, and then things developed as they had to. While I was speaking on the microphone, an apparently left slob ran towards me, grabbed the microphone and smashed it on the floor. Trying to escape up the stairs to the cathedral, I ran after him and dragged him to the ground. Suddenly, police woke up, wrestled both of us to the ground and one officer said to me: „Are you calm? Are you calm?” I think I was the only calm person in this situation, but since I had to expect that the police would have continued to just stand by, I had instinctively used my law to get hold of this guy – a law everyone has in Germany. And that was just the right thing because otherwise this guy would have been off and away. However, I will now face a charge for “intentionally hurting someone” That’s probably because I’m so outspokenly dangerous, with a mad glint in my eyes and my threatening, chubby appearance. For the next quarter of an hour I was then surrounded by at least twelve -now very brave- policemen, while they checked my ID.

(Watch video below from 3:30 min)

 (Sign below reads: Stop persecution of Christians!)

Many of us were concerned due to these incidents. I keep asking myself whether it is purposeful to risk an uproar in order to make people aware of the persecution of Christians, or if it’s that what it needs. Anyway, what was our crime? How have “provoked”? – as a cocky official explained to me, who virtually told me that we would have to reckon with all this, if we would provoke. We have mentioned facts, revealed uncomfortable truths and we have brought one of the main reasons for the persecution of Christians in this world on the agenda: Life and teaching of the so-called prophet Mohammed and the imitation of thousands of his followers that take the calls for prosecution of the “infidels” literally. Of course we have also mentioned the persecution in Communist countries, and we have often stressed that it is not about to rush against Muslims. All of this does not seem to matter, as everyone knows who has taken part in a demonstration once, where Islam has been criticised.

One of the protesters reports:

“There were scuffles. At that moment police should have acted. L. was punched. Even a 72 -year-old woman was attacked by the Muslims. Two eggs were thrown. A policewoman watched idly and did nothing. Police did not want to protect this rally and its participants. If paving stones instead of eggs had been thrown, they also would not have been worried. It was obvious: We should back down. We should cancel the rally from fear. Only when it became clear that the participants would not relent, but would rather resist, police woke up. They only protected the Muslims. We were considered fair game…

That there were plenty of insults against us by parts of the Muslims, indeed, must not be mentioned. The typical: Nazis, Racists etc, but this time it was really bad, as an elderly gentleman was told by an African: “Hey, I f … your wife every day”, combined with some obscene gestures. Showing the middle finger is almost mandatory. Of course, the police saw it, and of course it had no consequences for the offenders. An African guy danced in front of the speaker, wiggling his abdomen. Conditions in this country have already become indescribable.”

Parts of Mannheimer’s speech before things turned ugly:

Aggressive Muslims – part 1:

35 minutes parts of three speeches and disturbance

Many of the participants of our rally on Saturday were shocked by what they had experienced. I’d like to apologize for all of this. I’m sorry that they were exposed to danger. I ‘m used to these conditions, because the aggression and hatred of Muslims incompetent to criticism and left-wing extremists accompanies each demonstration, where I am.

However, I would have wished that yesterday we could have presented things peacefully and comprehensibly to all passers-by. I am sad that in the end such a tumult had to arise. I am struck by the infamy of this type of “policing tactics” and my knee hurts while I’m sitting here because it got hurt pretty much on the stairs.

That was the third-worst police operation I have ever seen. But we will not be intimidated. We bring this issue even further onto the agenda, because otherwise it will only be done by a few others and small groups, but it is necessary that people are aware on what scale persecution of Christians actually happens, what causes it and what they can do to help. Once more: Thank you to all the helpers who made this rally possible after there had been some organizational difficulties first. For the video recordings we thankfully credit the “Aktiven Patrioten” (active patriots)!

So we hope that next time as many will come as yesterday or even more!

(Translation Carpe Diem)

For Photos of the event please go to PI Link and scroll to bottom 



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40 Replies to “Cologne Germany: Aggressive Muslims disturb Protest against Persecution of Christians – Police watch idly”

  1. The police are following the orders of their political masters, unfortunately since the 1960s all Western nations have moved towards the idea that “I was just following orders” is a valid defense in court, always remember illegal orders are meant to be disobeyed.

  2. Expect worse to come… Look to the Muddled East and Africa for some serious inspiration:

    Thousands of Eritreans ‘abducted to Sinai for ransom’ (BBC, Dec 4, 2013)
    “Up to 30,000 Eritreans have been abducted since 2007 and taken to Egypt’s Sinai to suffer torture and ransom demands, new research says. The study, presented to the European parliament, says Eritrean and Sudanese security officers are colluding with the kidnap gangs.
    At least $600m (£366m) has been extorted from families in ransom payments, it says. Victims are kidnapped in Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea and taken to Sinai. Eritrea has denied its officials are involved in the kidnappings. Most of those targeted are Eritrean refugees fleeing the country, says the report – The Human Trafficking Cycle: Sinai and Beyond…”

  3. By waiting until the situation has become physically violent, the ruling elite libs want show that all religions are the same.

  4. The self proclaimed elite libs have been working hard to destroy Christianity because it places God above the state, they want the state to be all things for everyone.

  5. Hopefully, we in the USA still say, “One country UNDER G-d, indivisible, with liberty & justice for all.”
    That’s a pretty good statement of loyalties. I feel the best – not the only – but the highest expression of my faith is via the collective endeavor of good citizenship.

    • “…One NATION, under God…” the way it will be! Mohammadans are only .6% of ONE PERCENT in the USA – and we need to KEEP IT UNDER one percent! Please go to your politicos WEBSITES – BLOGS and FACEBOOK and write on their pages about Christian Persecution BY MOHAMMADANS! Once we begin to do this in numbers and then “LIKE” on other comments, then the politicos will begin to finally pay attention. I’ve noticed this on our Virginia politicos. And they are standing against President MuslimObama on fighting immigrating ALIENS and DRUGGIES! Ha!

  6. Just to tease: I know you’re including religions other than Christianity, Richard.
    I don’t mean to PC that one! To make it into to one of those weird gender constructs like “s/he”.

  7. Once more we witness balless, feckless, lackeys and lapdogs of Islam in the government stand idly by while their citizens are abused, insulted, and assaulted. This is treasonous, it seems as Western governments are prostituting themselves to to the Islamist movement and the enlarging of the Caliphate.

  8. They don’t deserve the level of comfort & security bequeathed to them by their forbears. Will they even realize what they’ve lost?

  9. Good on you Germany! We are all at war with Islam….it’s not a war we were looking for, but constant declarations of war by muslim imams continue to threaten our civilization. Here in Australia we are fighting back using a number of different campaigns. One of the most successful is our sticker campaign. They are appearing all over the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, and of course all over Australia.
    If you wish I can produce stickers in German for you. We have 2 designs: Ban Islam and Beware! Halal food funds terrorism!

    We cannot allow islam to destroy our civilization. Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists are all being slaughtered by jihadists. It’s time to push back, but not with violence. We can destroy islam through itelligence and communication. Come join us on Facebook:

    Stay Strong Germany, and Never Give Up!

  10. Fight back if they attack you stomp the scum into the ground , if the cops come after you for stomping the Muslim kick the cops head in as well . If your not willing to defend yourself or your religion then you deserve to be beat down and beheaded and raped and have your church burned to the ground by the goat raping Muslims and the punk thug cops . Christians need to read the old testament and see its your duty to go to war with this trash instead of laying down and doing nothing .

  11. Muslims: Kill all infidels!
    Christians: Love everyone!
    Which do you choose?
    The religion of piece in action.
    What stupid fool said Islam is a religion of piece?

  12. Evil and wicked people are a minority in the ether. Its is how we react and behave with one another that is the record of our inner man, whether we be good or wicked. Standing idly by will not excuse us in the coming hour of accountability and Judgement. WE will all of us have to make an accounting without exception; Consider carefully the genuineness of our love…? There will be no place to hide or to escape when the day is revealed. Never forget the image of a man or his birthplace mean nothing in Gods eyes, only his heart and his action. We cannot serve two masters. Lions and lambs

  13. Who is John Gault way back when some Moslem said that when all people are Moslem there will be peace in the world. From that low information people get the idea that Islam is the religion of peace.

  14. Well I guess there will never be peace as long as muslims are around cause I know for me and a lot of others, islam is something we look down on, that’s for those inbreed savages and as long as there is islam there will be no peace, islam is for child molesters and rapists

  15. There is no hope for the western countries. All have turned away from Jesus. Destruction, complete destruction will come. Islam will go away and the few people left will be as gold (and Christian).

  16. I have never encountered any philosophy or ideology of comparable conceit, enmity, or violence. The very presence of Muslims places us in constant danger and we are entirely justified in Islam’s criminalization and demographic removal.

    Islam out, period. No mosques, no terror, no Muslims.

  17. You’re doing God’s work.

    Unfortunately, Europe opened the Gates of Vienna themselves and then paid the Muslim hordes to rush in. Not that they’re in the “city” they will overpopulate you and slit your culture’s throat.

    Satan created two religions. One in 632 AD, but he eventually lost faith that they would subjugate the world on their own. So, in 1848 AD, he created his second one. And in tandem, they have created a synergy, first aligning themselves in the persons of Hitler and Mohammad Amin al-Husayni. And since then, you will always see them as the haters whenever Christians speak truth to power, as you did here.

    Muslims have massacred hundreds of millions of Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, animists, etc. over the centuries and are accelerating their killings today. And Marxism massacred a hundred million in the Twentieth Century alone. Together, their aim is the creation of the worldwide caliphate, by way of the total destruction of Western Civilization and, as its head, Christianity.

    And, no, a scorched earth is not a failing of Satan’s strategy. It IS his strategy.

  18. -2011 FBI Report on Terrorism,… Of 12,533 terrorist deaths 77 were committed by Neo-Nazi, fascist or white supremacists; Muslims committed 8,886.

    -wikipedia has a list of 144 terrorist organizations officially designated as terrorist by various Nations. 124 of them are motivated by religion; 93 of those are Muslim.

    -7/25/13… “Few people realize that we are today living through the largest persecution of Christians in history, worse even than the famous attacks under ancient Roman emperors like Diocletian and Nero.” Of the top 50 countries persecuting Christians 42 have either a Muslim majority or large Muslim populations.”

    - 27 of the FBI’s 29 most wanted terrorists are Muslim.

    -10/28/13 In 2012 the number of terrorist attacks increased 69%; fatalities increased 89%; most terrorism was committed in Muslim-majority countries.

    -Bing/Google search “civil wars in the world” and then research each one. Over 75% of them involve Muslims. They fight against all cultures and religion, worldwide.

  19. For this reason I have telescopic baton and gas gun and if I lived in a country where I could have real gun I would apply for it … and as a Christian I don’t hesitate to use it on attackers … . If somebody, muslim or nonmuslim brutally attacked my girlfriend I would beat him with clear conscience before God … . This is although official Police policy to prevent evil deeds by this kind of means.This is my attitude and I don’t see any conflict with Christian faith where I should treat people as I would like to be treated from them … so if I was attacker it would be good if good people around prevented me to do it – harm them by all necessary means even by killing me.

  20. Dear germany I’m Polish, and despite the wars that have divided us, and what was the hatred between us, I’m all with you and if you will I stand beside you proudly fighting with Islam.

  21. Great respect for protesters! You are honest and brave… sending prayers and good wishes for your thing – thing of all europeans who still aren’t afraid to say the truth about islam. May you all be save and never surrender.

  22. It matters not the country you live in… The police are lazy and run to the politicaly correct and scared side. Right and wrong no longer exist in law, what happens now is if youre religion offends the muslim way youre finished. If you dress in a manor that isnt musslim then its wrong yet if you look at pictures from the 60’s and early 70’s the young muslim girls dressed pretty much in a western way, so clearly the musslim religion only officialy started then, in my eyes the koran should be burnedalong with there religious buildings and we should treat them as they think we should be. If they come to our countries to escape their own then adopt our ways and leave theres where they came from. If there way is best…. Why have to left their own land.? Oh yes… Because they can sponge of other countries while spitting in our faces and preaching that there way is the right way.

  23. this is the reason why we need “Bürgerwehren”. The police is instructed not to take action when Germans are attacked by foreigners. But they become immediately active when a German defends himself. The media is also instructed not to report crimes of foreigners. It is 1 minute to 12. If we Germans do not wake up soon it will be too late.

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