News Links for Nov 29 2013 – 2

1. Via Rail terror plot suspect Raed Jaser denied bail

Bail hearing for Raed Jaser postponedRaed Jaser appears in court in Toronto on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 in this artist’s sketch. (John Mantha / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

2. French prisoner told: “If you don’t convert to Islam, you’re a dead man” 

After a week, the young man went out on a walk for the first time. “Five people, including my fellow prisoner, surrounded me in a corner of the yard and threatened me, explaining me that I had better read the books and convert rapidly.”

3. And of course we can’t let a week go by without an Egyptian riot video where members of the religion of peace are willing and trying to kill anyone and everyone who gets in the way of their divine right to rule as they see it.

4. UK: Did ya hear the one about the Shiia mosque where internal groups bickered till the cops were called in and the controlling group decided to close the mosque? So of course the faithful had to go flog themselves out on the street right? Cause its more important to show devotion than behave well in public.

5. In the UK, Tossing one’s bacon is now a racist crime. (Back in the day, it just used to make you go blind)

6. Women drivers responsible for social evil, Saudi mufti says

Democracy typically means that the public gets to have a say in matters of public policy. Now in the UK, the police are hunting online for people who do not agree with mass immigration policies for the purposes of prosecutions. Whatever this is, it is not democracy. It is quite reminiscent of the Soviet Union however.

Thank you Golem Bar, Taffy in Canada, M, Fjordman and all who sent in material. Things seem to be getting worse in the subtle ways faster than expected and yet, it seems harder to convince others of what is actually taking place in the legislatures around the world to destroy freedom and liberties. All of you who do read this site, please see if there are links worth sending out to people you know. We really have to take back the narrative.

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7 Replies to “News Links for Nov 29 2013 – 2”

  1. #2 life in any pen in the near future.

    #5 the worst charge should be wasting food.

    #6 I know some bad women drivers but evil is going a bit far.

    Britain is becoming a nation no sane person wants to live in, and they are trying to spread the insanity to the rest of the anglophone world.

  2. #3 Seems they have way too much time on their hands. So: Get a job, man! No jobs? Go to the movies with a nice girl (and her brother, of course). Find a hobby, entomology perhaps.

    #5 beats the hell out of throwing acid at people

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