“German” Ex-National Player Burak Karan Killed in Jihad in Syria

Translation from PI News with thanks to Carpe Diem!

Burak K. was once a good football player. Seven times he kicked for the German U16 and U17 national teams. But when 20-year-old, he decided to be a fighter for Allah. Like so many jihadists, he moved to Syria, where he died on November 11th during an air strike by Assad’s army. Schalke professional Kevin-Prince Boateng wrote on twitter: “RIP my brother Burak.K! I will never forget our time, you were a true friend!” Also an islamist “rapper” from Berlin, Deso Dogg, has now been killed in Syria. Will Islamic paradise run out of virgins now?

(by Michael Stuerzenberger)

Burak could have started a brilliant football career, if only the Quran had not been in the way. He played in the youth teams of Hertha BSC, Hannover 96 and Alemannia Aachen. So, a “lack of welcome culture”, “lack of sensitivity”, “recklessness” and “injustice” of the German host society cannot have been the reason for his change.

This is how sympathetic someone looks who obviously hasn’t had the Quran-chip implemented in his head at that time. In comparison to the first picture, the conversion is easily to recognize. The typical marks on the forehead are evidence of his intense “praying”.
The German magazine FOCUS reports:

“The father of two children, Burak K., became only 26 years old. During his career in Germany’s national team, he also played with today’s internationals Sami Khedira and Dennis Aogo and the Bundesliga stars Boateng and Baumjohann.”

The “Holy War” seemed to be more important than a good life in Germany. So finally, it made “boom” in northern Syria. In the German magazine SPIEGEL Karan’s brother Mustafa tries to fool us:

“Five years later, Karan is in the headlines again. In early October, near the northern Syrian city of Asa, he died.Apparently he was the victim of a bomb attack. His brother Mustafa said to ” Bild” newspaper that seven months ago, Burak Karan had travelled with his wife and their two sons to the Turkish-Syrian border area to distribute relief supplies. Mustafa Karan denies that his brother had fought on the side of jihadists in Syria. “If he has armed himself, then to protect the transports. Should he throw stones? He has always told me that he does not want to fight.” Mustafa said to the” Bild “newspaper.

A video of an unknown Islamist group, uploaded on YouTube on October 22nd, tells a different story. Karan, posing with an assault rifle, is praised by his alias Abu Abdullah al-Turki, a fighter who stormed into the territory of the Kuffar ” like a lion”, and who had joy fighting the PKK (Quote: May Allah destroy them all). […]

Karan’s family claims Salafist Emrah E. from Wuppertal to be responsible for the radicalization of the football player, with whom he is said to have been in contact for years. According to the authorities, Karan tried to get to Afghanistan with Emrah E. and his brother Buenyamin in April 2010, but unlike the brothers E. Karan did not make it to the Hindu Kush.”

In addition, the Berlin “gangsta rapper” Deso Dogg (photo above), who is originally from Africa, has been killed in Syria by an air strike of Syria’s airforce. He submerged in 2012 and threatened via hate videos to attack German facilities in Turkey. Dogg then went from Turkey to Syria and joined -probably like so many of Allah’s Warriors- the “Free Syrian Army”. There, he apparently took part in the “holy war” against the infidels. According to the Quran Deso Dogg will now be “greatly reward” in his afterlife just like all the fighters for Allah. Every day, 72 virgins will now be waiting to satisfy him – until eternity,

or maybe they won’t.

***caricature (reads: Stop! Stop! We’ve run out of virgins!)


Allahu akbar.

(video: theAnti2007, translation: Carpe Diem)

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  1. I hope this encourages all young Muslim men, both Supreme Sunni and Sacred Shite, to travel to Syria and seek martyrdom and gain the respect of the whole world. It is a chance for Muslims to die like animal men at each others hands instead of like rats at the hands of unbelievers.

  2. His mental confusion can be put down to haematomas caused by the headbanging and emotional confusion caused by being named after a winged donkey.

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