News links for Nov 26 2013 – 2

1. Is this another ‘Knockout Game’ attack? Jewish elderly woman hospitalized after being hit on the head as fears grow for further copycat attacks

Amrit Marajh, 28, of Brooklyn, was arrested on charges of assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment as a hate crime

(I remember when the US had this thing they called the 2nd amendment. If memory serves, it was to prevent this exact sort of thing)

2. ‘56 women killed in 2013 for giving birth to girls’ 

(Waiting for the crickets to stop so I can hear the feminist outrage over this one)

3. Obama administration snubs Vatican with embassy downgrade

(As with all things Obama, the WH offers a veneer of reason to dull the outrage. But even a quick second look at the rationale shows it to be nonsense)

4. Montreal professors don hijab to protest secular charter

(Most of the reasoning is based on men of straw. Even so the audio portion here makes interesting listening)

5. The Egyptian nude blogger mocks mustards at prayer in this pic. (M, if your reading, please feel free to add related links and explanations in the comments.)

6. Results of BBC poll on immigration is interesting. And I would be willing to bet they softened the numbers, either by who they asked or how they did the math.


7. Swedish journalists abducted in Syria while trying to leave the country

8. The smart TV set. The bar of the Orwellian prison.

Thank you Richard, Fjordman, M, Taffy in Canada, Wrath of Khan, Bains and all who sent in material. Thank you.



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  1. #3 Actions speak louder then words, this action says Obama is not a Christian.

    #6 They probably did make the numbers sound better, in reality the number disapproving is much higheer.

    #8 This is what happens when low info voters vote for wanna be dictators, and I am including both the US and Britain in that group.

  2. Nigeria’s Plateau state hit by deadly attack (BBC, Nov 26, 2013)
    “Gunmen have killed 37 people in a pre-dawn raid in Nigeria’s central Plateau state, the military has said. Herdsmen from the Fulani ethnic group carried out the attack on villages inhabited mostly by the Berom community, a local organisation said. Plateau state has been hit for years by inter-ethnic and religious violence, which has killed thousands. It lies on the fault line between Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north and mostly Christian and animist south. Most Fulani are Muslim and Berom are Christians. Military spokesman Salisu Mustapha said the gunmen opened fore on residents in four villages at around 0100 GMT….”

  3. Syria peace talks ‘will not stop FSA rebels’ (BBC, Nov 26, 2013)
    “The leader of the Western-backed rebel Free Syrian Army has said that forces aligned to him will not join the peace conference in Geneva in January. Gen Salim Idris, head of the FSA’s Supreme Military Council, told al-Jazeera that they would continue to try to topple President Bashar al-Assad. He warned Mr Assad would use the talks to buy time and continue to wage war. Iran, which is closely allied to the Syrian government, said it would attend if it was invited. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said his country would make an “important contribution to the resolution of the problem”…..”

  4. Looks like someone got bought off…

    Blatter slams European media over Qatar (ND/AFP, Nov 26, 2013)
    “FIFA boss Sepp Blatter condemned European media for “attacking” 2022 World Cup hosts Qatar Tuesday, days after slamming European countries and companies over the controversial tournament.

    The veteran Swiss said media had been unfair to Qatar as he made an impassioned defence of the event to delegates at the Asian Football Confederation awards in Kuala Lumpur.

    “It is not fair when the international media and especially European media are taking up the focus of an Arab country here in Asia, and attacking, criticising this country,” Blatter said.

    “We are defending it. We have taken the decision to play a World Cup in the Arab world and we have taken the decision to play in Qatar and we will go and play this… in 2022 in Qatar,” he added, to loud applause at the gala dinner….”

  5. Kidnapped Pakistan polio workers ‘are released’ (BBC, Nov 26, 2013)
    “A group of at least seven polio workers who were kidnapped last week in north-western Pakistan while carrying out a children’s vaccination campaign have been freed, local officials say. The workers were seized by Islamist militants last Thursday from a school in the Khyber tribal agency.
    The group was reported to have included four teachers. Tribal elders in the Khyber region reportedly secured the releases after negotiating with suspected militants … A tribal elder, speaking on condition of anonymity, was reported by Reuters as saying the militants FREED THE TEACHERS ON CONDITION THE GOVERNMENT STOP SENDING POLIO TEAMS TO THE BARA AREA….”

    (Emphasis mine.)

  6. #2. The kind of ‘feminists” who now rule the roost(er), hate women, full stop,

    #3. I am rather surprised that Obama, the greatest sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood has not joined “officially” in the “Knock-out-a-Christian-or-100” game. (And I agree with Richard)

    #6 BBC has as much credibility as the UN. And I would like breakdown of the 25% who feel “enriched”: Are 25% of the English population working for the BBC one way or another?

    WrathofKahn reports: i” “FIFA boss Sepp Blatter condemned European media for “attacking” 2022 World Cup hosts Qatar Tuesday…”

    I always knew Sepp Blatter is a whore, I am just wondering what price he charged this time?

  7. It’s interesting watching the black caucus from NYC quake in fear of losing campaign donors. Even the feral seem to know who holds the real whip in American politics.

  8. #2 –Rita, many foul ‘feminists’ hate both men & women. There are some who love women sooo exclusively they’d have little patience with those who’ve unfortunately gotten themselves knocked-up, had girl babies, & so were murdered.

    => That’s nasty of me, not all bull-busting witches are dykes. They just act like it; they’re equal opportunity haters. Maybe they feel more comfortable expressing their hatred to female victims, or maybe they ^enjoy^ it more.

  9. (I just discovered that side panel where one can see “most recent postings”…dont call me “fast”;))

    @jucki: For a very short and unhappy time in my life I worked in a Woman’s refuge, managed by a “collective of 8 women”) All extreme left of the compassionista kind, the majority (6 out of 8) were lesbians. I went in without prejudice I came out loathing ALL women for quite some time. Now my pendulum has swung back to where I can say “some of my best friends are women” (in the way the self-defensive anti-semite says “some of my best friends are Jews”;). I have never ever been soooooo bullied as I was in that “feminist collective” – give me a boardroom full of men any time.

    The lasting benefit of that experience is that the few female friends I have are of the highest quality – I am much more discriminating when choosing women friends than friends of the opposite sex.

    I just got myself a book by Phylis Chesler “Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman”, it’s not new but I suspect it’s timeless.

    And from memory, I think it was Hirsi Ali’s grandmother who held her down, when they butchered the clitoris à la allah of the 5 or 6 y.o. Hirsi.

  10. This is what I call research – missing the target by a factor of 15 or so! Wonder what else has been so well researched (in these dubious social fields) so far… In the end the common man will always pay for these well intentioned f*ck ups. Btw., communism was well intentioned too! I know plenty of former communists (maybe some of whom are still communists in their “hearts” – that is – they still havent learned their lesson) who claim exactly the same. They only wanted to serve. They only had good intentions…

    Jack Straw regrets opening door to Eastern Europe migrants (BBC, Nov 13, 2013)
    “Having no restrictions on eastern European migrants in 2004 was a “spectacular mistake”, former Labour home secretary Jack Straw has said. The Labour MP said handing immediate working rights to Poles and others when they joined the EU nine years ago was a “well-intentioned policy we messed up”. Labour relied on research suggesting 13,000 migrants a year would arrive. But the influx was much larger than expected and contributed to net migration rising above 200,000 a year….”

  11. This shyster makes a bit more sense… Lets see how things are going to evolve…

    Migrant benefit rules to be tightened says Cameron (BBC, Nov 27, 2013)
    “David Cameron has announced a crackdown on so-called “benefit tourism”, saying EU migrants will not be able to claim taxpayer-funded support indefinitely. Eligibility rules for out-of-work benefits will be tightened and access to housing benefit will be curbed. The prime minister said people were “deeply concerned” about migration levels from Bulgaria and Romania. He also questioned the principle of free movement inside the EU, saying this right could not be “unqualified”….”

  12. For a while it seemed that the Peoples’ Republic of Cambridge, Mass consisted entirely of that wretched lot. They felt exempt from common good manners. Not to mention “liberation hygiene”. Poo!

  13. Yes, why would two Spivs like Cameron and Straw think Poles are the problem? Blonde strawberry pickers and lovely looking shop girls? Could it be that they are indulging in a rather well known bit of Eastern European rivalry that characterized the Pale? Ahem ahem

  14. 4/ WrathofKhan said, ‘Why not naked… Seriously…’

    This story is discouraging on so many levels it would need a term paper to address them all, and you would be lucky to escape with merely a failing grade from either of these intellectual clones, and not irreparable injury to your academic career. Another paper would be required to deal with the question of why so many no doubt highly-educated and well-travelled CBC listeners support such a deeply foolish initiative.

    Perhaps the most disheartening aspect for me is that only two students felt strongly enough about the irresponsible stupidity of their teachers to do anything about it. The other 248 ‘engaged very positively with the 90-minute discussion’ about the Quebec charter led by hijab-prof B, i.e. voiced agreement with her position or remained within the PC bounds of discourse established by her and the wider academic culture of Concordia-McGill/Canadian universities generally/the West in its present sorry condition.

    Perhaps it’s just an unfortunate picture, but Dr. Jaffary’s expression might convey to less discriminating viewers that she is enjoying a certain frisson from her role-play. People might be given the impression, of course mistaken, that the fantasy life of female Canadian university professors of history and political science extends to harems and slave-traders and well-endowed men of olive complexion forcing their captive women to perform acts best left undescribed. I think the CBC should exercise more responsibility in its selection of images.

  15. 15 Muslim terrorists arrested in Moscow, explosives, weapons seized

    Moscow police have arrested 15 members of Takfir Wal-Hijra, an extremist organization. The cell had a stash of weapons and explosives, which was seized in the police raid.

    The cell was exposed and busted thanks to ongoing investigations into crimes not related to terrorism, the Interior Ministry reported. Members of the group were involved in various acts of crime to fund their activity.

    Fourteen radicals were arrested overnight in the east of the city, while another was apprehended hours later at a different location.

    Police seized three improvised explosive devices complete with detonators. One of the bombs was designed to be belt-stripped.

    Among other items discovered were bomb components, handguns, grenades, ammo and extremist literature, the ministry statement said.

    Takfir Wal-Hijra is a radical Islamist organization, which was formed in Egypt in the 1970s.

    Members of the group adhere to one of the most fundamental forms of Islam and observe very strict rules, including a ban on being photographed, documented and often even talked to by non-members.

  16. #6

    I do believe that the British People made their wishes concerning immigration known back in the ’70s – in the Enoch Powell days The government knows the people are against the type of mass immigration they’ve been seeing, but the government is hell-bent on bringing in as many foreigners as possible no matter what the people think. Short of an armed insurrection, what can you do when no government, either of the left or of the right, is willing to carry out the wishes of the people? It’s the same with Canada. Why are we still bringing tens-of-thousands of Muslims in from countries where we know half the population supports radical Islam? Why is it so imperative that we swamp the Western nations with people from the Third World? I really don’t understand it…

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