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10 Replies to “Shiia tards sell their BS on Ottawa city busses”

  1. That sign is obscene. Jesus, Che Guevara, Buddha, William Wilberforce, Muhammad.

    WhoIsHussain say they started in 2012 in London but are now international.

    ‘Our financial backing is currently from altruistic donors whose aims are the general betterment of society and its moral upliftment through the example of Hussain.’

    You have to go to the premium Unabridged Merriam-Webster to get a definition of ‘upliftment.’ It means ‘uplift.’ Must be the way they talk in London nowadays.

    The donors nobly ‘have chosen to remain anonymous.’

    Hussain is compared to Martin Luther King. Same compassion, same empathy for “peoples’ heartbreak.” Dickens praised Hussain.

    Hussain would have given his seat to an old lady on a packed train.

    WhoIsHussain emphasizes that they are ‘apolitical, areligious and a-everything else.’

    A-holes comes to mind.

  2. I think its the guy they all chant the name of when they cut and whip themselves bloody every year on ashura. Husein. I’ll check with an expat Iranian.

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