News links for Nov 23 2013 – 4

1. Iran nuke deal: U.S. and western allies reach agreement on Iran’s nuclear program

(Obama will get a deal with Iran even if he has to give Iran the bombs himself!)

2. Unspeakable Horrors in a Country on the Verge of Genocide

My four-year-old son’s throat was slit, says one man, and when I went to look for him I found a snake swallowing a baby. I am caring for this child, explains a woman, because yesterday her mother went searching for medicine and was hacked to death with Kalashnikovs. We were bound and thrown to the crocodiles, explain a group of young men, but a few of us managed to swim to safety.

This is the world of horrors that the Central African Republic (CAR) has become. Thousands of people are dying at the hands of soldiers and militia gangs or from untreated diseases such as malaria. Boys and girls as young as eight are press ganged into fighting between Christians and Muslims. There are reports of beheadings and public execution-style killings. Villages are razed to the ground.

3. Holiday Inn Rape Hunt: Woman Attacked After Being Invited to Hotel Party

(Just another muslim on kafir rape story from the UK. Its the new normal!)

4. France is on the brink of civil war, warns Le Pen 

(Immigrants killing police for trying to enforce French law, burning massive amounts of cars, creating hundreds of no-go-zones where French law and sovereignty cannot be applied, how is France not in a civil war now and for several years? The only rational answer is that because the other side of the war is in fact from foreign nations it is really an invasion not a civil war but in slow motion.)

5. Brotherhood behind ‘terrorist’ attacks: Egypt interior minister

Egyptian Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim claimed Saturday that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood was behind past major attacks targeting police personnel in the country. Ibrahim gave names of several alleged perpetrators identified and arrested by security forces following the attacks, amid increased pressure on speeding up investigations into ongoing security breaches.

6. Saudi Arabia would not ‘sit idly by’ if West fails with Iran

calling the Obama administration’s “rush” to embrace Tehran as “incomprehensible.”

“We are not going to sit idly by and receive a threat there and not think seriously how we can best defend our country and our region,” Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz, who is the Saudi ambassador to the UK and King Abdullah’s nephew, told British newspaper The Times.

“Let’s just leave it there, all options are available,”

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  1. Nigeria raid: Suspected Boko Haram gunmen kill 12 (BBC, Nov 23, 2013)
    “Suspected Boko Haram Islamists have killed 12 people in a raid on a village in north-east Nigeria, police say.

    Police said about 30 gunmen also burnt houses and stole cars in the village of Sandiya, in Borno state.

    One resident, quoted by the AFP news agency, said Boko Haram accused villagers of collaborating with the security forces to track them down.

    President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in parts of north-east Nigeria in May…”

  2. 6. I have been wondering why not let Iran’s natural enemy take care of them. the Sunni’s. If we ignored them all the Saudis would have to react. When they do it would be a win win for us.

  3. It’s time to declare martial law and send in the legion to clean out the vermin from these no go zones. The safety and security of the state and it’s citizens is the primary duty of a government, A citizen in a free society should be able to travel unmolested anywhere in his nation. it’s time to take out the garbage. If not the citizens will do it . How much Bull Shit is the everyday French citizen supposed to endure?

  4. #1 Don’t give Obama any ideas.

    #4 France isn’t the only nation in that position, all western nations are headed in that direction and moving at a full run.

    #6 I think Saudi means buying nukes and allowing Israel to move against Iran, but they could mean buying nukes and using them.

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