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6 Replies to “Interview with escapee from Al Qaeda prison in north of Nigeria”

  1. You know what would do this poor guy a world of good? Standing there and watching as his Muslim kidnappers are blown to pieces with a fifty-caliber machine gun – that’s what. This video should make you mad, folks. It should really piss you off to see a fellow human being abused like this by animals who think they have the right to act this way, just because their “god” said so. They keep telling us to calm down and be tolerant. I say it’s time to get really pissed off.

  2. This interview got under my skin so much more than many more “showy ” ones…perhaps because this man seems so …authentic, does away with the usual clichés yet without going over the top? He also gave this first interview to a not very popular French TV chain (because Ch1. does not sing from the leftist PC song sheet, sooooo uniformly followed in the French media these days – although this extract above was taken from CH 2).

    Today, when they say “60 is the new 40”, at 63 he looks very much older then when he was kidnapped a year ago – the HELL he must have gone through…although he does not want to be called a HERO, I’m sorry, for me he is!

  3. I felt the same, much more affected than the usual smarmy pretty-girl-triumphant.
    I’m sure I would’ve caved to Allah, Ganesh, or the Tooth-Fairy; he remained firm. That’s heroic enough for me.

  4. yucki, I too would cave in easily – my physical fear would go probably soooo far that I would “offer” before they even asked me. But we are doing our bit: I was talking to a Jewish online contact the other day, telling him my reasons for seeing so much through the prism of Jew-hatred. One of them is that, being the ultimate survivor – had I lived during the Nazi times I too would probably have turned away – I will never know. He consoled me like so:

    “you would have, at the very least, done the same thing you are doing now: fighting evil by posting, commenting, blogging etc.” he said. Balsamic absolution given to a German by a Jew.

    I feel better ever since, and I just KNOW that You, and I, and Vlad, and every poster here does make a difference!


  5. yucki, Rita in the Army I was taught that if the right pressure is applied long enough everyone will break, what you have to do is strive to hold out just one more day, then repeat that as long as you can. It is all about what pressure is used and how long it is used.

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