News links for Nov 6 2013 – 1

1. Racism (real or imagined) now a bigger crime than double torture murder and robbery. At least in California.

2. Series of explosions in China. Breaking news. Seems to be terrorism.

2b. Article here as well 2c. Pictures here

TAIYUAN, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) — One person was killed and eight others were injured after explosions occurred on Wednesday morning in front of the office building of the Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, local police said.

3. Dutch Volunteer Dies in Yemen Fighting 

Article above: WARNING: Video below

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  1. Black crime, racism, corruption .Islam, muslims would not be a problem to us in the slightest were it not for the traitors within, who control the law, the media, the education system, politics, and just about every other organ vital to a sane functioning society. THEY are the problem, and I can never really work out if they are mad, bad, just plain stupid or working to an agenda (which they certainly are, whether they realise it or not), or any combination of the above.

  2. Bangladeshi Muslims part of one of country’s the political parties trying to extract jizya from Hindu fisherman. When refused, Hindu community attacked, beaten and robbed.

    “According to several victims, pro-hartal activists of BNP, led by local Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal cadre Shawn Islam, launched the attack in retaliation for refusal of some Hindu fish traders to pay tolls earlier this week.”

  3. RUSSIA Muslim terrorist detained in Moscow region for recruiting “shy girls” for extremist group

    MOSCOW, November 5 (RAPSI) – Police have detained an alleged member of an extremist cell sought to recruit shy and introverted girls in the Moscow Region town of Balashikha, the Interior Ministry reports on Tuesday.

    The police reported that the detained man is an alleged member of At-takfir Val-Hidjra organization, which was declared extremist in Russia in 2010. The investigators say that the man managed to recruit four young women in the ranks.

    “He approached them both on the streets of Moscow and on the social networking sites. The man was after shy and introverted girls. The investigators believe he was especially good at establishing a rapport with this kind of women,” the police report says.

    After the man gained trust of his victims, he allegedly persuaded them to move in with him, before introducing his newfound girlfriends to radical Islam. Three of the girls tracked down by the police refused to return to their families and continue to live in radicalized Islamic communities, the Interior Ministry added.

    The suspect was detained while leaving his residence in Moscow Region’s Balashikha. He allegedly had with him three grams of amphetamine, and a handgun in his car. In his apartment, the police found banned books on radical Islam.

    The country has been on high alert over terrorism concerns in the run-up to the Winter Olympics and after a recent bus bombing in another southern city, Volgograd. That act is believed to have been perpetrated by a 30-year-old Muslim woman.

    video ( in Russian )

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