Montreal Jewish man attacked by two Muslims women at coffee shop.

There is a lot of information i don’t have yet but expect to have within the next 24 hours.

But here is some of what I do know.

I believe this happened very recently, Sunday, Nov 3rd 2013 at a coffee shop in Montreal. Tim Horton’s I believe. (Except no apostrophes allowed in Quebec you know!)

I believe that the Jewish man simply asked the women how they felt about the proposed law banning conspicuous religious clothing and symbols, that would have affected them all. He started filming them when they began to be hostile to him. Which was, as I understand it, right away. So yes there was some activity before he began filming, but nothing that one would normally think of as a provocation, and frankly, even if there was, does it justify this?

The police did come and tried to make him delete this video and also talked him out of pressing charges. He now regrets his decision to not press them.

They apparently attacked him again outside the coffee shop. I don’t have video of that yet.

Youtube pulled this video down and threatened to close this man’s account as well.

The translation was done by Susan K. Thank you Sue very much for your help on this.

Lastly, I was sent the  original phone-file, the 3gp. I edited out some standing around and marked it with a dip-to-black where I did. There was no contextual editing.

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34 Replies to “Montreal Jewish man attacked by two Muslims women at coffee shop.”

  1. Jew shit, you’re Jew shit, I said you’re only Jew shit.


    If the ladies moved back to Afghanistan, they wouldn’t have to deal with such daily outrages as conversations with Jews in doughnut shops and discrimination against face veils.

  2. I don’t know… Isn’t it a bit of an affront to go into a restaurant and start making a home movie of somebody without their permission and against their will? I mean, isn’t that disturbing the peace? Look, I have no doubt those women were cheering and hurling confetti on 9/11, but I think they were largely in the right in this case – except for the “Dirty Jew” part. (I don’t think they should allow people who say things like, “Dirty Jew”, into the country at all, but that’s another story…)

    There’s probably no law concerning this exact thing, but what would happen if you went up to a couple of, say, Italian construction workers and started filming them over lunch, while asking them probing questions about the Mafia or something? How about bikers? Football players? Ultimate fighters? Black guys? Cops and firemen? Big Sikhs? Bears? I wonder what would happen if you tried that with a table full of lawyers. The Jewish gentleman should have picked Girl Guides…

  3. Chris, really? You are suggesting that it is wrong to film anyone while talking to them? In this day and age? Does this apply to the police as well? Idiotic. To excuse people going ape over being asked a question by someone wielding a camera is to ignore the civilized alternative. Most civilized folk would say something along the lines of ‘I have no comment’ or ‘I am not interested’ or even, ‘I don’t want you to film me’.
    I would not be afraid to film italians while asking them about the mafia, As for bikers, well do you mean criminal organization bikers or you run of the mill bikers I see in Timmy’s? If the latter I would not have a problem asking them on tape what they thought about laws affecting them, and I will do so on a bet if you want me to.
    Why would you excuse such ridiculous over the top behaviour?

  4. The savages leveraging the civilized man’s reluctance to hit a woman even in defence.
    Notice how the bystanders do nothing, very worrying.
    Even staff didn’t intervene, not what I expect in my local Timmy’s, very sad day.
    A Jew can be beaten down in public and the police bully him into not pressing charges.

  5. I’m with Chris. It’s a fact: we woke-up one day & lost our privacy forever. Something similar to this episode happened to me.

    I had a killer headache & stopped for coffee & aspirin. Ask the server for water, fish pillbox from purse, swallow greedily. Get my breath & look up.

    Some idiot kid is filming, giggling, jiggling. His school project: “Rx-drug abuse is all around us.”
    I wanted to break his arm. Then thought: ‘A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.’

    So I flattered & flirted this little shit, phone-sex, “Show me yours, I’ll show you mine, mine’s way nicer…” Wiped the memory of his toy. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” Then helped him set-up a scene for his wretched little project that would not compromise my identity.

  6. Robert and AG:

    First of all, this is Canada. In Canada we don’t typically hit women, not even in self defense. But that aside, in Canada, self defense is dicey at best. Now imagine yourself a white person defending against an ethnic attacker. Now a muslim attacker, and now a muslim woman attacker and you see his problem. The police actually tried to make him delete the video as well as talk him out of pressing charges against them. There is more to this story which will come out soon I believe but it only makes it worse, not mitigates any of it.

    TRex: The bystanders did not sit by and do nothing. They were mostly muslims and actually shouted and hollered encouragement at the 2 muslim females. There was 2 non-muslim witnesses I am trying to get an interview with in Montreal

  7. I was just as angry as that Fat-Animal. Her instinct was to raise her hand in anger, spewing filth from her mouth. I doubt anyone in my bloodlines has ‘lifted a hand’ for at least 1000 years. (Swords, guns, martial-arts as arts, yes.) My breeding was – quite literally – to lift my eyes… from whence cometh my help. More flies with honey, all that dead-white-man stuff. That’s western civilization.

    So I played this teenager like a medium-size bluefish. At any moment I was ready to grab the phone & drown it in the loo. But I was able to size up this kid, just as I would’ve managed the old guy.

    Fat-Animal wouldn’t have a clue. Too bad, cavemen have to play catch-up.

  8. The complete racial inversion is what makes this white-hot. It’s absolutely classic. It’s gotta go viral.

    I’m a little uncomfortable resurrecting stereotypes. He’s the sneaky old pervert copping a dirty picture of a young girl, maybe has a “Jewish” nose. Then he’s the cringing old Jew, spat-on, cursed, beaten down by crude-yet-lusty girl.

  9. I checked tim hortons cafe is not halal foods. In fact they use imperial Oil which this site says it consists of a high percentage of Lard (pork).

    Again. I am allergic to Pork I know for a fact many if not most donut shops use Pork Lard now a days.

  10. – John

    With respect, John, I could be wrong, but I don’t think most people would take kindly to somebody turning a movie camera on them in a restaurant. Think about it. People don’t like being stared at, let alone filmed. What happens if you stare at somebody in a restaurant? That’s right. They get mad and say, What the fuck are you looking at?”. Right? Or at least they say the polite version: “Can I help you?”. Please don’t switch things around and stand the truth on it’s head, I wasn’t saying it was OK for the ladies to attack the guy or that we shouldn’t have freedom of speech, but I do have a problem with people who go around kicking sleeping bears, and then whining when they get clawed.

    Oh, and while you’re at it. Why don’t you lose the political correctness? Can’t I say “Italian” without you pulling out the old race card? God, that is tiresome. I was just being a bit funny, so don’t try to turn me into some kind of big racial incident. God!

  11. Judging by their appearance it is obvious that the vast majority of Muslims don’t have mirrors and for good reason, it’s a bit like Vampires with the Crucifix and Garlic.
    With Camera’s the issue is that they might inadvertently see their own image and upon seeing same would simply die of revulsion.

    These wretched Islamic Hags have simply been emboldened by their (collective)victims lack of retaliation,violence,terrorism and base savagery DOES get them what they want when they want.

    As long as the “civilized man” is governed by the Savages new best friends the will of the Savage will continue to prevail over civilization.

    Until “the civilized man” gets it through his THICK skull that he is on the “endangered species” list the sooner he may have some hope of some type of a future as unbearable as it will no doubt be.

  12. Chris:

    As I understand it, the vic didn’t begin filming till the women went nuts on him. He politely asked a question to them about how they felt about the proposed ban on religious wear, which would affect him as well as a Jew. He sent me the actual file from his phone unedited so i saw it start to end. This does begin right where he started filming and they where already having a fit at him because he asked them a question.

    This is how it was explained to me at least.

  13. What you say does makes a difference for me, Eeyore. But there are so many complications here.

    I know exactly what Chris was saying, because ^I^ was boiling mad at that little film jerk. Imagining him serving me up at his prep school where everybody knows everybody. Been a long time since I got that mad.

    But I’ve been socialized sufficiently so that I can respond to provocation strategically. I’ve had enough experience with people of both sexes to feel fairly confident I can prevail when I must. Had those skills been insufficient, I would’ve killed the phone, not the kid.

    These savages can’t read their environment, can’t control their impulses, can’t modulate their responses. It’s immediate physical violence wildly out of proportion to anything this side of an acid attack.

  14. It’s not nice being filmed when you don’t want to be filmed, but I have trouble even getting to the question of the women’s violence. They simply shouldn’t be in Montreal. They don’t belong there. I grew up in the city, as a maudit Anglais. The Montrealais I grew up with felt quite strongly that I didn’t belong in Quebec. I accepted that decades ago, around the same time I also decided that Quebec had no business being in Canada. When Quebec finally secedes (or more fun, is turfed) I suppose Montreal’s Jewish community will have some thinking to do. But French/English, Jewish/Gentile issues pale practically to invisibility next to Muslim/Kuffar hostility. Canada was never going to get away with its multiculti experiment anyhow, but that Muslim ebola will kill everything in the other Petri dishes and the lab technicians as well. These women don’t belong in either Quebec or Canada.

    I wonder if they are in fact Afghans? I would have guessed French-speaking North Africans, and that they came in on the back of some idiot notion about language being the decisive element in integration. It isn’t. So film these Muslims, scorn them, shun them, do what is necessary to convince them that Montreal is not their home either, and do it before the violence from both sides gets worse than a swinging tote bag.

  15. @Eeyore Somehow, somewhere, an idea got lost: the idea that men should act like men, and not like girly boys.

    To elicit any sort of compassionate response from me concerning this event in Montreal, it would have been much better to have a some poor jewish guy (and his camera) being assaulted by two Muslim males.

    Two women? Come on. So the guy gets socked in the puss for harassing Muslim women. He should stop doing that.

  16. LOL…et voilà…c’est pour ça qu’on veut une charte. Continuer à dire que le PQ et les francos de souches sont tous des racistes et bla bla bla. Vous voyez bien que ce genre de situation ne serait jamais arriver si la madame n’avait pas porter de voile.Il n’aurait jamais pu être sûr qu’elle était musulmane et donc n’aurait pas poser de question. Je dis ça même si la charte n’a rien à voir avec cette situation. Les racistes sont ceux qui ne veulent pas se métisser et c’est le cas de la majorité des musulmans et des juifs. C’est drôle c’est toujours eux qui sont en guerre. Évidemment, nous, les francos de souches souverainistes savons qui sont les vrais hypocrites.

  17. Montreal is not anymore what it used to be –

    we are now at the beginning of the month of Muharram and there will be many “Muharram jaloos” downtown

    video from last year – Muharram jaloos on Ste-Catherine street


  19. Philippe says: “Racists are those who do not want (others) to crossbreed”

    I assume that is what you meant?
    We all discriminate every day. There is nothing wrong with that. Example: If you want an apple rather then an orange you discriminated against the orange.

    Philippe says: “Les racistes sont ceux qui ne veulent pas (d’autres) de se croiser”

    Je suppose que c’est ce que vous vouliez dire?
    Nous distinguons tous chaque jour. Il n’y a rien de mal à cela. Exemple: Si vous voulez une pomme plutôt que d’une orange vous victime de discrimination au orange.

    Hope this translator is readable. 🙂

  20. Muharram jaloos on Ste-Catherine Street. Hmm. Not exactly the jazz festival. Though I suppose if that’s one of those lunar distractions, eventually they will coincide. I hope les francos de souches souverainistes have the musulmane situation in hand before then.

  21. That last clip, PG-13; G-rating down for black, faceless witches near the end.

    Music didn’t even make me queasy. That’s a plus.

  22. If by “Started it” You mean asked the girls a perfectly nice question about how they felt about the proposed Quebec ban on religious garb in the workplace which would have affected him as much as them, then yes he ‘started it’. He did not start filming them till they began to act like savages however. What should he have done when they went crazy on him for asking a friendly question?

  23. While no fan of Muslims, I am probably less a fan of Jews. God knows what these sneaky people plan by turning middle class Christiians against Middle class Muslims as their corporate and banking whores financially and socially bankrupt us

  24. This is not corrected. He did not translate when she said “I did nothing and you started to insult me”. It is clearly a provocation. Don’t expect a young girl who feels attacked to say nothing . Of course what she said cannot be tolerate. But being french I totally understand all the context, I clearly see you edited the video to change the real facts and the fact you say nothing when camera is on says everything. Im sorry for those persons you most certainly insulted. I appreciate the mother when she tried to calm down her daughter when she start to say racist things. Most definitly the author of this video doesnt have what we call “bonne foi”. Sad world !!! I am not pro islam, like im not pro religion… but I need to congratulate the mother because she kept calm of someone who use the same method as the one or two racist militia we have in France. LDJ (jews defense league) or arabs defense organisation (I dont know the name but Im sure some are as violent as LDJ) use the same method. A world without the person who took the video will be for sure a better place

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