Massive infiltration of muslim groups into US textbook distributors?

1. Hundreds plan to protest history textbook that devotes a chapter to islam and nothing to any other religion. (Also is totally misleading about Islam)

On Florida’s Atlantic Coast, some 200 or more local parents and activists have announced plans to show up at Tuesday’s Volusia County school board meeting to protest the public school use of a world history textbook that devotes a whole chapter to Islam but exactly zero chapters to any other religions.

The planned protest will include a demand that students rip out the 32 pages of the Islam chapter unless the school district agrees to provide students with a similar amount of officially-sanctioned material concerning other religions,

The seeds for the Wednesday protest were reportedly planted after an unidentified local mother started a Facebook page demanding that local, taxpayer-funded schools stop using the textbook.

The district indicated that it will continue to use the controversial book.


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7 Replies to “Massive infiltration of muslim groups into US textbook distributors?”

  1. “Also is totally misleading about Islam”

    Therefore the text is without a soul, without a conscience.

    Which informs that the slaughter, (of a proportionally similar number), of millions of dissenters under Socialism, and the millions of disease-deaths in today’s absence-of-affection sex, will both go unremarked as world-changers of human evolution spawning the self-cannibalized brains left remaining. The Planet got dumb.

  2. Reminds me somewhat of this story from 2007 the bizarre thing in this video the woman is trying to defend the indefensible.She cannot keep a serious face.
    Even she finds it hilarious that she could in any way be believable.

  3. “This group is displaying an alarming level of intolerance and brazen disregard of minority religions here in the US. We find their actions Un-American and against every core principal that makes this country so great,” CAIR said.

    Ever-reliable brazen, intolerant, Un-American CAIR.

    Says Pearson-Prentice Hall: There is balanced attention given to given to the beliefs of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

    What should “balance” be, in this case, in a nation with a Judeo-Christian foundation and history? I could see 33/33/33 if Islam were recognized, treated and described as the historical enemy it is.

    It’s always heartening to see people pushing back.

    bains, Dr. Alyusuf was a hoot. “Interpretations is different from translations. The verse is taking out of context.”

  4. The American people will tolerate almost anything rather then stir themselves to resist, almost, the total of what they will tolerate is rapidly approaching.

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