News links for Nov. 4th 2013 – 1

1. Egypt: Pro-Morsi supporter caught with five machine guns at protest

2. 4 Somalis charged with aiding Westgate Mall attack that killed 67 in Kenya

  • Kenya Hotel Bombing_Leff.jpg

    Sept. 26, 2013 – FILE photo Collapsed upper car park of the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. (AP)

NAIROBI, Kenya –  Kenyan authorities have charged four Somali nationals with offenses related to September’s terrorist attack on Westgate Mall that killed 67 people.

3. Muslim mob vandalises 26 Hindu houses in Bangladesh

A mob went on a rampage in a Hindu-dominated neighbourhood in a village in Bangladesh’s Pabna district following reports that a boy from the minority community had committed blasphemy, prompting the country’s High Court to order arrest of attackers within 24 hours.

Muslim rent-a-mob-for-blasphemy coming to a neighborhood near you! And you won’t even have to actually say a bad thing about allah! Just know someone who says you did!

4. “I am the president”, says Morsi at Egyptian court    

A defiant Mohammed Morsi questioned the court’s legitimacy and called on the leaders of the “coup” that overthrew him to be prosecuted as he appeared for the first day of his trial – which was swiftly adjourned – for incitement to murder on Monday

5. Thousands of Russian nationalists rally in Moscow  

Thousands of Russian nationalists protested in Moscow Monday against migrants they accuse of taking jobs and causing crime. The rally took place on Unity Day, a national holiday that has been adopted by ultranationalists since its creation in 2005.

6. Al Jazeera attempts to turn the rapist/victim equation upside down on this rather disgusting report on muslim pedophile rape gangs in theUK

Thank you M, Arun, Fjordman, Taffy in Canada and all who sent in materials

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4 Replies to “News links for Nov. 4th 2013 – 1”

  1. 6/ From the Media Release:

    • The offenders were most often from the same ethnic background as the victim and in two thirds of the cases, perpetrators were of Pakistani heritage

    So this is how the report “punctures myths,” “confronts potent myths” and stops the
    speeding locomotives of racial narratives – by showing that Pakistani men are equal
    opportunity rapists and pedophiles? Sue Berelowitz is going to have to get more creative than that.

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