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11 Replies to “War on terror, won by terror?”

  1. Stopping the drones is a stupid idea. Terrorist attacks will increase if this happens. You can’t fight the ideology either: It’s too firmly rooted.
    You can only deal with terrorists with an iron fist. Drive them to the ends of the Earth and annihilate them. They need to blasted out of existence.

  2. So, in a complete reversal of roles, the West is now so afraid of the truth that they don’t even know who they are fighting – let alone why – while the Russians feel free to speak freely whenever they want to. We have been taken over by the mainstream media, folks. That’s who is running the show now – that’s who decides to appoint the pro-Muslim Brotherhood Barack Obama President, while making a man as brilliant as Mitt Romney look like a retarded, fumbling idiot. Is that OK with everybody? The Russians are now freer than we are. Nobody minds? All those folks who died in WWII should have saved themselves a lot of trouble and just surrendered to the Nazis? Whatever…

  3. – Bob

    With respect, why can’t you fight the ideology? In my time, I have seen Christianity go from the default religion of the West to a sidelined minority – why couldn’t the same thing happen to Islam in the next few decades? For instance, how many Muslims would quit outright if it was not a capital crime to do so? How many Muslims would like to taste a bit of the good life instead of always having to wait for the afterlife, while the Arab upper class enjoys their gold-plated Rolls Royces?

    Impossible as it sounds, the only way the world can become peaceful is if the religion of Islam is destroyed, The Holy Quran is the worst thing that ever happened to the human race, so please do not give in to the idea that it is invincible. Adolf Hitler was “invincible”, till he committed suicide in the bunker and his body was burnt.

    If everybody in the West were to sit down and read the Quran, the “War on terror” would be a distant memory in no time. The only reason they are doing as well as they are is because we have not read the Quran. Our ignorance is the back door through which they gain egress…

  4. Kenyan, Somali forces raid Al-Shabaab hideout (CNN, Nov 2, 2013)
    “At least 30 Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia were killed in a joint raid by Kenyan and Somali forces Saturday, officials said. The operation targeted an Al-Shabaab hideout in Kolbio, Somalia, Col. Cyrus Oguna of the Kenyan Defense Force said … Saturday’s raid follows another operation earlier in the week, where Kenyan warplanes targeted a militant training camp inside Somalia. Kenyan officials say the terror group has used camps to train operatives, including attackers who targeted Westgate mall.”

  5. The vet is an isolationist, they refuse to accept the idea that not everything in the world is the fault of the US being overseas, following their advice is the path to suicide.

    Chris you are right, fighting an ideology is possible but it requires a long fight, the war on Christianity is far from over and outside of the big cities Christianity is still going strong.

  6. Two French journalists slain in Mali (CNN, Nov 2, 2013)
    “French journalists Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon have been found dead in northern Mali, the French Foreign Ministry said Saturday.

    The two Radio France International journalists had been kidnapped Saturday morning, a local governor said, according to RFI sister network France Info.

    The kidnapping occurred outside the Kidal region in the northern part of the African nation…”

  7. [Quoth the Raven:]
    First nuke Iran, then Mecca, then Medina. [caw, caw]

    Softly, you’re right. Drones are the smartest thing since sliced bread. Lethal injection would be even better, & in time we may get there.

    Chris, we’d like nothing better than their hearts & minds. But it’s too late, we gotta get them by the balls. How many more cases of polio, MRSA, TB will it take?

    Iran is just too twisted crazy. You’ve seen those guys whipping themselves bloody? Iran has to be rendered harmless, PDQ. Assassinate everyone with a beard & black turban. Drive Shia straight down to hell.

    Chris, you said: “the only way the world can become peaceful is if the religion of Islam is destroyed.” I’m not sure we’ll be peaceful, but we’d be a whole lot safer than we are now.

    We might be able de-program some, get others to render their holy books inoffensive. Otherwise it’s already cost too many lives & it’s time to bury it.

    Remember what they did to the Bamiyan Buddhas?
    Sink that heinous black rock they worship deeper than the cavity left in the heart of Manhattan after 9/11. Let Medina be reclaimed by the dispossessed, angry Djinn.

    Take out Islam. All of it, extirpate it root & branch.

  8. Wrath: “…were killed in a joint raid by Kenyan and Somali forces”
    I’d add were killed in a joint raid by Kenyan, Israeli, and Somali forces”

  9. Muslim Women’s School in South Russia Closed Over Extremism Concerns

    PYATIGORSK, November 2 (RIA Novosti) – Russian authorities have closed a Muslim women’s school in the southern city of Stavropol because some of its students had become “radicals,” the Federal Security Service said Friday.

    The country has been on high alert over terrorism concerns in the run-up to the Winter Olympics and after a recent bus bombing in another southern city, Volgograd. That act is believed to have been perpetrated by a 30-year-old Muslim woman.

    The Federal Security Service, a successor of the Soviet KGB, said in a statement that pornographic videos of some of the students in the school were discovered during a raid of the premises.

    The school was attended by some 30 to 40 women, and many of them were being groomed to marry men in the restive Russian Caucasus, in particular Dagestan, where the school’s headmaster was from, the statement said.


  10. The war will only be won when the source of the problem is tackled head-on: Islam! Islam must be outlawed and those states that follow sharia must be declared enemy states. The US is currently held back by the fact that its leader is one of the enemy…

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