News links for Oct. 28 2013 – 2

1. 5 dead after jeep crashes and catches fire in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square

(But did anyone yell the name of Mohamed’s imaginary friend?)

2. Package contained ‘everything’ to make bomb, except explosives: Montreal police

A suspicious package found at Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport contained “everything” needed to construct a bomb except the actual explosives, police said Monday.

(His name will be known this afternoon. Bets?)

3. Five Jewish people were badly beaten by a group of muslims in Australia after a volley of classic antisemitic shouts. The reports are mostly behind a paywall and some articles deliberately scrub out the fact that it was all muslim attackers, which is a lie of omission and deserves to be rebuked as such. Here are a few links anyway. They have even changed the code word, ‘youths’ to “Children” who where 18 years old and broke the cheekbones of these 5 Jewish people.

3a. Haaretz

3b. Haaretz again

3c. Your Jewish News (Which does mention muslim men arrested)

A 23-year-old man was charged with affray. He was granted bail and will appear at Waverley Local Court on Tuesday 3 December 2013

“Senior police emphasised that those allegedly involved in the attack had nothing to do with any Islamic movements

(Are they still children at 23 YO?)

4. Rockets Rain Down On Israel On Eve of Prisoner Release

5. Anti-racist activist raped after attending anti-racism festival in Italy

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  1. #3 I’d give anything to see the “guideline” sheet that tells these “journalists” to use words like, “fight”, and “brawl”, when they actually mean, “attack”, and “assault”. The word, “fight” suggests that it’s just a couple of would-be alpha males butting heads, while the word, “assault”, suggests innocent people being attacked by bad people. The whole point is that these “journalists” want you to think that there’s nothing to see here…move along, so they play with the words like that in order to fool you, ’cause they think you’re too stupid to notice. They know that the average person sees the word “fight” or “brawl”, and the first thing they think is that it was mutual and that both parties are equally to blame. Wouldn’t it be great if the media started just reporting the news, instead of constantly trying to shape it?

  2. #2 Yes… Iranian Muslim :

    Suspicious Package at Montreal Airport; 1 Held

    Antony Piazza, a Canadian of Iranian origin, was charged Monday with mischief, endangering the safety of an aircraft or airport and being in illegal possession of an explosive substance.

    Piazza, who is originally from Tehran changed his name in the 1980s from Houshang Nazemi, said the man’s lawyer, Louis Morena.

    He previously served a 10-year-sentence under that name in Canadian prison for smuggling drugs [ heroin ] into the country.

  3. The anti-racism activist is presumably on her way to Saudi for her ritual flogging even as we speak. Understanding on some visceral level that if only she’d been more in tune with the beauty of ethnic culture, she’d have enjoyed it.
    Guess going out without all your male relatives as an escort is a bad idea after all.

    It’s a hard way to learn about the world, that’s a fact.

  4. CHINA

    Car with 3 Uighur Muslims hits pole and explodes in Tiananmen Square

    Google translate

    At 12:05 on October 28, 2013 Xu , a light-colored jeep Xinjiang license by the nanchizi south , turn right into rapidly moving from east to west Chang’an Avenue sidewalk . Driver side continued whistle warning passers- side pedal to the metal to break through isolation belt speed ahead .

    In successively hit by dozens of less than escape after the car lost control and eventually crashed into the south side of the Golden Water Bridge guardrail Tiananmen East , SUVs then fire and explosion .

    Jeep drivers and occupants of three people have been confirmed dead . Incident has caused a total of five people were killed and 38 people were injured, including three people inside the car accident killed two tourists were killed, including a Filipino female tourists , a Guangdong Province male tourists .

    Reporters learned from the Beijing Public Security Bureau , the Xinjiang the vehicle license plate number for the “New A45559”, in addition this car off-road vehicles has also been used three different licenses , namely the “new A82Q53″, ” new C96063″ and “New BM7831”.

    Police have mastered the sport utility vehicle three dead identity of the two , are the Uighurs in Xinjiang , male, one aged 43 and another aged 25 . They are:

    · I buy jade Sup Tierney Ya Zi , male , peasants, Muslim , ID number : 652 122,197,011,160,531 , registration address: Xinjiang Shanshan Lukeqin Town Village a group of three .

    Ai Yu Sup co Puti , male , peasants, Muslim , ID number : 653 223 1988 06 27 391X, household registration address: Hill County, Xinjiang

    Read more at + video on the page :

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