News links for Oct. 25 2013 – 2

1. Kurdish manager of German restaurant takes 11 family members as hostages, threatens to blow them all up. In his own restaurant. (Cultural enrichment at its richest)

2.Nigerian militants raid northern city of Damaturu

Suspected Boko Haram militants have engaged security forces in a lengthy gun battle and raided a hospital in the northern Nigerian city of Damaturu.

Residents told the BBC that it was a “big, audacious attack” and that assailants stole drugs from the hospital and drove off in ambulances.

Meanwhile, the military said it had killed 74 suspected Boko Haram militants in a raid in Borno state.

3. Rioting in the streets of Cairo today. (Although I saw so many muslims and heard so many alahu ackbars that I thought it was London at first) If you skip to 1:40 you get to see some firearms use.

More muslim Brotherhood supporters showing the peace of Islam to Cairo today.

4. Pop Quiz of the day:

Gaza kindergarten, probably paid for by the UN, which means you and I.

In this one, Kindergarten children are taught that when pretending to speak the words of an imaginary supernatural all powerful creator, the most important thing is a good spring reverb.

5. Eastern Libyans declare autonomous government 

     TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — The leaders of a movement for self-rule in oil-rich eastern Libyan unilaterally announced Thursday the formation of a shadow government, the latest challenge to the weakened central authority.

The announcement came several months after the movement, backed by some militias and local tribes, declared the eastern half of Libya to be an autonomous state, named Barqa, claiming broad self-rule powers and control over resources.

Its interesting how muslims seem to be fighting everyone for a global caliphate while simultaneously Balkanizing the world due to sectarian infighting as well as hostility towards non-muslim areas. It is starting in Canada already. There will be muslim fiefdoms declaring themselves as such soon. My guess is Ottawa South and Kanata for starters. No idea about Quebec and Alberta except it will happen there as well.

Thank you, Wrath of Khan, M, Taffy in Canada and all.

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  1. #3. “..(Although I saw so many muslims and heard so many alahu ackbars that I thought it was London at first)…” <—– Quote of the day ! 🙂

    #4. (The girls): Let me get this rrrrrrright: these girls have to cover their hair so that males of the "get-there-before-the-pubic-hair-persuation" don't get unduly aroused? Is that it ?

  2. Freedom Fighters killed nera Damascus :

    Deadly ambush

    Fighters from al-Nusra were reported to be among some 20 rebels killed in an ambush by government forces near the capital Damascus on Friday.

    The ambush happened in the Eastern Ghouta region, scene of August’s poison gas attack that prompted a UN Security Council resolution calling for the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal.

    State TV broadcast images showing bodies of men lying in an open area near a small river, along with scattered automatic rifles and hand grenades. A caption read: “Eastern Ghouta is a graveyard of terrorists”.

    The Syrian government brands all the rebels fighting against it “terrorists”.

    Syrian Islamist rebel leader Abu Mohammed al-Jolani ‘killed’

    Syrian state TV says the head of the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front, Abu Mohammed al-Jolani, has been killed in western Syria.

    The report said he had been killed in the coastal province of Latakia, but there is no independent confirmation.

    A source in Latakia told the BBC that al-Jolani was believed to have left the area some time ago.

  3. @ Martin. You may call me callous, but my thoughts at the euphemistically named “rebels” being killed are, pavlov-like: At least they won’t massacre any more innocent civilians, while occupied in the delights of playing with their 72 raisins in allah’s backyard.

  4. @Rita …. well…. as for myself I lost long time ago any kind of feelings for those murderers in particular and I am not likely to have any sympathy whatsoever for the Muslims in general…..

    (entre vous et moi : … l’islam est une secte …. une secte d’assassins… – un faux prophète, chef mafieux, voleur, violeur, pédophile, tueur en série et de faux livres saints auxquels ils croient dur comme fer font que tout est faux chez les musulmans, leurs pensées sont fausses, leurs regards sont faux, leurs sourires sont faux, leurs paroles sont fausses, leurs gestes sont faux, leurs sentiments sont faux … seule leur hypocrisie est vraie…. )

  5. “Guess who is demonized as evil?”

    The Jews?

    Don’t forget to put Vlad in this category, history has been unkind to him and he is an easy target.

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